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  1. All the more reason to want to face them early.
  2. I also watched The Northman this weekend, thought it was a big screen movie, where that format would aid in the experience. Yeah, no. I didn't like basically any of this movie except for some visuals. There are plenty of stand alone episodes of VIkings that I think were better than this and for way way less money. Finished Ozark and still enjoyed it. Yes it was overboard on the story arc and was going too far the last season or two but I still enjoyed it. Overall I loved the series.
  3. I'd want to face them without Hopkins too.
  4. Wow, just saw that Hopkins is suspended 6 games for PED's... had lots of injuries last year, wonder if he was using before this or he did this hoping for a better season?
  5. I only liked a couple seasons of SOA, just got comical the last few. Justified was much better IMO.
  6. There is no need to protect his dad. No one has a reason to harm him. He was in danger while Nacho was alive, as a pawn to get to Nacho, but now, especially the way he made Gus look good his dad is safe.
  7. I am 3 seasons into The Shield. It has gotten better, it seemed real shaky and forced in S1 and part of S2. This has a real feel of SOA and I want to say Justified combined but that's just lazy on my part, I can't quite think of the cop show to mix with it. The schemes and bad decision making along with wanting to do good but it never quite working out... I am gonna switch over to the last part of Ozark now that it's out, don't want to get spoiled on it.
  8. Lots of teams took him off their boards for a shoulder issue. Wasn't mentioned at all before the draft though
  9. Or a LB...? Think they wanted the WR and TE that were just drafted ahead of them. ETA Ok he's actually a pass rusher listed as a LB. 12+ sacks in the SEC, 4 ff and a scoop and score, plus did well against Cross and he is considered a top tackle.
  10. TE for Dallas, maybe the one from, yeah nevermind.
  11. And they just added the #1 RB in the draft
  12. They picked a DE who was in talks to be #1 overall pick all year. They picked a tackle that was considered the best tackle. Their biggest needs, DE and RT. I don't want the Giants to have a good draft, but they did, on paper anyway.
  13. I haven't slept much this week so maybe I am reading this wrong, but aren't you contradicting yourself? If nickel is now base D, doesn't that make it more important since it's the base?
  14. Boom or bust. He looks like a mauler, angry physical player. But he had the same issue as Williams, too many penalties. I can't argue taking him because it's a big need but man, Lloyd and Parsons would have been a sexy LB duo.
  15. It is a horribly stupid movie with some shitty CGI, but Samwell Tarly is in it!
  16. I have to disagree with this. My thought is she realizes how messed up she is becoming and just leaves. IMO the Saul we see in BB would be absolutely destroyed if Kim was dead or jailed due to his and her stupid schemes. It would be a huge continuity mistake for them to have her die this late in the show, so close to the BB time line. As to the episode, I like how Nacho went out, him adding in the fact that he is the one responsible for Hectors heart attack will really help sell that Fring wasn't working with him since Fring saved Hector.
  17. So Laremy Tunsil just released a NFT of the infamous gas mask from draft night, I think it's awesome that he did this. Even better, he is donating a portion of the proceeds to a group that helps with legal issues surrounding weed arrests! I think he is my new hero
  18. I think you hit this one on the head. Certain movies are just better when seen in a large format with a crowd. The theater was packed when I saw it and the "surprise" appearances really had an effect on the crowd and the feel as a whole.
  19. It's going to interesting to see them without Hill scaring the shit out of everyone.
  20. Totally agree, why on earth would the Raiders trade Waller away when they are in win now mode? Having Waller and Adams on the field at the same time will be trouble for any defense and the run game should benefit greatly.
  21. I didn't even know that was him until after I saw the movie.
  22. Saw something on twitter where him and Jamal Adams were texting about his situation and Deebo said something to the effect of "yeah after I carried the team into the playoffs last year" Not sure how well that will sit with his teammates
  23. Ok, I didn't know that was based on real life, makes me like the series even more! I watched it last year so I didn't do the normal deep dive I would've done had I been watching it as it was released.
  24. Really late to this post but Discovery has a very large tv library, which is where HBO max is lacking so the merge makes sense in those terms. Personally I watch some of the reality shows on there like Deadliest Catch, Gold Rush and Alone. On it's own I wouldn't pay for it though, currently I still have cable but those days seem numbered.
  25. Kim has gone full Walter White now, in her own way. How did she figure out so quickly what the scam was at the tax return place? Hannibal Lector could take lessons from her powers of observation. I think the end game for Howard is just to screw his name over enough for him to be discredited and have a stink on him? Can't see Saul going farther than that, Kim, this Kim, yeah she may want to push it too far and that could be what breaks them apart. Nice to have this show back.
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