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  1. I think he spared anyone not armed. He wasn't going to kill the doctor until he grabbed the scalpel and came at him. The nurses posed no threat. BTW I forgot to come to this thread a couple weeks ago. There was a fungus outbreak in a northern Michigan lumber mill that sickened 50+ people and shut the mill down. They reopened the mill this week. My mind went to The Last of Us!
  2. No, but it can heat him enough to change his structural integrity!
  3. If Heat played near me as a throw back I might go see it for the shoot out scene alone. I didn't see it in the theatre originally so not sure if the size would improve the experience even more.
  4. Had same feeling about Bullet Train. I knew it was a dumb action movie but I liked it for that more than I thought I would. And The Lost City, yeah a cut rate Romancing the Stone.
  5. As to the spoiler, yeah the whole sequence spawned pages of debate in The Last of Us thread.
  6. I said the same thing. Was at the theater a few weeks ago and it was busy as hell, vast majority were there for this movie.
  7. This season does feel a little dragging. I think part of the problem is seeing Ted as human and not just the chipper false faced happy guy. He puts on a happy face for everyone to hide the pain he is in. He hates it there and wants to be home with his family. The Keely tape thing was a bit out of no where and could lead to her and Jaime getting back together. They are a better fit than she and anyone else. Roy was already not working with her and was getting interested with that teacher last season, where did that go btw? And when he spoke to Keely about the tape instead of just being a friend he showed his jealous side and asked who it was for. They are not meant for each other. Keely and Jaime are a good pair. I could see it wrapping up with Jaime and Keely together. Ted and beard heading back to the US. Then one of two things, either Roy takes over as coach or the boy wonder leaves West Ham and comes back to his home team. I am also assuming the last episode has the Greyhounds beating West Ham, or Manchester. In any case it was a fun couple of seasons and hopefully it ends well.
  8. Watched Guardians Vol 3 this weekend, pretty good and worth the matinee price. Gives some tear jerker moments for our favorite vermin. I still think the original is by far the best. It amazes me how much passion pops up whenever someone mentions Jurassic Park on here. No matter what it gets like two pages of comments. I haven't been able to watch the newest one, got a few min into it and was already playing on my phone. Hated the one before that and really didn't like the one before that, the one with the high heeled track star.
  9. I've said it @Rhom but I haven't typed it.
  10. Another typical draft for Dallas, took best players at positions of need. Nothing splashy, no big trades. Been kind of nice not having Jerry do anything dumb to ruin the draft for a while. The Detroit draft had me puzzled on day 1 but after the draft was completed and had time to review it all it makes more sense.
  11. Watched The Covenant this weekend. Pretty good movie broken into 3 parts. The actors all did pretty good jobs and it showed the shit side of war pretty well. Forgot to mention how full the place was. Went to get popcorn and there were 40 people in line, that damn Super Mario movie is still killing it! I actually went to my movie and came back after the previews were done so the line was gone. My theater was about 1/3 to 1/2 full for an afternoon matinee.
  12. Some jackass caller on local radio was saying the Lions should take him at 18!!! They cut him off after confirming he said that.
  13. Return of The Jedi is playing at the theatre this weekend and I'm considering going to watch it, again.
  14. Here in the Detroit area it was said that Bellichek wanted Gibbs and when Detroit took him they decided to move back. Bill O'Brien was his coach at Alabama and the story being fed is that Gibbs to NE was a sure thing.
  15. Well Baltimore is building up the offense, just picked a WR and Jackson is signed so this should/could be an explosive offense.
  16. I think Witherspoon was Detroits pick and since he was gone they decided to move back. I don't understand taking Gibbs at 12 though considering their def blows. They did get the 2nd pick in 2nd rd in the move so now they have 3 in 2nd.
  17. I watched S1 and ehh. Think I started S2 and just quit it.
  18. Blasphemy! He is 4th on Kipers final rankings! Who the hell is Mel Kipers anyway? BTW am I the only one who has their social media feed full of clips from Draft Day? I want my picks back, all of them!!!!
  19. Watched To Catch a Killer this weekend. New movie with a pretty good cast. Nothing groundbreaking happens in the movie but it's a pretty good movie just the same. It has a current issue at it's core and at times feels a little preachy. The lead, Shailine Woodley's character feels like a cross between Clarice from Silence of the Lambs and Amelia from The Bone Collector.
  20. The season had plenty of weak spots but I think it landed pretty well. I enjoyed the last two episodes quite a bit. Would be nice to see Din Grogu get some training next year with weapons. Get him little blasters and such. As others said, I don't like that we didn't see Gideon disintegrate but even that wouldn't matter due to cloning. There should literally be tons of beskar armor available now from all of the super troopers
  21. I wouldn't pay much. Maybe this years 1st since it's in the back half of the draft? You have already lost two of his cheap/marginal cost years and still don't know what you have in him. I could see Minne being willing to take a gamble on him though.
  22. They are reporting Hurts deal is done, just north of 250 for 5 years w 180+/- guaranteed.
  23. And we know Gideon is an excellent motivational speaker
  24. I had the same feeling about the Amorer, when she was flying to take the survivors back I kept expecting her to fly into a battle and know it was happening. The thing is that some of her crew was killed in this trap including their main warrior with the automatic blaster. IIRC there were also survivors trapped in there, the ones who were well enough to travel so did either of them sacrifice their own people? It's weird that Bo told her story of surrendering to Gideon and being betrayed to the Armorer and Survivors right before this attack happens.
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