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  1. That's something most people think but then they see them run in person and realize, oh shit... this is a freak. If you were a track guy then yeah, you probably could, but these guys are 6'7" 340 lbs running a 5.2 40. That's just insane. I'll always remember the play that Larry Allen, 6' 3" 330lbs ran down an out side linebacker who had a head start and caught him from behind. Larry freaking 700 lbs bench press Allen chased that man down. Absolute freak show.
  2. Would love to see a team full of the 6' lineman w short arms but great shuttle times.
  3. I watched Ruthless this weekend on HULU. Kinda bored and not tired enough to sleep yet. Basics, a man whose daughter is raped/killed is also a wrestling coach, has a female wrestler, she has issues and disappears. That's the gist of the plot. The acting, writing, editing and action/fighting are not even worthy of an 80's after school special. If you are someone who will watch something just because it's bad, this is for you. I was laughing at some scenes and couldn't get myself to shut it off.
  4. Saban could be salty about that. Would be pretty telling if a man of his age and with the things he has accomplished to talk crap because he spurned you.
  5. I had thought Dallas was in his future, we got Guyton instead, similar size and experience. The only thing I'd be scared of is the Saban thing. Saban hinted that he is a soft player, that he took himself out of the SEC championship game because his ankle was sore. Not a red flag but definitely something to think about.
  6. Well it wasn't the white CB, it was the white WR
  7. And there he is, Guyton, massive tackle from Oklahoma. I'm happy w that.
  8. For a guy in Texas he sure doesn't know what all in is. My guess is Guyton is the Guy and they think he will still be there at 29 and picked up a high 3rd rd pick
  9. Dallas picked up a high 3rd rd pick for moving back, hopefully we can still get best IOL. From a Detroit move this makes sense because they have a big need at corner.
  10. Dammmit... Detroit likely taking the CB from Bama? I just want the best IOL we think there is. Or the Tackle from Oklahoma if we think he is good enough
  11. Eggles on the clock, any Georgia players available?
  12. Well Dallas is 5 picks away and IOL and CB haven't been taken yet. We don't really need a CB but if the best falls to 24? (I'm always sucker for predraft CB hype)
  13. There was a funny short video of a mock Dallas draft room and Jerry Jones finds out Cooper DeJean is white...everyone tries to talk him out and he's like the pick is already in!
  14. Dallas is 8 picks away and all of the IOL are still available, fingers crossed. This will be a jinx and a new run on IOL will begin now.
  15. OR now, since another Tackle has been taken! Anyone bet the over on OFF players in top 15? They did say this was a big year for OL players. I know that's what Dallas needs.
  16. Lol, or THE TE. Ok, now there will be a def run
  17. And there goes the last "name" QB. 6 in top 12. Wow.
  18. I guess we should have seen this coming. They drafted Bijan last year really high and then didn't really use him, same with Pitts so I guess they have no problem w draft and stash philosophy.
  19. Wow Penix to Atl, after they signed Cousins and committed 100 mill guaranteed to him. This is why I don't work in the NFL, I have no idea who is good!
  20. SD taking their time, maybe hoping someone would make a killer offer but it never came.
  21. Would you honestly rather have Penix over McCarthy? I'm obviously biased as a Michigan fan. I watched Penix at Indiana and he looked really good, but couldn't stay healthy. He put up big stats last season with a guy who is expected to be a 1st round WR. Penix can look awesome but I'd always be scared of a knee injury.
  22. I'm sure Dallas would be willing to part with Trey Lance if someone comes calling. Anyone? Bueller, Bueller?
  23. Watched Poor Things finally. Not sure what to think about this. I liked the visuals and the, I think steam punk / Island of Dr. Moreau is my feel to the world. Some good performances. Just a strange movie that takes you through a lifetime of experiences, learning, growing mentally, in a matter of months or a year I guess for Bella. Strangely enough for a movie with a lot of sex and nudity, it never felt like it? IDK, I am glad I saw it but can't think of any reason I would watch it again.
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