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  1. Survivor finished last night, I liked the season, thought there were some really good players in it. But.. Good season but ugh.
  2. Ray Liotta died, may have to watch some of his work again in remembrance. The man was a narrator almost on par with Morgan Freeman, well maybe not on par but damn good in his own right.
  3. Goodfellas is one of my all time favorites and he was perfect in the role. Field of Dreams was another one, Cop Land, he was also good in the recent Shades of Blue, tv cop series. He will always be Henry Hill though.
  4. Ok, I remember something from his deposition leaked, that he acknowledged one session ended with the girl crying. He texted her after it apologizing and asking if there was a way she would be comfortable working on him again! But yeah, he is innocent and all 22 accusers are lying. Just when we thought the Browns were on the way up they find a way to out Brown the Browns.
  5. Get ready to enjoy Meg Ryan at her maximum cuteness. Also, keep a white hand towel nearby since everyone sweating in the movie may induce you to sweat too.
  6. Did I miss something new or is this the general fuck them since they signed the person potentially responsible for sexual misconduct with over 20 women, even before that issue was settled, to record setting deal?
  7. I was surprised Howard died but as soon as I saw the candle flicker the first time I knew Lalo was there. I guess he sees Saul as a cockroach since he appears to have decided to go after him when he saw it scurrying in the sewer. My guess is Kim's conscience kicks in and she can't handle the guilt and splits. Either the vacuum cleaner route or just leaves Saul the old fashioned way. I can't see them killing her, IMO that would destroy Saul and he wouldn't be the Saul we know in BB. Will be interesting to see how they handle the Howard mess. Does he just disappear? Not sure how they can explain him being killed there without exposing Lalo.
  8. Re watching Top Gun right now, first time in years. Man, I forgot just how many scenes there are where people are sweating
  9. This definitely fits into the "see it on as big of a screen as possible" category. Talk to me Goose
  10. Have to agree with most here, this plot doesn't feel right. I thought for a second that this dream job was going to be their explanation for Kim's absence in Saul's life in BB. I guess it still could be but it's looking more and more like she will screw that up. Was her holding the Vacuum cleaner business card a sign that she may use it to escape or just letting us know that this is where Saul gets his contacts from?
  11. Loved that movie, just the right amount of schlock. Poor Fred is now buried underground, the worms win in the end.
  12. I believe I saw a volleyball scene in the trailer when I saw Dr Strange. I will go see this but have low expectations other than it being a good popcorn flick.
  13. Yeah, he just had her stuff locked in her car and wouldn't give it back because she took one of his 3 cell phones and wouldn't give it back to him. Said there was no violence at all, no property destruction.
  14. As OCD as Gus is, move next door and cut your grass in different depths, random patterns, leave garbage out etc. Gus would shoot you or himself
  15. Great description of him. I would never know his name but I recognize his face immediately.
  16. This helps with the aging issue some of us were concerned with
  17. I thought it was a good episode, and IIRC directed by Kim Wexler herself. Shows the contrast between Saul and Kim that she spots her tail, although the hooker really spotted it, and Saul has no clue he is also being followed. That damn scene with the house by Fring's screwed me up. Couldn't make heads or tails of it until the tunnel, then it was like ok, this makes sense. King of precaution and paranoia. Has a double stay in his house while he safely lives next door. Seems a little over the top but ok.
  18. All the more reason to want to face them early.
  19. I'd want to face them without Hopkins too.
  20. Wow, just saw that Hopkins is suspended 6 games for PED's... had lots of injuries last year, wonder if he was using before this or he did this hoping for a better season?
  21. There is no need to protect his dad. No one has a reason to harm him. He was in danger while Nacho was alive, as a pawn to get to Nacho, but now, especially the way he made Gus look good his dad is safe.
  22. Lots of teams took him off their boards for a shoulder issue. Wasn't mentioned at all before the draft though
  23. Or a LB...? Think they wanted the WR and TE that were just drafted ahead of them. ETA Ok he's actually a pass rusher listed as a LB. 12+ sacks in the SEC, 4 ff and a scoop and score, plus did well against Cross and he is considered a top tackle.
  24. TE for Dallas, maybe the one from, yeah nevermind.
  25. And they just added the #1 RB in the draft
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