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  1. Lots of teams took him off their boards for a shoulder issue. Wasn't mentioned at all before the draft though
  2. Or a LB...? Think they wanted the WR and TE that were just drafted ahead of them. ETA Ok he's actually a pass rusher listed as a LB. 12+ sacks in the SEC, 4 ff and a scoop and score, plus did well against Cross and he is considered a top tackle.
  3. TE for Dallas, maybe the one from, yeah nevermind.
  4. And they just added the #1 RB in the draft
  5. They picked a DE who was in talks to be #1 overall pick all year. They picked a tackle that was considered the best tackle. Their biggest needs, DE and RT. I don't want the Giants to have a good draft, but they did, on paper anyway.
  6. I haven't slept much this week so maybe I am reading this wrong, but aren't you contradicting yourself? If nickel is now base D, doesn't that make it more important since it's the base?
  7. Boom or bust. He looks like a mauler, angry physical player. But he had the same issue as Williams, too many penalties. I can't argue taking him because it's a big need but man, Lloyd and Parsons would have been a sexy LB duo.
  8. I have to disagree with this. My thought is she realizes how messed up she is becoming and just leaves. IMO the Saul we see in BB would be absolutely destroyed if Kim was dead or jailed due to his and her stupid schemes. It would be a huge continuity mistake for them to have her die this late in the show, so close to the BB time line. As to the episode, I like how Nacho went out, him adding in the fact that he is the one responsible for Hectors heart attack will really help sell that Fring wasn't working with him since Fring saved Hector.
  9. Really late to this post but Discovery has a very large tv library, which is where HBO max is lacking so the merge makes sense in those terms. Personally I watch some of the reality shows on there like Deadliest Catch, Gold Rush and Alone. On it's own I wouldn't pay for it though, currently I still have cable but those days seem numbered.
  10. Kim has gone full Walter White now, in her own way. How did she figure out so quickly what the scam was at the tax return place? Hannibal Lector could take lessons from her powers of observation. I think the end game for Howard is just to screw his name over enough for him to be discredited and have a stink on him? Can't see Saul going farther than that, Kim, this Kim, yeah she may want to push it too far and that could be what breaks them apart. Nice to have this show back.
  11. John Clayton, I knew him from ESPN as an NFL guru passed away, said after a short illness. I remember him a lot when I first got ESPN, back when it was more about substance than style and how good you look.
  12. You didn't, I'm just worn out on timeline jumps. I want to finish Dark but just can't get myself to commit.
  13. This quote kills me! I loved The Leftovers, but hate timeline jumping! I guess if my watch list allows I will try this. I still haven't watched the last season of Dark because it got so tedious to watch.
  14. Station 11, I keep hearing mixed reviews, some say it's boring and tedious and some say it's great, is there a comparable show? Has Succession entire season dropped, kinda waiting to binge it Boba Fett, had same feeling. The best parts were the Mandolorian people
  15. Top to bottom as of now Ozark 1st half of final season, loved it. Ready for it to end but love it Peacemaker, oddly good show that I had to be talked into watching, didn't like it until a couple episodes in Reacher, better than expected, look forward to future seasons Cobra Kai, IDK, I liked it enough to watch but definitely ready for it to be done. Book of Boba Fett, would be higher but I'm penalizing it because what I liked most about it was characters from another show. Curse of Oak Island, just an interesting show for me, the history and archeology parts of it, not the dragging it out parts
  16. Same as most here, I'll probably see it on the big screen just for the effects, series hasn't really been good since the sequel
  17. Howard Hessman passed. My first introduction into what a dj was, him and Venus.
  18. Yeah, it seems pretty clear they are setting him up for a comeback.
  19. Definitely agree they are growing tired of it, but if they resort to a battle dance off I am going to be pissed!
  20. I agree but someone has to compete right, that's the whole premise of the series and movies, finish your battles in competition.
  21. He beat on Anthony, who wasn't even defending himself, until he was pulled off. This is after Anthony was apologizing to him. Even Robbie saw the issue, I'd say it's safe to say the ship has sailed.
  22. I would assume that S6 All Valley would be this
  23. I think I've heard it before. It takes away the "home team" clock operator slow fingers.
  24. Can Michigan claim a covid breakout to avoid playing osu in two weeks?
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