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  1. I think I watched that not too long ago or I'm confused. I didn't hear them say the weight was based on luggage. And yes, Wes has pretty much always been hated. I finished Rivals 3(?) recently and damn...I mean I understand why the person did what they did but damn. I will say one thing, no other reality show has as rough of a final challenge as this show does. Others may be harder over all (Alone) but this show kills them for the final challenge.
  2. I was pulling for Big T in that final but it wasn't meant to be. I loved it when Fessy got stolen again, serves him right and I hope he has to stay w her and she out does him in the final. Would love to see him gas out again and his "weak " partner do better than him. With CT being rogue he should be safe this next week so Kyle has to win. Would be great if he did and got Leroy vs Fessy with Fessy going home. That would still leave four teams and they generally do the final with three, so a double the week after or still two more weeks before the final?
  3. Well there wasn't a battle royal but a big threat went home in Darrell. It was funny as hell watching Kyle and Aneesa celebrate after winning and seeing the others faces since they were so sure they had to be the winners. Kind of nice seeing CT and Big T get back together even though it was telegraphed earlier in the episode. Kyle... I couldn't stand him his first season, and tolerated him the second season. This season I love him, he brings a villainous joy to back stabbing people and doesn't care. I really wish he had sent Leroy or Fessy in against Darrell though because that would have been a boss move. Unfortunately Aneesa wouldn't let that happen and reigned him in. So, is there a twist that you must have a skull to run the final, and there are only 5 each, but there ends up only being 4 teams in the final? Some new twist that ends up screwing Aneesa from making the final yet again? Or was that just TJ being TJ and scaring people...
  4. Fessy, yeah he is just awkward. His whole flirt game seems to rely on, you know you want me....you know I'm attractive.... Nanny, I hope she just became an anchor for Fessy because I don't like him. I assume next week is the last one before the finals, probably a battle royal type thing.
  5. Yeah it was miserable watching Big T's reaction last week. CT has always been an ass though and if his partner doesn't live to his expectations he has always berated them. I understand him switching partners but he could have handled it a lot better. I was hoping for a twist again this week but it's been pretty steady except for the one last time. I watched an old season recently and it was the one where Bananas is cruising through and they throw in a twist out of no where and had CT and some crap girl show up in the pit and CT carried Bananas like a back pack and knocked him out of the game really close to the finale, seemed really unfair. With Leroy having KC as a partner I'm not sure who can beat them, if it even is a partners final. Fessy just got a better partner but she usually is mediocre at challenges let alone a final one where it's pretty grueling.
  6. Yeah, I thought CT went a little over board and he recognized it too late. I also think he may decide to hang it up after this season. I think he sees that his time is up for this show and wants to go out a winner. Devin is like a middling challenge competitor, similar to Josh, Kyle and others. He is just good enough to win a challenge and a specific duel but not the whole thing. He really messed up and should have taken on Fessy. Those puzzle pieces were hanging in plain sight before he made his choice of Darrell. This challenge was made for Devin to get Fessy out, it wasn't physical and it had a puzzle, how much better could he ask for??? Plus had he taken out Fessy a gold skull would have been up for grabs and he wouldn't be as big of a target since there would be a free one out there. Had he won, him, Kyle and CT could have taken control. They seem to be foreshadowing a finale win by Leroy, or I am just buying into the editing?
  7. Good, I hit the on demand button and realized I would have to watch 88 min of it again to see the last 2 min I missed. Can't fwd through the on demand so fuck that!
  8. Yeah I couldn't believe she thought wolves were vegetarian???? Funny how Devin antagonized Josh for what he did in the last challenge, then did the same thing himself.. At least he was able to laugh at himself. I would have gone to Josh and bowed at his feet. Interested to see what the twist is, my recording cut off right at the end and I have no idea what's going on.
  9. @Tywin et al. ... loving the final standings! I seem to have beat you again! Yeah yeah yeah, only because you failed to put picks in but after the season I had I am still dancing a little jig!
  10. I liked the weekly challenge this time, until the end. I mean CT was screwed since there is no way Big T could ever beat Kam in that challenge. If CT had won it he probably would have put them in to the pit against Mechie and Amber. Don't think CT is good w puzzles (?) that could have been epic had neither of them been able to do it. Yeah, absolutely shameful for both guys. Pretty sad when every person is clowning on you. TJ should've told that Mechie guy, yeah, we won't be seeing you again anytime soon. He did nothing all season. At least Josh can get a little ego boost for winning something. I'd be scared if I was Josh, Devin and Kyle. CT, Darrell, and Corey are coming for their gold skulls.
  11. I was holding out hope that TJ would say since Theresa and Jay both competed and all the other guys didn't then they can't be the compromised agents. The episode title kind of gave it away though, Die another Jay...
  12. Loved the latest episode. The guys are playing scared and I love that TJ called them out for it and didn't hold back on them. Devin owns Josh, of course a poodle could mind f*ck Josh he is so weak. Fessy, wtf poser. He gets all loud and pokes Devin and Kyle in the chest but as soon as Kyle poked back Fessy lost his crap, don't put your hands on me!!!! Love how people get butt hurt over getting sent down...isn't that why you are there? You have to earn a gold skull at some point but they all cry and complain when they get sent down. Sure you would like to get to pick and choose but damn. Have to think Leroy is the only person who would have beat Jay in that challenge, no one else would have been close. Sucks because I like Leroy and Jay.
  13. He's getting a dog next season, the name leaked...Shaggy dog....
  14. Josh is an absolute weak player. He only wants to go in against a much smaller player and even then wants attention and drama over it. Last season he had the perfect chance to go in and wimped out of it, then freaked out once he knew what it was. This last week he did the same thing, he play acts like he is upset and that he wanted to go in. That big baby wanted no part of it but he can posture that he did now. Nelson would have destroyed him in hall brawl and he knows it. I can't stand Devin, unless he is messing with Josh! He did the same thing to Bananas a few seasons ago and was chasing him all over the house and Bananas finally snapped and made a comment about Devins dad and Devin freaked out and suddenly Bananas was the bad guy and Devin did nothing to antagonize him. If nothing else this show is always entertaining.
  15. I imagine it will get brushed under the rug or...
  16. I almost did this with my post, mentioning Oh, and had a crush
  17. Have to say I liked this for all the same reasons as everyone here. I like how they have been able to tie in the movies to the current show so well and build on those stories. I also find myself wanting to watch part 2-3 of the movies again just to see some of the stuff i don't remember. The original is the only one I have ever seen more than once, and probably for a reason!
  18. I'm pretty sure we won't see him again. If we do it will go similar to this season.
  19. Yeah, I don't know if getting Josh upset mentally is much of a challenge. The guy is about as mentally strong as chicken with it's head cut off. Devin really had him going though, and the funny thing is Josh never did answer whats 7*9...hmm Wes, I hated seeing him act like that. He is a beaten man, he is done. It was like seeing Cara Maria two seasons ago. She was totally dick whipped by the English Ken doll and she was never the same after that. On a side note I watched some episodes of the Inferno 2 last night on netflix. Man was it different. weak challenges too.
  20. Can we just end this week now while I am ahead?!?!!?
  21. Really good show this week. As to Fessy-Aneesa Ass to the gold skulls, yeah they will be targeted especially if a perceived weak person wins one. Natalie!
  22. If you haven't watched S2 then stay away from the trailer though because there are a lot of spoilers in it.
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