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  1. Only one actual episode has been aired, the next one is tonight. I didn't think Johnny or Ashley taking the money as being a villain move. I seem to remember Sara saying she wouldn't share it and that mental midget Ashley was paired with said it repeatedly and did nothing but be a dick to her. I couldn't believe how he actually thought she would split it with him. Can't stand Camilla or Ashley, glad she got booted already. Cara Maria use to be my favorite until she got hooked on that one guys dick and was never the same after that, he holds a spell over her.
  2. Yeah I just saw all your zeroes. Sucks
  3. Well bananas, cara, rogan and his stripper BFF, bear, can’t remember their names but the toxic couple Jenna and Zach I think. I don’t miss all of them. Just surprised that many aren’t there. As to spoilers we shouldn’t need tags here since it’s the challenge
  4. Dude this is like an every year thing for you! I on the other hand have trended down each year. This week is my first official f it week and picked like 6 upsets just to see what happens.
  5. I've been watching it pretty faithfully since the Road Rules Real World challenge first happened. Missed a few seasons in the middle but it's not like that matters! The most surprising thing about this season so far is who isn't there. A lot of the old school players are not here this season leading to a ton of rookies and year two people so the power base has shifted to more like Survivor when they put a returning player on each team. The rooks are like, yeah they had their chance, buh bye! As far as spoilers I would be good without them especially since there are probably only a few of us fans here.
  6. I have access to Hulu live and the streaming content also has ads. My daughter subscribes so they have access to live sports also. One thing I have noticed is when watching the app on a smart tv there are more ads. When I watch on a computer the ads are there but if you watch a few episodes in a row the ads are minimal.
  7. I usually do the same thing. But there was a bit of covid concern this week and I figured i better wait until last minute in case people like Stafford were held out. My mistake
  8. I guess my crappy season continues. Now I see where it says 5 minutes before game.
  9. I’ve been trying since 1255 and it was locked
  10. What the hell! It’s not one pm est and it won’t let me pick?... this is some bullshit
  11. I think I am pulling a Tywin this year. I'm like 4th in wins but almost last in points! It's a rebuilding year, tanking for 2021~!~
  12. I think it depends on who you are around and where you are. For me and the people I know twat isn't a thought of as a swear word even though it's slang for vajayjay, but [email protected] is likely to get you slapped.
  13. I binged this in the last couple days so I am little fresh to this. The head popping trait, so two separate supes have it? Didn't expect that so it was a nice way to throw us off. Rather, I assumed the one inmate was the one doing it before, but in hindsight she was popping more than just the head so I guess that's on me for not watching more closely. The scene where SF gets sliced up, man all I saw there when they showed her was Anakin Skywalker in RotS after his fight with Obi Wan. Looked damn near identical, and we know she is alive and being held somewhere, so are we set up for Darth Storm in S3? One other thing, are we also being set up not for Deeps redemption, but Homelanders instead? He was clearly moved by his son and cares for him. He didn't like it when SF went all white pride brainwashing on him. Are we going to see more of why Homelander is the way he is next season and maybe he sacrifices himself to save someone, and in doing so finally gets the love from people he craves?
  14. Firmly believe Dallas wins 1-2 more SB's if they took him
  15. That same rookie WR who Dallas should have drafted? The one time they decided to pass on someone because they were concerned about off the field issues. Whoops
  16. Pretty equal to Lamb. Strange how it used to be that WR's took a year or two before really having much impact and now there are several each year who are ready to go day one.
  17. Yeah, but I had lost faith the wrong week! I picked those Houston O'Briens and it cost me!
  18. Another bad week of picking. These injuries are just making it harder and harder to predict games. And Tywin, F your Vikings! I keep believing that this is the week they win.
  19. I think it would depend on the rest of the casting. If the other X-men are relative unknowns then Wolverine will be to, if they are B level stars, then....
  20. I almost changed my pick yesterday just in case so I could win the week but figured the points are more important. Knew that the favorites wouldn't win every game.
  21. Damn man I hope I didn't jinx you by talking about this! Right now every favorite has won this week. Yeah I only have 2 wrong and they were my 1 and 2 point picks, both under dogs.. your damn Vikes!
  22. Have we ever had a full slate of games where someone got every game correct? Favorites won damn near every game this week.
  23. Can you send me a link to the pick em page, I haven't gotten an email invite yet.  [email protected]    I tried an old link from thread but had no luck

  24. Secretly hoping Bronns' picks this week magically don't post
  25. well I just changed my pick hoping you all picked Seattle
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