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  1. Man wtf Tampa, didn't see that coming.
  2. My picks are in, missed last night but no big deal
  3. Same as real life carrier pigeons, messages were actually sent this way. I thought she was going to be training with Arya? But remember as a head of House Stark she has other duties than fighting, like running the North.
  4. I guess I have gained as many spots as I can, from 7th to 3rd in a few weeks. It was a fun season again!
  5. Man, I messed up by picking the Falsons!!! Would have been a nice point swing but I can't stand the Eagles and have a hard time picking them to do anything!
  6. Man, i picked the wrong upsets to bet big on! Oh well, still holding on to hope!
  7. Speak for yourself! I'm in a race for 6th! I had some really bad weeks that just killed me, then a string of like 3 out of 4 in first or second and yet made up no ground. Obviously I am going with mostly upsets this weekend. Tywin, this year you bested me and by a lot.
  8. Im starting to wonder if its even possible for me to pick worse!
  9. Well @Tywin et al. this week should put any conspiracy theories to bed. I have 9 wrong already! I could have flipped a coin and done better.
  10. Well, if it makes you feel any better, this week is shaping up to be a disaster for me. Atlanta, New England, Dallas all losing and all were double digit confidence points for me.
  11. Man wtf is happening today? Upsets me everywhere, and Rodgers throws a pick six!!!!!?????
  12. His sorry ass cost me too. Between him and me taking a flyer on Jacksonville it put me behind everyone else this week.
  13. Picks are in, took a couple risks this week.
  14. I have not seen the invite, is that sore sport @Tywin et al. blocking me?!?!??!!?
  15. I assume (as the writers want me to) that she learned this with the FM while training. She already had some lessons with Serio(SP?) and then spent excessive time training with staffs and such with the FM. The way she stood was clearly water dancing, and the dodging and striking reminded me of staff training.
  16. Great episode, have watched it three times already. The only thing about the battle scene that I didn't like was Dany burning the food, that made zero sense. Reason, if she lost this battle, the food means nothing because she would basically be done. If she wins this battle, she now destroyed most of the food in the region for no reason. How will she feed her army now? The Lannister army was stupidly lined up in a row next to the food column, all she had to do was do the same fire run, but over about ten feet. Nice to see things moving at a fast pace but man it sucks that we are already past the halfway point. I have to admit I was a little scared of LSH when I saw the "previous episodes" montage. Then it was just the dagger. And on that scene, why didn't Bran tell them that LF and Lysa(spelling) are the ones who killed Jon Arryn to start the whole thing? And that LF betrayed Ned and got him killed? I guess wise ol Bran knows they need LF a little longer?
  17. Well, collude is a strong word, I would say we came to the conclusion...that I beat you!
  18. Watched this again last night for the fourth or fifth time, loved just as much as the first time.
  19. Curious as to why this thread even exists? It's pinned, which to me means important enough to have at the top of the list, but only certain people are allowed to post to it, and yet no one has since 2014?
  20. Any interest in trading Flacco or Prescott? I need to upgrade my bench QB.

  21. Westeros B snake draft..¬† yahoo¬† [email protected]

  22. Your fact, not millions reality. Also, be serious, we all know grumpkins and snarks are illiterate.
  23. Actually what I was going for was, is the grading system reliant on humans. I was just looking to see if it was based on the "graders" opinion, and it sounds like it does. When you had stated what you did about academic standards I simply wanted to find out more about it and tossed out some examples so I could see how they fit.
  24. My friends are the opposite(the ones I have seen since it aired). They knew it was Rheagar, but they couldn't remember the name correctly. Not a single one has thought it was Roberts. And they were saying it was Jon before they cut to Jons face and confirmed it.
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