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  1. I almost changed my pick yesterday just in case so I could win the week but figured the points are more important. Knew that the favorites wouldn't win every game.
  2. Damn man I hope I didn't jinx you by talking about this! Right now every favorite has won this week. Yeah I only have 2 wrong and they were my 1 and 2 point picks, both under dogs.. your damn Vikes!
  3. Have we ever had a full slate of games where someone got every game correct? Favorites won damn near every game this week.
  4. Can you send me a link to the pick em page, I haven't gotten an email invite yet.  [email protected]    I tried an old link from thread but had no luck

  5. Finished this pretty quick and liked this season a lot more than S5. There is one more season coming right?
  6. Glad to see there is more to come as I generally enjoy the show. You didn't think S5 was bad? Maybe it was me, I just couldn't see how they thought having a cop who is all over the news every season be an undercover operator, it just didn't make sense.
  7. Secretly hoping Bronns' picks this week magically don't post
  8. well I just changed my pick hoping you all picked Seattle
  9. Man I had Miami and chickened out thinking that NE would want to lay it on them at home. F me.
  10. Continuing my random upset big bets hoping to hit the lottery knowing full well i wont
  11. I tried some unorthodox picks and points this week to try to catch up a little....whoops!
  12. Wow from 2nd to 8th in just a few weeks, and a distant 8th at that! I am starting to feel like @Tywin et al. where my confidence points are killing me!
  13. Not feeling good about any of my picks, the free fall continues.
  14. I am in a free fall! Can't seem to get even the high picks right anymore. This week I have some screwy ones too, oh well hopefully some of you forget to pick the Thursday games?
  15. Another bloodbath of a week. I wish I had known Stafford wasn't playing for Detroit this week!
  16. There is one leader and that's Lumpt, I am simply at the front of the also ran pack. I do love seeing @Tywin et al. bringing up the rear though!
  17. Don't think that your picks go unappreciated! I see some crazy ones and I'm like WTF? There is a pool here at work and a guy is taking Cleveland over the Patriots. So much so he placed a cash bet, with NO points, he refused the points! He is a Cleveland fan and he made 200 when they beat Baltimore so I can't bag on him too much.
  18. I had picked the Saints, then switched to Chicago after hearing Kamara was out, whoops, wish I hadn't heard that news! Only 5 points but still.
  19. Yep, this could be another week of holy shit how did I get that many wrong!
  20. The last couple weeks have been brutal and this week at first glance has even more questionable games.
  21. I've been so bad the last few weeks, can't believe I'm in 2nd place.
  22. I wish I had the guts to put more points on Sacksonville! I had a feeling, just wasn't sure if it was Jax winning or something I ate.
  23. I made some picks based on dislikes this week and it cost me. I dislike Jameis Winston so I took Carolina, whoops. I dislike G Bay and again, whoops. I hate Philly, but still took em, I'm not that dumb, but I'd still be happy for them to lose!
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