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  1. Your fact, not millions reality. Also, be serious, we all know grumpkins and snarks are illiterate.
  2. Actually what I was going for was, is the grading system reliant on humans. I was just looking to see if it was based on the "graders" opinion, and it sounds like it does. When you had stated what you did about academic standards I simply wanted to find out more about it and tossed out some examples so I could see how they fit.
  3. My friends are the opposite(the ones I have seen since it aired). They knew it was Rheagar, but they couldn't remember the name correctly. Not a single one has thought it was Roberts. And they were saying it was Jon before they cut to Jons face and confirmed it.
  4. I guess I didn't word my question clearly. Can you give a literary example of a book that has been graded by these standards? For example the book "The Learning Tree", what did it grade out to using these standards?
  5. Ok, question then, these academic standards, are they used to grade books, movie and tv scripts? If so, care to share examples of each? As to the fire works, ehh...after a few colors it gets old. Now if you want to talk about watching something that is flashy and yet still horrible, Independence Day 2. It is a horrible movie. It has all kinds of special effects and CGI but the writing and acting is to me, what GOT is to you, I would suspect. If you watch GOT and see it like I saw Independence Day 2, then I feel sorry for you. But I can say this, I will never watch it again.
  6. And you are totally objective... yeah ok. But you keep doing the same thing over and over. You think that I can only enjoy the show as a guilty pleasure, because that's how you watch it, and if I and others don't then we are tin foil ball chaser, which by the way means easily amused, which means dim witted. You fail to recognize that the vast majority of people don't see the show as you do and don't have to. And again your closing sentence. If you can't handle hearing the truth about it... Funny thing is the last time I heard a quote close to that was in a movie about someone who had a warped opinion about safety and freedom and whoever didn't agree with him was ignorant and had no idea how things worked. And lastly, I do enjoy discussing this with you, we will just never agree.
  7. Gave it a 9, rounded up, probably closer to an 8 though. Had to round up since we got the TOJ scene, Freys dying, and Dany heading to Westeros finally. KL - Lost a lot of people in that BBQ! Little sloppiness in having Lancel chasing that little bird, there was no real reason for him to do it. Nice to see the high sparrow realize at the last second that he messed up. IMO Cersei knew Tommen would kill himself, hence the black "mourning" outfit being put on as it all played out. I think she just knew she couldn't let him go there and kill him with the others. Strange that she chose Qyburn as her hand of the Queen. Not something that makes a lot of sense, but then again neither does she. So is this the beginning of Jaime's long lost redemption arc and the break from Cersei? Mereen/Dorne - Saw a little mop and closing of story lines down there. Knew Vary's was heading to Dorne, only thing that made sense. The time line was a little funky since Olena was there and in mourning for her loss already. That time jump got me a little. So Dany now has her army of Dothraki, Unsullied, some Iron Born, dragons, Dorne and the Tyrells all heading to Westeros finally. Have to say it was nice to get that scene finally, I just wish the show would stop with the "posing" scenes. Tired of seeing the characters wistfully looking into the distance. The Twins - I mostly liked the scenes here, I liked Jaime putting it to Lord Frey and reminding him how little the Freys have actually done. I also wish they had put a little more into the Frey pies part. Seemed like an afterthought, then Arya killed him finally, and again posed for a look into the distance. Nice to see Arya back in the action again. The North/TOJ - Finally got the reveal and R+L=J confirmation. I have quite a few show watcher only friends and they all picked up that it was Jon that was handed to Ned and that Rheagar was the father. I just wish they hadn't kept his name a quiet whisper, but I assume that they want Bran to tell Jon himself next season when he reveals the truth to him in person. I liked Little Lady Mormounts speech, the girl pulled it off pretty well. Sansa seriously needs to have a talk to Jon about LF and his role in everything. LF needs to die soon.
  8. Just because you call it something doesn't make it true, it just makes it obvious to everyone that if we don't agree with you, you will assume we are dim witted tin foil ball chasers. Thanks for judging and insulting us based on what you like.
  9. A fact is something that is indisputable, you are stating an opinion, as I am about to do. In all reality there is nothing ever published or created, or painted that isn't poorly done in some amount. If the Mona Lisa is examined there will be flaws found, an amazing song will have a note or two off, a sculpture will not be perfectly balanced...much like my points, nothing is perfect. Millions of people the world over love the Mona Lisa, to me it's a good painting but it doesn't invoke passion or any real response, does that mean it wasn't done well, no, it just means my opinion is different. I like the show, I like the actors, the story lines,( I hate Dorne ) the jokes, the battles, the character interaction. You don't; so be it, but it doesn't make me simple minded or a tin foil chaser as you stated so nicely.
  10. Love this comparison, I mean again, anyone who doesn't agree with you that the writing sucks must be simple minded. Been fun, got to go and get some tinfoil!!!! Enjoy the last episode, I hope it goes out with a bang and hopefully we can meet back on here and have some more fun and all in good jest conversations!
  11. And yet most watchers of the show go back and rewatch every episode, some even multiple times, so I guess that makes GOT like the original 3 movies? I agree!!!!
  12. I am sure you all would do much better at writing a show and developing it. I mean, this show is doing so poorly that anyone could do better, I can't believe it's still on. Despite what some highly educated high brow great literary forum posters want to keep stating, the show has a passionate group of fans and that base is growing for a reason.
  13. And again here goes the easy argument, people are dumb who flock to this show, slow witted, simple minded. I mean, if they don't agree with me they must be dumb.... great argument. The last two books dragged ass and quite frankly. Dance was a little better but over all they were jumbled up and had tons of filler chapters. But since GRRM wrote it, and people read it versus seeing it on t.v. that makes it better. The show can never and should never go into the great details that the books did, it would be boring as piss if they did. BTW, same statement can be said of the books, OMG a book about dragons, dead walking things and Direwolves oh my!..Doesn't mean the quality of the books haven't dropped off since book 3.
  14. You can't compare any show that was on that long ago to any current show. Back when MASH was on you had like 3 channels to choose from, that's it. Current shows should only be compared to other shows in the last decade or so, no other comparison ratings wise is remotely fair. And again, something that continually gets more popular must mean something. And lets be honest, the books had just as much sex and violence, no one can contest that.
  15. But, when people are just band wagon jumping, they are not passionate. This is passion for something. I was at a bon fire last Saturday with another group of people and as soon as someone brought it up their eyes lit up and they got into the conversation. There is a big difference in liking something and being passionate about it. And BTW, coming to something late and joining in doesn't just mean watching because others are. I came to Breaking Bad just before the final season, and I was hooked.
  16. Article out today or yesterday about Game of Thrones. HBO has stated this is it's only series ever that has gone this long and increased in ratings every year. There is something to be said about that. How can you have such prolonged success, getting more and more popular every season if you suck? Your writing sucks, your every decision sucks. Despite what some people think, people are still tuning in, enjoying, and recommending this show to others, who in turn do the same. Last night I went to a concert and on the drive the one thing that perked up people the most was when we talked about the show. And these friends haven't read the books. I still maintain that the majority of people on here who complain about the show wouldn't be doing so if they hadn't read the books over the course of 20 years and have this built up expectations and such that the show, no matter who was doing it couldn't meet. Especially since the show has passed the books. Everyone has an opinion and can use any logic they choose to justify their opinion, as I did just now regarding the ratings.
  17. So, let me see if I get this right. The episodes that have no tits or gore and focus on people are lambasted for poor writing and being slow. The episodes with tits and dicks and dick jokes are bitched about being exploitive and low brow. The episodes with action and gore and criticized for being violent and OMG the hero didn't die in the battle and not focused on people or politics. So basically, the show should just consist of the opening credits and then pages from the books shown on screen? To be fair, every episode is called poor writing, lazy writing, not true to the books, cheap, no budget, no wolves, no dragons, oh wait dragons but I wanted wolves this time, flashy lights, people who like it have no taste, just watch for the tits and dragons, wouldn't understand good writing if they saw it...
  18. And yet it's ratings are at an all time high? Don't know if I agree with this or not. I have about 10 people I know who are just show watchers and they are absolutely loving this season. Don't get me wrong, the two episodes before this were clunky, but as a whole they are pumped.
  19. Have to agree, best scripted hour I have seen in a long time. I have watched it twice and probably will watch it once more this week leading into the finale. I have talked to a lot of people who watched it and not a single person was anything but amazed with the episode. One thing I liked a lot surprised me, it was the horses and them charging and the way they were shown in the battle. And the shot of the headless horseman riding by, then getting hit by Wun Wun.
  20. Yep, I think I was referring to the wrong person, was getting a lot of quotes at the same time, I honestly apologize. I am referring to people who week in and week out criticize and question me and others for liking the show and try to show us how bad it is and why we are sheep or something similar for liking it. My bad habit is I get sucked in to debates on Monday and Tuesday before I remember it doesn't really matter. The worst thing for me is that I only have one more episode this year to enjoy.
  21. Well I guess that I am the average viewer because those votes line up very close to mine. I think if you round up half and round down half of those it matches me week for week. I am beige
  22. So stop eating their food and stop criticizing people who like their food.
  23. In your opinion. Not the other 100 plus people who said it does deserve a 10.
  24. But that's what I think is better about the show. When they were asking the northern houses for help, the houses weren't all rah rah Starks. They told them like it was, we followed you and we died. Robb betrayed us, Boltons helped us get our house back etc.. I will have to reserve judgement on how the Sansa Jon thing plays out, not happy with how the show is doing this so far.
  25. Yes it is, I had given the previous two episodes 6's if I am not mistaken. I have never given a 10 before. Highest previously was a 9 for Hardhome and a 9 for Watchers on the Wall. I am very much a Jon Snow fan so my rankings are influenced by that. He was my favorite from Episode 1 and even more so in the books. Now, the people who are giving every episode a 10, then yes it's exactly the same. There were a few clunkers this season for sure and no way they should be 10's. I guess my mind if just wired differently. I don't like broccoli. I don't like it raw, steamed, with macaroni and cheese, battered and fried or in a salad. So when I eat, I don't eat it. I don't go to every new restaurant to try their broccoli, I know I will not like it. That's how I equate watching a series that I would give consistent 1's to on a rating system. If I know I won't like it, I won't try it.
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