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  1. I'd invest in insurance if I was you!
  2. If no one cared, no one would watch, no one would have huge reactions blowing up this site and twitter. People care, people care deeply.
  3. Can't agree with this post more. Martin wrote this, yes he didn't write the episode but this ending has him written all over it. Showing that humans are the true threat to humanity. There have been tons of hints in the books and show about Targaryens going mad, her actions have shown vengence, not justice, going way back. As you said about the good guys doing this,...history is written by the victors.... If she was to rule and continue her line for a hundred years, this will not be written as she conquered and sacked KL but instead how she liberated it from Cersei, the destroyer of the Sept of Baleor... and how she saved humanity from the others. To the victors go the spoils.
  4. I liked this episode a lot. If I could edit out Euron washing up on shore to fight Jaime I would have rated this a lot higher. That and if I didn't see Janos Slynt atop the Wall looking at the wildlings and mumbling about Giants and cold rolled steel every time I saw Cersei saying how safe she was and how the Lannisters would fight harder than any sellsword... I loved that they went all in on Dany going mad and burning it all to the ground. If you are going that direction then by god go all out and do it. I would've disliked it if she only burned surrendering soldiers and such. Same with Grey Worm, IMO she told him what she planned to do because he followed suit immediately. Personally I think Emelia acted very well these last couple episodes. One second she is laughing and happy and the next she is stone faced and seeming hateful, showing her inner battle. I also liked that some of the Northern forces joined in the sacking, it was realistic and shows that they can be just as immoral as anyone else. On my first viewing I missed that Varys was trying to poison Dany using the little girl but it failed because Dany wasn't eating. I just thought the girl was trying to get messages out. Then I re watched it and caught that the girl worked in the kitchen and that she felt like the soldiers were watching her. I was like, oh shit, he is trying to kill her and sending messages out. Now I assume he did send messages out to all the remaining lords to try to get them to come to KL and support Jon, what happens next with that is anyone's guess. Ok, so Dany will know that Tyrion visited with Jaime and Jaime is gone, so I assume she plans to burn Tyrion next week? Does Grey Worm tell Dany that Jon held back his forces when they started killing the surrendering forces? If so does she use that as an excuse to put Jon on trial as well? Does she try to use Drogon to burn Jon and Drogon refuses, or he does it and Jon doesn't burn, but rises from the ashes and smoke to kill Dany? Last note. I have an opinion of the show, I liked it. Don't waste your time telling me how stupid it is, how horrible this or that was. Just let me enjoy it and I will try to let you not enjoy it!
  5. I love it when the series gives us moments when we question who we root for. I gave this a 7, would've been a solid 8 for me if not for Euron / Jaime scenes. I hate that Dany has spiraled into madness, and IMO it has been telegraphed for a while. What I like most about this is that the show didn't hold back. They knew what they were going for and went all in. If we had only seen Dany burning adults and soldiers people could still make excuses to redeem her, but they way this went down that's all gone. She and Grey Worm clearly had talked ahead of time and he knew her plan. I also liked that it showed the Northern forces being just as immoral, pack mentality, as Danys' armies were. Again, as I mentioned before, this series is about how horrible humans are to each other, that they are the true threat to humanity, not mindless ice zombies. The wights and walkers were a simple misdirection for everyone. Humans are the true threat to humanity. So, Arya is Assor Assai(spelling)...she arose out of smoke and ashes. Have to assume she is killing Dany for this using someones face, then maybe Jon kills her defending his queen not knowing it and we have our bitter sweet ending? Hated every scene Jaime was in. The tent with Tyrion was just a repeat of Catelyn Stark scene IMO. Then the preposterous fight with Euron washing up on shore. I probably should of given the episode a 6 for this alone. I don't mind Jaime and Cersei dying together though. Basically the world crumbling around them. I didn't like Cerseis' scenes while the battle was going on, too much of a call back to Janos Slynt when facing the wildling army...there's no such thing as giants, the door is cold rolled steel....she reminded me of that scene instantly. I loved the Hound slapping reality into Arya. Showing her that if she keeps on the path she is on she will become him, a hateful vengeful person with no love in her life. I wish they had given them just a little more time and dialogue between them. Between this conversation and what Arya witnessed and went though in the attack I think she will have been reborn a new person. If she survives then the last scene may be her riding up to Storms End and seeing Gendry. (total fan service fan fiction I admit).
  6. Please stop posting references to leaks, especially in this context. If you have to keep doing it at least use the spoiler tags that are provided.
  7. They specifically said that the bulk of the Unsullied and all the remaining Dothraki would march south with Jon on the Kings road. They didn't have enough ships to carry them all.
  8. Ok, so now it will be my turn to assume some things. Ep 4 in the map room they say they lost like over half the Dothraki and the Unsullied. Would that mean they did just what you said and kept some in reserve? I assumed watching the episode that basically all the Dothraki were gone, save a few who retreated. But, Ep 4 seems to suggest otherwise. I can't check the scene right now and may be remembering it wrong though.
  9. That was Joffrey not Cersei, confirmed the following season by Cersei herself. She did give the order after Joffreys death and I think again after Tywins. I assume she sent Qyburn to do her dirty work since it is beneath her status to meet with a cut throat about killing her brothers. It includes Jaime because he betrayed her and went North.
  10. 1st one, she sent Bronn north to kill them. So, she gave the order once already. 2nd, I thought in the episode that showed Maggy the frog prophecy that the volonquar was mentioned? I likely just blended it together.
  11. I don't think he betrayed Dany, otherwise he wouldn't be so adamant that Varys not do anything. Also, Bronn was sent to kill him, not gonna kill him if he is your inside man. I do firmly believe it would have been better if she had him killed there, or at least Rickon 2.0 with Tyrion being smart enough to zig zag. Also, if I am Cersei I have the closest scorpion try one shot out at Drogon, hey, maybe you get lucky at that distance, same for Dany, maybe your archers get lucky.
  12. Gave it a 7 for a few reasons. Jaime / Brienne, felt ok, I mean this has been getting set up for years now so it's not a surprise. I do not think he is heading to save Cersei. Maybe he initially tries to reason w her and then becomes the Queen slayer. Will be a test of his acting skills to see how he reacts to Euron saying it's his child. The family reunion. I liked and disliked it. They finally got together as a family to have a talk and the biggest item and reactions were left to our imagination. Never tell Sansa anything. Arya, the obvious target is Cersei, but Dany may be the real or secondary target. Her leaving WF and getting to the action makes perfect sense and maybe she told Sansa her plans, maybe not. Didn't care for the Bronn scene, even though it is understandable. He has been fighting for them for years and not getting what he was promised. Although at this point you would think he would learn and just steal all he can and leave. I liked the dinner scene, it showed a somber mood at first that was lifted when Gendry was named Lord of Storms End. Then the clear scheming between Dany/Tyrion/Sansa. Do we assume Sam is heading for Horn Hill as it's lord? Would have liked a sentence from Jon mentioning that. Not going to mention Jons lack of a farewell to Ghost. To me that was the biggest negative of this episode. Do us some fan service and throw the dog a bone FFS. I did like that they killed a dragon, I did not expect that at all, expected very little to happen this episode and instead we see Dany taking a few more large hits. I also thought they should have killed Tyrion right then, it would have made sense based on Cersei's character. Or even have Euron step up and do it himself and see Cersei react to it. So volonqar(sp?), Clegane bowl, and younger more beautiful princess are all still in play.
  13. Some people just want to complain. I'm sure they are much better at making shows than this one is. Their shows would be flawless and have even more of a fan base.
  14. You assume a lot here that is all based on hind sight.
  15. Who wrote about hidden Princes, magic, special swords...etc.? None of those are cliche's I guess.
  16. Absolutely I am. Why should it be Jon? He is and always has been my favorite character, I threw my book down when he died in it. That doesn't mean he should be the savior. Arya spent her time training to be a stealthy assassin, she knows WF as well as anyone alive. Why not her to kill the NK? Hell they may even have set it up a few years ago that the "prince that was promised" was a bad translation. Missande corrected Dany and said there is no distinction in Valyrian language, prince/princess. I could have the exact wording wrong but it was something like that.
  17. Arya spent a lot of time training to be a silent killer so it kind of makes sense. Also, wasn't there a line very similar in this episode or last about arrogance? It's on the tip of my tongue but can't quite find it. And Bran, yep, I for a second thought the same thing, he was gonna kill himself. Didn't know what that would accomplish, was just a feeling.
  18. This is exactly what GOT has always been though. We thought Ned was the lead hero, oh wait nope. All hail King Robb, oh shit maybe not. This series and the books have always been a bit of misdirection.
  19. Funny you mention this, I was thinking he is there since it's empty and pretty important. Would be funny if they are all heading south and he's like, pay the toll bitches I finally got my castle! In reality I expect him to show up this week and then the next week reveal what Cersei wanted him to do.
  20. I gave it a rounded up 8. I get the griping about it being dark but, hello they didn't have lights back then and as the saying goes, the night is dark and full of terrors. It gave the episode a creepy feel that was needed. Loved it when the giant busted into WF and basically B slapped lil Lady Mormount to the side, chuckled when it happened, and cheered when she killed him. She went out after a big boss kill. Would have ranked it higher had we lost more of the main cast. Davos and Varys both should be gone, probably Brienne as well since she had her big moment of respect last week. Same w Grey Worm, but I get that they didn't want to kill off all of Dany's people. Also, had Jon and the NK had a small fight, say Jon is winning and then the NK raises all the dead and moves on, would've felt better to me. Maybe have Jon surrounded like he was and have Ghost jump in and save him. IDK, maybe that's all just fanboy talk though.
  21. I think that Arya was actually pretty well done. At the end of S4 she has lost basically everything and everyone, all dead and she is what, 14 or so at that time. She is suffering PTSD and puts up a wall to hide behind it, she focuses on revenge. She thinks that the FM are more righteous, for lack of a better word, than they are. Turns out they aren't any better than the Brotherhood. She thinks they only kill people who are bad and once she starts to realize they will kill anyone as long as they get paid, the FM lose their charm so to speak. Once again she feels lost and decides to leave because she knows she can't accept this. She gets to a literal cross road in her life, head south and get Cersei, or head north and maybe find Jon. She chooses family over revenge and ends up finding Sansa alive and some of her wall comes down, but she realizes that Sansa is somewhat leery or undercutting Jon so she keeps some of her defenses up. Finally she sees Jon again and even in that scene she at first keeps up her wall, then drops it and gives the big hug. So she is now getting some of her humanity back that she has been hiding away and meeting Gendry again raises some feelings she has always buried or hadn't really felt yet. The end of the world is coming and hey I always liked and trusted you, lets do this! Anyway that's a lot of words to say that this season has been more about Arya coming back to her humanity.
  22. Good acting then right! That's Arya's first kiss ever, and it comes after she tells him she is having sex with him, pretty normal awkward first encounter.
  23. Your welcome, and I was hiding that little bit because not everyone reads those chapters. I must not have been clear in my meaning. I know very well how the body works, what I am saying is that there is no reason for Arya to develop in some aspects and not "flower".
  24. I'm going to reply in spoilers because it's from the chapters GRRM has released from the next book.
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