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  1. 5 hours ago, Ran said:

    Best theater experience I can remember was in Ft. Ord, California (RIP), watching Terminator 2 in a theatre full of soldiers. Talk about a lively crowd that was 100% down for shit blowing up. Lots of hooting and hollering. And then the single most memorable event, right about this part...

    When some joker in the back of the theater yelled "BANG!", broke the tension, and literally everyone laughed. 

    Good times.

    I have a couple, Star Wars ANH, I saw it when I was 5 at a drive in laying on top of a van. The scene where the death star explodes is stuck in my head because the "sparks" from it exploding seemed to mix in with the night sky and for a second the entire sky seemed like part of the movie, I was hooked.

    The two others were comedies, Beverly Hills Cop and American Pie. Both had full theatres and everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves.

  2. 3 hours ago, Corvinus85 said:

    For me, the movie felt about 30 minutes too long. If they had cut out Mr. Nobody's entirely, the plot wouldn't have been any different.

    If you are going to cut anything cut that stairs sequence.

    9 hours ago, Corvinus85 said:

    I found Mr. Nobody's addition to bloat the movie. What was his purpose? I don't think he had a connection with any other character from the previous movies. 

    Sir, respectfully, it can't be a John Wick movie without a dog in a central role.

  3. 52 minutes ago, Secretary of Eumenes said:

    Saw John Wick 4

    That shit was fire

    Dragons breath to be specific!

    23 minutes ago, Tywin et al. said:

    Shameful admission, I've only seen part of the second and have yet to get to the third one. 

    Part 2 was I think the worst. 4 is my favorite of the sequels. The action is so far over the top it's becomes fun again.

  4. Watching The Night Watch  on Netflix.  A spy thriller with 10 episodes. I am about 4 episodes in and it's ok. The lead guy is dull as hell but the lead woman is really good. FBI/CIA/Secret Service who dunnit.


    I am assuming his boss, Dun I think is her name is behind it. Hawkins was just a scapegoat. She likely placed him as Night Watch to make him a patsy. 

    Also started S3 of Ted Lasso and it's pretty good. How did Jamie become the most likeable character, wtf?

  5. @Heartofice  They haven't referenced it but Fleetwood Mac became very relevant about 2-3 years ago and a person his age would have been all over it. Tik Tok had the skate board video that went viral and had over 9 million  views and spawned a trend that had countless millions more, even Stevie Nicks made one. The guy who started it got a sponsorship from Ocean spray, the cranberry drink he was drinking in it.  It was huge and a "cool" guy in his 20's would have known it. Now, is that why he knows, "shrug" but it would explain it very normally. The song actually went as high as 24 on the Spotify chart in 2020 due to this.


  6. 2 hours ago, Argonath Diver said:

    I wish deep-fakes became advanced enough for me to insert Tom Cruise into Amazon's middling but entertaining Reacher series, without changing any of the dialogue. Nearly every single scene in the show references Alan Ritchson's towering size. Imagining the actors all looking down at Cruise while they completely seriously refer to him as "That beast" or "The giant next to you" and all that makes almost every conversation entertaining. Still just love Cruise's audacity to look at Lee Child's character and think "Oh I can do that, sure. I'm totally menacing, you guys."

    I doubt I'll ever watch that film (er, films apparently) again, but if I do I'll be laughing the whole time. Except when Werner Herzog is being delightfully evil, I seem to recall really enjoying him despite the absurdity that is Tom Cruise's ego.

    Yeah when I first heard he was playing Reacher I was like, uh...6'5 Tom Cruise.... nope.  Really it's too bad because Cruise is a good actor and can carry a series but it was just so hard to see him in it knowing half of the text in the books seems to center around his menacing size and strength. The actor in the Amazon series fits the physical bill but doesn't have Cruise' charisma. And I'm ok with that, anxiously awaiting the next Reacher season.

  7. 1 hour ago, DMC said:

    Yeah, she could have been 20 at that point, but that's really not how she was depicted.  She already had done a lot by the time she was introduced.  I know the age ranges, thanks.  That's exactly why I said "should be at least 50," which you pretty much agree with.  Point is if you're a nerd about it like I am, it doesn't really work.  She's clearly a human which age, ya know, like humans - otherwise we have a much bigger canon problem.  Also, I don't like Katee Sackhoff, so that was definitely part of that complaint.  

    How dare you be honest in your post!  I have no back ground outside of the movies and Disney shows so that stuff goes right past me.

  8. 1 hour ago, williamjm said:

    I went to see Shazam! Fury of the Gods. I enjoyed the first film, and enjoyed this one too. They're both a nice contrast to the most of the other overly-serious DC films. It does at times feel like a more typical superhero films than the first one, particularly the sequences with hordes of CGI monsters which I think is the weakest part of the film. The heart of the film is about the main characters having these superpowers but understandably not really knowing how best to use them because they're just a bunch of untrained teens, that aspect works best in the less epic scenes.

    Agree 100%. I enjoy this for the goofy actions and discovering of what you can do and maybe what you should do, like in the first one the trip to get beer and then the adult club. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Maithanet said:

    Because the Ravens want to be a running centric team, so you aren't going to get nearly as many targets (and therefore stats) as you would else.  Also because the Ravens never sign big name receivers.  The last one was...Boldin in 2010 (and he wasn't a WR1 in Arizona). 

    When WR's don't want to play with a QB I see that as a huge red flag. I see missing 4-6 games two years in a row for knee injuries for a running QB a glaring red flag. BTW when I saw want to play I mean you don't see social media posts from OBJ or other big name WR's listing the Ravens or tagging Jackson saying come get me.

    I'll say this again, if I was Baltimore I'd offer 2-3 years at 50 mill per year fully guaranteed. No way I'd do a long term deal fully guaranteed. If these last few years are a fluke he can get another bigger contract in 2-3 years.

  10. 3 hours ago, Maithanet said:

    The Ravens have consistently prioritized spending on defense over offense.  They've done it Lamar's entire tenure, and well before.  During Jackson's time, they've had maybe the 3rd or 4th best TE in Andrews, and an OK (but not great) O line, mediocre running backs and bottom of the league receivers.  Jackson is basically the only top 10 quarterback where his team has taken this approach.  The fact that his offenses have been consistently productive when he's the starter is a very impressive achievement.  It is absolutely fair to ask how good a guy like Allen or Rodgers would be with that offense around them.  My suspicion is not nearly as good as we consider normal for them (and not as good as Jackson). 

    I don't think so, at least not to the extent you do. A great QB elevates his WR's. The only great WR Brady ever had was Moss, the rest were only good when playing with Brady and below avg elsewhere. Rodgers has made plenty of mediocre WR's look legit.

    The one thing I'll keep going back to is why aren't we seeing the Ravens show up on top flight WR list of trade destinations or top FA wanting to play with Jackson? Make me understand why the top WR's don't want to play with him and maybe I'll see the light. 

  11. People complained before about how there was no plot and it was a series of stand alone western shows or a video game where he was just leveling up and now when the show is expanding and seems to have a season long arc (albeit very weak)people are complaining about that also.  

    In fairness some of it has been dumb, line the whole pterodactyl stealing the foundling but not killing it. The X-wing pilot traveling half way across the galaxy for a 2 minute conversation was just awful. And why aren't they taking all the supplies they can and going back to Mandalore now that they know it isn't poisoned or cursed or whatever, or back to the nearby planet Bo was on while building Mandalore back up?

    That said, I still enjoy it for what it is and as with all shows learn to ignore some stuff.  Oh and BTW that badass Naboo star fighter has turbo speed so it is all powerfull! 

    One question, wasn't beskar supposed to be rare, or am i imagining this? Din and Bo both saw a lot of it on Mandalore in that pit area, lots of helmets laying around of part victims. If there are helmets then there should also be the body armor to match.

  12. 20 hours ago, Tywin et al. said:

    R. Lewis, Ogden and Reed are clearly ahead of him. I have Suggs ahead of him as well. None of the others do it for me even if Tucker is probably the best kicker ever. .

    I'm basing it on his first two full seasons as a starter and applying context to the other two. 

    So the best kicker ever isn't better than a guy with one great season? Yanda was 10x pro bowler and member of the all decade team and he isn't better? 

    His first two full seasons as a starter, 

    Avg  Pass yds 2942  Pass tds 31    Rush yds 1105  Rush tds 7

    So 4050 yds and 38 total tds of offense when added together.  So because of those two above avg seasons we ignore the next two seasons?

    Next two seasons 

    Avg pass yds  2552   Pass tds  16.5    Rush yds 765   Rush tds 2.5

    3317 yds of offense and total 19 tds.  Why do you want to only look at the good early seasons and not the recent work? When do knees on running QB's  coming off back to back injuries get better with age, context does matter right?   

  13. 10 hours ago, TheLastWolf said:

    Darn online booking platforms charging half the ticket extra for 'convenience' while the nearest decent theatre is 20 klicks away from my dorms, fucking forest.

    And it's not even April yet.

    Got at least 15 on my big screen list o'er da next 9 months...:dunno:

    Only so much one can squirrel away

    Damn, mine only charges a dollar and that bothered me!

  14. I would assume the beskar armor in the prison transport is just a frame job, as I guess most of you do as well. As to the X-wing pilot he was ordered not to help, so he indirectly helped instead. Plus they needed an excuse to have him be out in space and find that needle in a haystack transport ship. What's the deal with a city not having any type of defense system against attacking pirates, that they know raid in that area? Plot, yes I know but damn at least show us a few mounted cannons on roof tops that get destroyed early in the attack.

    Honestly I think I liked this episode more than most of them this season. 

  15. I finished Dexter New Blood today. Have to say I liked it more than I expected to. It had some spots where it wandered off too far but it's a show about a serial killer, killer, so that can be excused.


    I like that he died in the end this time. No question about it dead.

    All in all it was much closer to the first few seasons of Dexter than the last couple that were hot garbage. I wish this had been the final season instead of what we got.

  16. 40 minutes ago, Cas Stark said:
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    You really think he's dead dead?  I can see Keanu being fine, maybe, to walk away and I know there is talk about a bunch of spin offs, but John Wick 5 with no John Wick?  It isn't like we haven 't seen the fake out death already 92,000 times in the last 20 years.


    John Wick 4 discussion


    I really hope so. This was a fitting send off and what is gained by faking his death? He has his freedom again, owes no one any blood debts. What's left to fight for or to hide from? I saw an article where the director left it ambiguous on purpose but man just let him die. 


  17. 1 hour ago, Tywin et al. said:

    Sure, we have a rough understanding of the deal and it's worse than what Kyler and Wilson got. It would only turn out to be a better deal if everything went perfectly for Lamar. I suspect Burrow and Herbert would have turned down a similar deal. It's harder to say with Hurts. I'm pretty confident though that their organizations won't fuck around with their franchise QBs. I still find it odd the Ravens are doing this (even if you find the risk to be too much) given Lamar is already the best QB the franchise has ever had and he's probably already like the fifth best player in franchise history.

    Yeah gonna disagree here also. He could end up being the best QB they ever have, but he could also be a one hit wonder. I had several names in my head when you said this so I did a little digging and found several articles by Baltimore writers and their top 10 didn't have Lamar in them.

    R Lewis, J Ogden, J Lewis, E Reed, , T Suggs, M Yanda, J Flacco, J Tucker (yes a kicker) T Heap etc. Even had R Woodson on the list, he played 4-5 seasons there and set the culture and was pro-bowler all but one season. 

    Again I think you are basing this off that one great season he had. Other than that one season he has been avg at best. Yes he is a spectacular runner but when you total up the offense he is below avg. Playoffs he is even worse. They are 1-3. He has 3 pass tds and 5 Ints. 1 rushing td and 2 fumbles. His completion % is about 10% lower, 55 I think and his QBR drops 25 points.

    I would love to see a top flite WR go there and see how it works but the top FA WR's never go to Baltimore, I never see them on twitter hitting up the Ravens and begging them to sign them, why is that? 

  18. 3 hours ago, Corvinus85 said:

    John Wick 4 continues to turn the franchise into a Fast & Furious type series but with large body counts instead of car stunts and ever increasing demand to switch off your brain when watching it. The movie often feels like a video game adaptation but without the game. This time an isometric video game feel was included, too, and it may have been my favorite sequence of the movie.

    It's hilarious how few lines Keanu Reeves was given, with the heavy lifting being done by others. Even Scott Adkins may have had more lines, and he did it with a German accent. Honestly, he was one of the highlights for me. Donnie Yen felt underused, but at the same time the cliche that his character was threatened to choke the movie at times.

      Hide contents

    I was laughing a lot at the ridiculous bullet proof tailored suits that never looked damaged, but you can still stab through with a knife. And the extras ignoring the deadly fight sequences around them most of the time in the Berlin dance club and on the streets of Paris. Though in terms of the latter, maybe not that unrealistic

    The stunt work and cinematography continue to be great.

    I had same thoughts about the bystanders. As to Keanu lines in the movie, I saw an article that said he cut a lot of his own lines from the script. Sounds like he was passing the torch maybe and letting the other actors get some spotlight? From everything I have ever heard about him sounds like something he would do. 

  19. 17 hours ago, Tywin et al. said:

    That's the thing though, many QB needy teams were very quick to say they weren't interested in him entirely without knowing exactly what he wants. I have no problem with a team asking him what the price is and quickly saying it's too rich for their blood, but the most obvious landing spot, Atlanta, indicated they had no interest literally minutes after the non-exclusive tag was announced. It's weird and there isn't a great comparison point I can think of because in theory Lamar is the most valuable player to ever be in a situation where there's a clear interest to change teams and no one is biting. 

    Weren't there reports of what the Ravens offered out there, so other teams did know what he wouldn't accept.  As to him being the most valuable etc.. There is an argument there also. 50+ million per year guaranteed for 4-5 years and give up two 1st rd picks for a running QB coming off back to back seasons with knee injuries? You and I know we are on opposite sides of this so us discussing this is a moot point.

  20. If it is known that he wants a 5 year deal close to or exceeding 230 mill fully guaranteed contract and teams don't want to pay that and give up two 1st rd picks then it makes total sense to stay away. You'll need those 1st round picks to put cheap talent around him because that contract will be a hinderance. Teams with top 5 or 10 picks aren't just a QB away from the SB, they need lots of help and giving away those top picks would hurt.

    Also, teams may have reached out to him to get a feel for what he wants, just because it's not reported doesn't mean it hasn't happened. Only the GM and Lamar would know since there is no agent involved.

  21. 1 hour ago, polishgenius said:


    Yeah, those were cool. The other one that really stood out for me was

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    the top-down oner with the fireball shotguns in the old house. That was a departure in style for John Wick, and while a different kind of work, not as crunchy with the action coz of the remove, it was great fun. 

    Yeah I had forgot about that one, it reminded me of a video game and was pretty mesmerizing.   I also know why a certain scene seemed so familiar...


    When the woman was calling out to the groups on the radio, it was a nod to Warriors.

    I read an article and there were a few things like this in the movie

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