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  1. Man another shit week for me, time to fall back to third place, can feel it coming!
  2. Why do I second guess myself! I did it again this week and changed 2 games and got both wrong. Damn Washington and Pittsburgh!!!!
  3. Same here, once Tuesday opens up I try to get all my picks and points in and then tweak them as the week goes.
  4. Didn't you see my picks this week??? Clearly I tried to slow down so you could catch up. I mean how else do you explain me picking the Giants and Lions?!!!! I thought I picked Washington for what it's worth. As for the Lions, I live near Detroit and bought into the local hype machine after the Snacks trade.
  5. Points aren't random though, otherwise they wouldn't have created a game using them and you wouldn't have the same people at or near the top each year. That said I wouldn't be opposed to switching to the spread next year, whatever the group wants. It would be a reminder to us all not to actually gamble because we will see how many we get wrong! Would be nice if there was some type of parlay included, bundle a group of games and if you get them all right you get a few bonus points. Obviously this system can't do that but it would be fun.
  6. Yep, confidence values are just as important as picking the winners. @SpaceForce Tywin et al. had more wins than me a couple seasons ago and still finished 2nd or 3rd? Nice signature btw, I remember loving that song as a little kid!
  7. Much better week for me so far. The ones I missed were lower confidence points so it helped. Got robbed on two of them, fucking Colts giving the damn tie away and the refs robbing Cleveland.
  8. Brutal week for most of us. I smell a drop week.
  9. Only good thing about the Bills game is I am sure I am not the only one to pick them to lose for 16 confidence points... am I?
  10. Forgot about the Thursday game, missed it two weeks in a row now!
  11. I was thinking I would be way behind since I missed on 5 picks and didn't join in time to pick the Philly game, but only lost this week by like 5 points.
  12. Man wtf Tampa, didn't see that coming.
  13. My picks are in, missed last night but no big deal
  14. These same people are also flat earthers
  15. Same as real life carrier pigeons, messages were actually sent this way. I thought she was going to be training with Arya? But remember as a head of House Stark she has other duties than fighting, like running the North.
  16. I guess I have gained as many spots as I can, from 7th to 3rd in a few weeks. It was a fun season again!
  17. Man, I messed up by picking the Falsons!!! Would have been a nice point swing but I can't stand the Eagles and have a hard time picking them to do anything!
  18. Man, i picked the wrong upsets to bet big on! Oh well, still holding on to hope!
  19. Speak for yourself! I'm in a race for 6th! I had some really bad weeks that just killed me, then a string of like 3 out of 4 in first or second and yet made up no ground. Obviously I am going with mostly upsets this weekend. Tywin, this year you bested me and by a lot.
  20. Im starting to wonder if its even possible for me to pick worse!
  21. Well @Tywin et al. this week should put any conspiracy theories to bed. I have 9 wrong already! I could have flipped a coin and done better.
  22. Well, if it makes you feel any better, this week is shaping up to be a disaster for me. Atlanta, New England, Dallas all losing and all were double digit confidence points for me.
  23. Man wtf is happening today? Upsets me everywhere, and Rodgers throws a pick six!!!!!?????
  24. His sorry ass cost me too. Between him and me taking a flyer on Jacksonville it put me behind everyone else this week.
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