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  1. Another solid episode, gave it an 8 again. Liked the focus on the North the last couple shows, you can see it's now set up to not be in the next episode much. Stannis and co. left and Jon heading to Hardhome. Really different taking Mel with him to Winterfell since many assume she is helpful after the caesering of Jon. Setting it up for Sansa to escape, Theon and Brienne will help. Poor Jorah set up for grey scale instead of being branded and a slave. Dany feeding her babies was ok, just wish they had showed more of her reasoning behind marriage proposal. Missande and Grey worm...fast forward material.
  2. One thing I am wondering about is Mel. She called Stannis out for leaving her behind before the last battle, he said he will take her with him this time. We all know that in the books she stays at Castle Black...so... Is this just her setting Stannis up to believe she wants to go with him when really she wants to stay behind or is she really going with him? In the books she is mostly there for the wildling queen and babe, and to tell Jon about Arya coming to him... thoughts?
  3. I love how 33% of the people freak out when there is a change or it doesn't do what they want done. Can you imagine how many seasons it would actually take to get through these books if they played it more true to the books? How many of the same people bitching here about things being left out, also bitched about 3 page descriptions of food? Or have posted that if GRRM would just be less descriptive about nipples on a breast plate we would have the next book already... Hateful people will always find something to hate on.
  4. I think people need to watch more closely or go back and rewatch. The Unsullied were badly outnumbered in every scene, sometimes like 6 to 1, so of course they lost. The Unsullied in the books die in similar attacks and are described to be at their best when in formation, which, in an ally, they are not in formation.
  5. I really liked this one and yes I am a book reader. Jon / Mel, yeah we didn't need her topless for that scene, but I am not complaining! At least the people bitching about men not being shown naked have to shut up since not one but two penisis were on screne in this episode. Sansa / LF / Dany / Barriston, great hearing the different perspectives on Rheagar, and actually hearing of HIM and Lyanna! Got a lot of the backstory, very true to the books. Sand snakes, ehh...didn't care for Dorne in books so thinking I will not care for it in show either. Jorah and Tyrion, love to see just how quick Tyrion pieced together why Jorah is where he is, and Jorah basically just bitch slaps him. Stannis and Shireen was great, you never get to see him like that.
  6. @ Anachosaurus......... if the show is so bad, why watch and come here to post? Also, if the show on it's own is so bad, why is it HBO's highest rated show ever? Most pirated show? I know people who only watch the show and they are just as passionate as a book reader is. Everyone has a different opinion and view, the one thing I have never understood is why do something you don't like? I don't like to be kicked in the balls, so I don't ask people to kick me in the balls, but maybe that's just me.
  7. have to agree that they should have shown the High Septon from the front. I mean that is the whole point of the walk of shame. If he was shy they could use a body double or prosthetic, like with Hodor("he has a little giant blood in him!")But to me, for reality sake he should have been shown. Showing Cersei doing the same walk and showing her from the waist down will not make sense. As far as why they are more willing to show women than men, well...it's the standard we live in right now and have since cinema first started showing nudity. You can show a woman fully nude and still not see the uhh..best parts(?) because of the hair or camera angle. If a man is nude, it's all out there, nothing is hidden. To me I think that is what the big difference is. If they were showing a woman nude, between her legs so ALL was visible, then they absolutely would be showing males nude more freely. This wins for my weirdest post ever.
  8. I gave it a 7, but could have gone to an 8 pretty easily. Sansa, at least she chose to do this. I just hope she doesn't get raped or tortured. I don't see how she could mentally recover from that, especially if Theon is included like he is in the books. Tyrion, mentioned the stone men, so is this forshadowing or just a shout out? Got kidnapped and never killed the woman in the whore house, so he is still likable. Jon, man.... I was so ready for him to say it and instead the line goes to Ollie, get me my sword. I would have given the episode a higher rating had the block been called for. Kinda liked the walk of shame the High Septon had to take as a precurser for things to come.
  9. It sure seems like we are being set up for Sansa to go to Winterfell, and LF said his wedding proposal was accepted. So either he has pawned her off to the Boltons for some reason, or... Could this be the shows version of the RW 2.0? The Freys show up, Boltons host it, wedding, kill them all and Sansa now reigns over Winterfell? It's that or Sansa is about to truly see what horror is at Ramseys hands. He makes Joffry seem mild.
  10. Well, that was definitely different than I expected. I gave it a 6 just because I felt that the LC election was not as big of a deal as it seemed to be in the books. I did like the Stannis offer to Jon, that seemed pretty good. Little bit of Dorne was good, the actor playing Doran matched Oberyns accent very well. Bronn and Jaime on the road should be excellent, two of my favorite smart asses! Sansa / Brienne... not sure if I like where they are going with this. I mean, didn't anyone else in the tavern happen to notice the very large woman in armor call out to SANSA STARK Tyrio, moping and bitching, hopefully it's not like this all season.
  11. I gave it an 8. For a primiere it did well. Actually had a pretty big character die. Book snobs should be happy since the majority of the Maggy the frog scene was directly from the book. Yes no valanqar but the show has done a good enough job of showing her hatred for Tyrion. Reminded us of where most of the players were when we left off last season. I would expect next episode to show Arya some. Can't fit them all in one episode. Grey worm love story, wish it didn't exist since we feel like we are losing screen time of major players. You mean there are 3 dragons and not just 1!!!!!!!! To be fair though, at this point in the books they are an after thought. I like that they included Jon training the boy that killed Ygritte. At first it seemed he was being too harsh but then you seem him being gentle. Stoked that he killed Mance.
  12. One little thing. It's funny to read on here all of the complaints about the children throwing fire, throwing hand grenades, OMG that is so unrealistic, so fake, WTF.... And yet, there are dragons who were hatched when a human climbed into a funeral pyre. There are wargs who bond with direwolves There are skinchangers The 3 eyed craven exists and can see through the weirwooods UnCat and Lord Beric Undead Gregor Coldhands...too many more to mention And yet, when a COTF appears and uses magical abilities everyone is shocked and horrified at how unrealistic it is. It's an adaptation, get over it.
  13. I do not understand the bashing and saying that Stannis was ruined or seen as evil. I thought the scene was great, it caught all of them totally by suprise and showed the organization of a great leader. Total badass scene as the wildling was charging and was cut down, Stannis never flinched and just kept coming.
  14. Good episode, not great, gave a 7. Tyrion / Jaime not discussing Tysha seemed a little wrong. Still, fathers day was done well enough. Cersei / Tywin, I understand why they did this, it was to show how manipulative she is and the lengths she will go to. Bran, good scene Arya taking charge, good
  15. I am going to likely get burned alive for saying this, but I don't get all of the Blackwater love. To me, and I am entitled to my opinion, Blackwater was a good episode but it was also full of holes. This episode, had a lot of scenes that were very true to the book and it still gets slammed. If they hadn't wasted 45 seconds on this we could have had more of this....come on, really? For me, this has been the best season as a whole. Yes there have been some scenes that felt wasted but there were tens of thousands of words in the books that were wasted also, it just happens. Just relax and enjoy it for what it is, because after Sunday we have 10 months to wait and speculate again. If only we had a book to read between seasons to pass the time.....
  16. Very solid 9, I have only given a few 9's for the entire series. Pretty much enjoyed every bit from beginning to end. Liked how Jon learned from his fight and spit blood in the Thenns eye to get an advantage. Loved Sam dropping the F bomb at the gate, think his balls dropped finally. Really liked the giant shooting the arrow up the wall, yes it's unrealistic but it was a stunning visual with the body landing in the middle of the battle on the other side.
  17. Really enjoyed this episode, and really pretty much the entire season. For me this has been the best season so far and there are still some huge scenes waiting to happen. Loved seeing Sansa come into her own and start to take control of her situation, to me this was what we will see from her in TWOW. The Arya scene and her laughter to me was pretty accurate. She was basically cracking because everytime she thinks she is going to be ok something else happens. So for her to lose it seemed appropriate, now she can move on to the FM because she thinks everyone is dead except Jon.
  18. Gave it an 8. I have given at least three 8's so far this season. Highest was a 9, lowest this year a 7. The only low for me was the beetle story. I just kept thinking, "why do beetles die"? Hopefully it doesn't replace, "where do whores go"? Highs, action at the wall, Snow becoming a Bolton, Sansa becoming an active player and of course the duel.
  19. Really liked this episode, very well done. Didn't care for the scene with the mountain, made no real sense. What kind of training is killing untrained un armored people? Also the Mel bath scene. I loved the visual(!) but it seemed out of place. If Peter Dinklage doesn't win an award for his acting this year it will be a travesty.
  20. Just a thought that is with me now. Did Dany have ships at this point in the books, if so then forgive me and don't trash me too badly? I want to think she didn't, but now has 93 of them, which is a pretty healthy amount. The real question I have is, could they now cut Victarion since she already has a decent sized fleet? Could they just cut the entire dragon binding horn and red priest? I hope not but you never know.
  21. I gave it an 8, some of it was a little slow. Did not like Cersei / Marg conversation, just felt out of place. You can however see how Cersei is trying to "play nice" with everyone so she can get what she wants, Tyrion dead! Vale seemed fine to me, except the very first spot where the soldiers are all ready to kill them. I mean if LF was there recently they should know who he is since Lyssa loves him so much. Liked Lyssa scene with Sansa, and is it just me or was Lyssa hair darker before, like a lot darker? Crasters keep.... I would have preferred Jon and Bran met but Bran was able to show Jon why he has to keep going. Definitely figured on Bran skinchanging Hodor, nice Boss kill!
  22. Was just able to watch the episode yesterday, and have not read all 15 pages of this so forgive me if some of what i say is repetitive. I liked the change of Sam telling Jon about Bran. I never believed that Sam would allow Jons crippled brother to head north alone and never tell him. Sam knows what is up there so I just couldn't see it happening that way. I somewhat like Locke being added to the watch, didn'tlike him conveiniently over hearing the Jon / Sam discussion, just a little too contrived. Liked the Ceasar reference from Jon when talking about the brothers betraying the LC and stabbing him in the back!
  23. Insert random character to die by locusts...Red shirt star trek guy
  24. As far as Coldhands is concerned, GRRM stated that he is much much older, when asked about who he is, relating to Benjen. So, the author himself has said Benjen is not Coldhands. Strong Belwas, eh, no big loss. He was a colorful character but he really only existed to get Barriston to Dany, and since the tv show couldn't hide who he was like the book could, there was no reason for the extra charater. I think I prefer Daario killing the champion anyway, lends more to Dany liking him.
  25. I didn't like the Sam and Gilly to moletown, doesn't make sense and took up too much time that could have been used on someone else. When I read the books I didn't read the Jaime/Cersei scene as rape, this was like a rape. Just felt wrong from where Jaime's character is right now. Liked Edd and Grenn showing back up, would rather have seen and heard more from them and less Sam/Gilly. Liked the barrels of broken chains, very symbolic. Hopefully this season will show more of Dany's failings in Mereen, how her just setting people free has had some really bad consequences. Pretty much love every scene with the Hound and Arya, doesn't seem to matter what they are doing.
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