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  1. I didn't like the Sam and Gilly to moletown, doesn't make sense and took up too much time that could have been used on someone else. When I read the books I didn't read the Jaime/Cersei scene as rape, this was like a rape. Just felt wrong from where Jaime's character is right now. Liked Edd and Grenn showing back up, would rather have seen and heard more from them and less Sam/Gilly. Liked the barrels of broken chains, very symbolic. Hopefully this season will show more of Dany's failings in Mereen, how her just setting people free has had some really bad consequences. Pretty much love every scene with the Hound and Arya, doesn't seem to matter what they are doing.
  2. Also gave it a 7. Sam and Gilly scenes were just in the way of a better episode and pulled it down. I would have much rather heard more from Edd and ??? Grenn?? Name slips me right now. Did not like Jaime/Cersei scene. Would have made more sense for Cersei to use her feminine "weapons" to try to get Jaime to kill Tyrion and Sansa. They made it look like a rape, when in the book it was not.
  3. About the poisoning and who did what. Has anyone thought that Olena takes the poison from the necklace and gives it to Margeary. Tells Margeary that this "medicine" will calm him down or something along those lines? That would help explain how the poison got into the cup when Olena was so far away. Or, Olena dropped it in as she walked by, knowing that Margeary would not drink from the royal chalice. You notice only the King has a chalice, all else are using regular glasses. Either one can explain it, and it seems from the next trailer that Margeary didn't know.
  4. I can definitely see LF making sure Sweet Robin dies in the next book. His whole being wants power and if the person he is trying to use as a puppet, Sansa, is married to the Lord of the Vale, then LF is emmensely powerful. He could rally the North and use the army of the Vale to take Winterfell back. He will absolutely try to ensure Sweet Robin dies soon.
  5. Gave it an 8. Liked most of it, to me Dragonstone was my least favorite part this week. Liked that they gave the 3 eyed crow a voice, people who didn't know that the crow, wasn't just a crow should now be interested more. Liked Loras' jab at Jaime as he walked away...basically, You will never marry her either sister f'er! And any episode where the King prick dies has to be good. Liked fat Walda appearance, again, wonder how many remember he got her weight in silver?
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