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  1. Careful with your hopes here. There still is a chance for a pink letter. A: Sansa does go to the wall and meets up with Jon and Theon does go to Winterfell and tells Ramsey where she is. That would set up the whole bastard, return my wife to me letter. B: The gift that someone presents Ramsey next week is Rickon. Ramsey knows Sansa was heading to the wall so he still sends the letter to Jon, threatening Rickon. Result of A or B is the same, Jon leaves the wall and takes the wildlings to Winterfell for the battle in Ep 09. My assumption is that Sansa will show up at this same time with the Knights of the Vale and help defeat the Boltons.
  2. Good episode. Kings landing, just enough there to keep us up to date. Jaime and the Sparrow meeting was good, and yes Jaime could have killed him easily, to suggest otherwise is just silly. Jaime has been training for a long time now and the Sparrow has never trained and basically said he would offer no resistance. Best Dorne scene ever! Sansa and CO., yeah, I also think Theon is going back to Ramsey. He is like a battered person who thinks they have no place left to go. This could also be key in that he could be there for the attack and let the northern forces in the gates. Speaking of the Boltons, ehh who cares, Roose got what he had coming to him. Walda and the baby of course didn't deserve it but the plot must move forward. Arya still getting along in her training. Wish they had gotten a cat involved though. I don't like how her warging has been left out. Bran, I felt like the person who told Ned to give him another whack was the master of arms that Theon killed, he was just younger. I thought Robert and Ned met at when fostering. Good to see the Tower of Joy scene is next week, so do we get the whole answer to Jons parents next week? The same week he is revealed to be alive is he also confirmed to be a Prince? Also, did they confirm Bran will be a dragon rider? The 3 eyed raven told Bran he would fly some day. I assumed as a crow or raven while warging, I never thought Bran was going to leave the cave but they said this episode he will be leaving. Mereen, I don't see in any way how this means Tyrion is partial Targaryen. He drinks and he knows things, this is what he does. He knows from history that dragons are intelligent and know who is the enemy and who is not. After all what good would they be in combat if they didn't? Unless I missed it there hasn't been the slightest clue in the show that he is anything but a Lannister. The wall. Davos first, his devotion and asking Mel to bring Jon back is odd, they could have handled this better, like a scene last season where Mel talks to Davos and Stannis about what she saw with The Brotherhood. People saying they don't understand why the brothers laid down their arms? I am not surprised at all. A lot of them were loyal to Jon and feel he was murdered. The majority have never been honorable before so this is an easy excuse to lay down their arms while vastly outnumbered and unprepared, and oh yeah don't forget WunWun bitch slapping that guy.
  3. I gave it a solid 8. Kings Landing was ok, Jaime flexing up on the high sparrow only to realize he can't win was nice. Arya, are they just going to skip over her being a warg entirely? It sure looks like Bran will be the only one. Jon may get to a little now since he has been revived. Sansa and Co. Little background catch up I guess, and yes I think Theon is going back to Ramsey. Boltons, no surprise here, as soon as you saw the knife strapped to Ramseys' back you knew it was over for Roose. Yeah maybe it was a bit rushed, but we all know there are a ton of characters and some need to be killed off to make room for others. Dorne, best Dorne scenes ever! Greyjoy reunion, well, a lot of us thought Balon was murdered, in this version we know it was. A lot of fans were pissed about the kingsmoot being cut, well, here we go. Bran, nice to see some visions and finally see Lyanna. Really liked next weeks preview with the Tower of Joy, will the other big reveal happen finally? It's also nice to see that Bran isn't just hooked into the trees, that he is still interacting with Hodor(Willas), and Meera. Also, that was a huge reveal, that Bran will be leaving the caves. I had thought he would be there forever. So, dragon riding is still a possibility/probability. Jon, well most of us believed he was coming back so now let's just see what happens as a result of it.
  4. So I do have one lingering thought. Why did they take Jons body and barricade themselves in a room? I can understand wanting revenge or justice or whatever, but why lock yourself in a room with the dead body? Wouldn't you gather your forces(if you even have any) and stay under the radar? This part of it doesn't make sense to me. It's not like they know he will be brought back to life and need to preserve his body, as far as they know he is done for. Add to that the fact that Thorne gives two shits about them. It's over, Jon is dead, at some point they come out and bury/burn his body and we move on. Making the threats against them does nothing but make Thorne look worse in the brothers eyes and screams of power hungry mutiny instead of doing right by the watch.
  5. Yeah, reminds me of the book forums where new people throw out these wild "theories" with no evidence or merit. I have to admit I have had some dumb ones of my own though. I thought Benjen was Jons dad for a while, so I guess I should remember to be nice about theories!
  6. But you are looking at what they did as murder, they don't see it that way and neither do a lot of the other brothers. They see that they are actually upholding the Nights Watch and protecting it. They saw Jon as a traitor who sold them out to their enemy, the wildlings. They looked at the act as being done to prevent more harm. So if they believed in guest rites they would still believe in it and hold themselves to their laws and such.
  7. Where does this come from, I have seen this a few times now? Shiera has Targaryen hair, Bloodraven has Targaryen hair, Mel is a red head. I have seen no mention of Shiera ever having a child and since she was so sought after and chased, someone would have absolutely mentioned it. Mel has been mentioned before to be much older than is known, 100-200 years old. Also, she was a slave as a child, she remembers her child hood. IIRC there is absolutely no mention of her being anything other than what she is.
  8. More so than that, why would Sansa even know this oath? These oaths are typically taken of men, not women. Her only knowledge of this would be witnessing others swear it to her father.
  9. That has always bugged me! I know it shouldn't but damn if you make her a blonde then make it match. Same with Cersei but less noticeable.
  10. No one disagrees about Dorne, it sucks big hairy balls! I didn't care for it in the books either.
  11. Well plenty of people think they are great fighters, until you fight them so no, what he did was just be cocky. Connor McGregor thought Nate Diaz would be an easy fight, until he got his ass kicked. And yes it is a place to air issues but damn, realistic expectations should be used and understand that not everyone will make it. I have seen people ranting before because Walder Freys court jester wasn't in the show, and I mean ranting and raving.
  12. I can't believe so many people get butt hurt over characters dying. OMG Areo is dead, killed by a girl no less!!! Funny, last time I read the books the Sand Snakes were fearsome and known killers. So a guard unexpectedly got killed by one, big deal. This is the television adaptation, in this adaptation Areo was never built up to be anything special and he died exactly like that, nothing special, killed by the people we have been shown are special at killing. If you want to have expansive details on every person, every place, every piece of food, read the books. You cannot expect to get that kind of depth or detail in a tv series from 1000 page books, just can't do it. It has taken GRRM years and years just to write one book, in tv you don't have that luxury.
  13. See I tend to agree with you. The first three books are much better. Then it seems like he realized how big of a world he created and each needed to be included in the books and it became overwhelming. To me the whole Dorne plot line could have been left out. I mean, in the first couple books it is barely mentioned and those are the better books. I think he got himself in trouble writing wise and Mereen and Dorne are the result of it. Those two areas were the worst for me in the books, that and Briennes wandering adventures. The show can't even make it better, they possibly could have cut the entire thing too but didn't, cuz , you know, bad pussy had to be spoken! I love the show and don't mind that others don't, I will still watch it, twice per week since I re watch on Mondays. I gave it a 7, would've been 6.5 if able to. Had Dorne not existed it would be 8 or so.
  14. Think you are missing my point. If you are in Mereen and just see a dragon fly off in a general north direction, and you are on horseback, not flying, what are the odds you will track it without seeing it again? You couldn't see anything for miles around when Dany was on top of that hill, nothing and yet they are able to get to her spot.
  15. I thought it was a decent opening episode, gave it a 7, 6.5 would have been closer to my thoughts. I liked a lot of what was happening at the wall. I think Davos jumping to avenge Jon seemed a little quick but I can overlook that. Will have to search for images of the blood pool since it sounds like it may have a dragon image in it. The hunt for Sansa and Theon was a little clunky especially with the dogs disappearing during the fight. Melisandre's glamour reveal was unexpected. Now that they have shown it you have to wonder where it's leading. Arya, pretty much as with the books except it's the waif instead of the KOM Dorne, well, if the show had an ignore feature Dorne would be on it. Cersei and Jaime, strange seeing both of them humbled. Last we saw them Cersei was looking down on Jaime and now she is right there with him. Dany, pretty much makes sense. She is supposed to be in Vas Dothrak as a widow, so them taking her there makes works. Works to get her another chunk of her army since they will follow her once Drogon shows up and she mounts him. Little disappointed in not seeing Bran, again, but I expect we will see a lot of him next episode and some Sam as well.
  16. I'd say that this was a troll comment If the Daario and Jorah part wasn't so true. However, the 2nd half of your 1st point is not based on any truth. The show runners want to end it not HBO. Then add to that your take on Dany, she isn't free, they are taking her to Vas Dothrak where she is supposed to be, based on their traditions. Then saying HBO should take this away from D&D? HBO is basically begging them to stay and do more.
  17. Good enough first episode of the season. The Wall - I thought this was done pretty well actually. And, yes, we are supposed to notice the blood. At first I thought Davos was just looking at the amount of it, but a shape could be there. I do feel it's a little rushed for Davos to basically commit his life to getting revenge for Jon. The Mel scene, at first I was like, does she ever NOT show her tits? Then they did the reveal and I understood a little better what they were going for. Sansa and Theon - ok scene I guess. The dogs disappearing is silly but oh well. It was almost as silly as Sansa doing a Cat impression with Briene. And Pod, last we saw of him on a horse he could barely even ride it and now he can sword fight on one? Jorah and Dahrio - well we all new last year that they would miraculously find that damn ring. The whole world is around them and they get right onto the path where she was. Dany - Pretty much what was expected, taking her to Vas Dothrak and she now gets more people for her army. Dorne - Yeah, I will pretty much ignore this area for a while still. Boltons - Nice little set up for poor Fat Walda to get Ramsey'd if she is pregnant.
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    I have the same issue as others. I had to switch to Chrome a month or so back because using Explorer I couldn't post, now I had to switch back to Explorer and it works.
  19. ^^^ This is true more than anything else. The person they like dies or is not shown as they would like to see them and the ratings crash, the show sucks, writing sucks blah blah blah.
  20. Im not a book purist so I liked the episode. Arya is basically where she was in the books, she now has been blinded, and maybe this, like in the book will teach her to use her warging abilities? Reek and Sansa have jumped the wall similar to the book except for fArya. Got the "battle" of Winterfell. Man, Stannis just knew he had lost before it started. Every person had worse and worse news for him. He wakes up and remembers he killed the one true good thing in his life. Half his army abandons him for it. His wife hangs herself. His witch rides off and leaves him. Stannis being Stannis he marches on, hey guys get ready for the siege....uhh boss, there won't be a siege, we are fucked... I just wish Brienne hadn't been there to kill him, felt cheap to me. I didn't quite get Myrcella being poisoned. If Jaime decides to have the boat turn around the sand snakes and whats her name all die, so what good is that? We are to assume Jaime just keeps on heading to KL after being called dad by his daughter who then dies in his arms? Dorne sucked right to the end. Cersie walk of shame was done pretty well, it did seem a little to long for me and I enjoy seeing naked women, so that isn't the issue! Felt like it could have been shortened and still had the same impact. I did like Robert Strongs decayed looking face in the helmet though. Seeing Pycelle and Kevan there made me think a cross bow was coming but no... OK, Dany with Drogon, just fine, no issue. Her being found by a khalasar(?) no problem, she is where we thought she would be. Jorah and Daario going off on a tracking mission? How do you track something that flies? "uhh it headed north so we will just go north"... That was silly. Leaving Tyrion, Grey Worm and Misande there to rule makes perfect sense and I would bet Tyrion gets the place under control quickly. As for the other part...Varys just showing up by his side was fucking stupid. All we needed was a few more minutes of screen time, a knock on a door, hey you have a visitor, some bald eunich is here to see you, something, anything. And Jon. Damn it damn it damn it. You even stabbed him worse than in the books, a lot of gut stabs. And you put the red witch up there with him so now I have to worry about the kiss of life. 42 more weeks to go.
  21. Gave it an 8. Hated seeing my boy Jon get stabbed in the gut so many times. In the book I could see him surviving, but this many gut shots, I don't see how. I was never a fan of the kiss of life and now it seems like that is his only chance. RIP, Jon Snow, Stannis, Selsye, and Myrcella, basically the entire Baratheon line..... random red shirt army guys x5000, and lastly, RIP Cersie's hair! Funny how people are complaining about so many cliff hangers, since it's pretty much where the last book left off.
  22. All of this outrage, and if Stannis sacrifices Shireen in the next book...Oh, well GRRM did it properly and now it makes sense, if DD had just done this it would be ok. blah blah blah
  23. @dannyk65 , no. If you read the post it's about clearing the posts from here that are only here to criticize a show they will never like and yet continue to watch. It's unfortunate that you have to wade through all of them to get to discussions on the show that are not always going to be negative. Imagine how much cleaner the thread would be without posts from people who are only here to be negative. I thought that was why the rant and rave thread exists. The amazing thing to me is if people criticize GRRM in the book section moderators and others jump in and say hey, stop, discuss but don't get personal, and yet DD get destroyed.
  24. Here in the U.S. when we had the Presedential elections and Obama was running for his 1st term there were thousands of American "patriots" who swore they would leave the US if he won. 7 years later, he is still the President and those people who swore to leave are still here. Here in the forum we have people who swear they will not watch Season 5, and yet, 9 episodes later they are still here crying and bitching and clogging up the space with their hate that will never change. It sure would be nice and respectful if people who have nothing but hate would stay in the nit pick forum. It's clear that 25% of the people on here will never further a conversation in a positive manner.
  25. Do we all watch the same show and read the same books? It's not just women who are suffering in this series. How many men were forced to marry for the family? How many are sent off to foster with strangers for the family? How many are sent off to war as children? How many references in the series are there about so and so and his affinity for boys? There are male prostitutes, male slaves... I seem to remember a certain Greyjoy getting flayed. Some Stark Lord getting burned to death while his son watched and strangled himself to death trying to help him. The series kills, tortures and destroys everyone, little by little everyone pays the price. Take your morals and use them in real life and fix injustices in real life and leave the fantasy world alone.
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