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  1. Have to agree, House of the Dragon, so far, is better than I had hoped for. As to the scene you refer to
  2. So you watched the show and was going to give it a 9, but since people here can't agree on a scene you decide lower your score to a 6?
  3. It was made clear that they did not have sex. Daemon can't get it up. The likely reason his wife is so inhospitable as he puts it is because he can't do his husbandly deeds. He then makes jokes about her and stays away to hide his issue. He can't do the deed in the brothel, she even comments on it offering to wear a silver wig if it would help. In the after the episode commentary they specifically mention him being impotent.
  4. Yeah it seems clear her being such a mean woman is likely due to his inability to perform in the bedroom. To save face he stays away from her and makes jokes about her. The brothel scene was inevitable as far as the two of them almost hooking up, seemed telegraphed from Ep 1 but it didn't make it any less creepy. The best thing the did was have her get aggressive towards him when he started pulling away. Kind of let everyone see she was wanting this as much as him. Then of course poor Christen is now part of the drama. He didn't protest too much though. The poor Queen can't enjoy being the Queen since the Princess keeps pointing out she is basically just there for the name and breeding.
  5. Tend to agree with this. Take away most of their screen time and give it to the others and I think the already really good show improves some.
  6. No we don't! Trading for Jimmy G or any other QB not named Rodgers would be fucking stupid. We lost our LT before the season, lost our LG during the first drive of the game, our RT is a undrafted FA penalty flag machine. Traded our #1 rec, Gallup our new #2 is still out, Washington our new #3 is still out. I don't care who you put at QB on this team we are going to lose and lose often.
  7. I was only able to watch less than half the Bama Texas game but I will say Texas was giving Bama all it could handle. Aside from the 80 yard run for the first td it was an even game.
  8. Can't buy into this. Maybe only because I watched a lot of Jordan playing and less of LeBron, maybe I am biased but it would be weird because I hated Jordan and the Bulls since I am a Pistons fan. That and because I've seen LeBron step aside and let people score so he wouldn't get posterized. I don't recall seeing that from Jordan.
  9. Umm yes and yes. Passing a basketball is in no way shape or form comparable to hitting a baseball. And if everyone knows LeBron was so great a defender then why didn't he get rewarded for it like Jordan did?
  10. Quantify this statement. Hot take or not or not that's horrible! I'd equate defensive skills, more to hand eye coordination than anything else. Jordan, defensive player of the year once, 9 time all def first team. LeBron, no def player of the year and 5 time all def first team despite playing three more seasons.
  11. You really are as biased as me! Soccer has the least action of any sport! Most of the players are not involved in any play, they are just meandering about while the ball is 75 yards away! Constant stoppages, that's called piss time in America. College football is just ok? Go review the game played between Michigan and OSU last year, you will be hard pressed to find any crowd or atmosphere better at any event in the world, 110,000 screaming singing crying people.
  12. My pick is in for tonight, hopefully you all forget
  13. So American football is somehow worse to view live than soccer despite it being played in similar size stadiums and even larger fields? Seems a bit biased to me. Soccer is also played outdoors so the same rain and heat apply.
  14. Man this one fires me up for some reason. HOW can anyone say LeBron has great hand eye coordination as it relates to baseball and use basketball passing as the reason why? In what world do those skills match? Hitting a ball is about timing, focus on the ball all the way in, picking up on rotation, release points etc. I could see LeBron as a tight end in the NFL due to his hands, size and body, but baseball? There is no legitimate basis to say he could. Just because Michael Jordan some what did it doesn't mean anything about anyone else. Jordan played ball in high school and received scholarship offers to play, LeBron didn't even play. Dave Winfield would be a better comparison. He was drafted to the MLB, NBA, ABA and the NFL...despite never playing college football, was more of a gimmick pick.
  15. So the guy who never played even high school level baseball would have been great? Could have pitched???... I know you are kind of just tossing out hypotheticals but damn at least ground them in reality!
  16. Interesting topic that seemed to get derailed by semantics. I'd think that someone like Daley Thompson who was a decathlete and won back to back Olympic gold medals would be in consideration. Jim Thorpe would be another. Won gold medals as pentathlon and decathlon. played professional baseball and football and is in the pro football hall of fame. Bo Jackson was a modern athlete who was fast enough to be a NCAA track runner, competed in decathlon and qualified for NCAA nationals. Oh, and he played pro football and pro baseball at all star levels.
  17. To Dome or not to Dome that is the question... Anyway to say that players should suck it up cuz real men shovel sidewalks in the same weather is silly; I don't go out there in thin spandex pants and a football jersey to shovel, I dress appropriately. I net you think that water during practice makes them weak too! To me the dome is for the average fans experience, not the players. The southern domes are for ac due to swamp ass and in the north it's heat for ice ass. Die hard fans will come no matter what but it's the average fan that fills a stadium IMO.
  18. How many teams actually use the retractable part each season though? Seems like a huge expense for something used once or twice a season
  19. Also watch Samaritan, wasn't horrible? Stallone was ok, decent story line. Obvious twist. Not too long of a movie so it doesn't grate on you. I'm ok that I watched it, I've paid to see worse in theaters.
  20. I'm gonna get some hate but... I don't think I'd be in a rush to pay Lamar. From a business standpoint it may make more sense to go the Cousins route and franchise him next season depending on how this one goes. He has only had one season over 3000 passing yards (3127) in a pass happy league. One season with more than 30td passes (36), the same year as his yardage high point. His biggest advantage is the combination of passing and rushing. Legs eventually go, just look at the value of running backs, so when his legs start to go what are you left with? Let the hating begin
  21. House of the Dragon There was a character in this episode Luckily that didn't happen. One scene that bothered me a bit was I went to see Bullet Train this weekend since it was cheap and we had crap weather. Theatre was like 75% full. I found I liked the movie more than I thought I would. I mean it's a bit sill of course, but it's suppose to be. I even liked the drawn out ending and post credit scene. I was thrown off by one character though. Karen Fukuhara is in this movie and Over all I was happy I went
  22. Hey now, much like when in prison that doesn't count!
  23. It's not awful, and it's done after this season. Just you wait, he is gonna lead the league in rushing yards and tds this year! Yeah, well maybe he will be in the top ten, maybe, hopefully. Compared to the top 4 paid RB's you could argue Elliot was the best Rush yds Tds Rec yards Tds total yds total tds McCaffrey 442 1 343 1 785 2 Elliot 1002 10 287 2 1289 12 Kamara 898 4 439 5 1337 9 Cook 1159 6 224 0 1383 6
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