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  1. Prey is not a good movie. It's better than any since Predator 2 but that isn't saying much. Predator was out 40 years ago, total Alpha male testosterone fest and still had better and more believable action than Prey did. 2022 and the CGI looked worse than super mario on my nintendo did. Hell Donkey Kong looked and moved more realistic than some of these animals. I do like the thought and premise of the movie and it's something that they could continue, going back in time farther or forward more. I also like the actors in it and think they did a good job.
  2. Good episode. Showed just how far Gene is willing to go because I really feel like he was going to hurt her, maybe not kill though. Kim's life seemed just like she would want it to be, mundane and boring. No spark to enjoy, just he boredom to punish herself. I like that they left it open as to whether the DA would prosecute. Leaves her living with it hanging over her head still even though she confessed. I think Gene has plenty of time to get out of town or hold up someplace. She said Saul Goodman has her and she doesn't even know the name he is living under there or where he lives. I could see him grabbing his money and diamonds and fleeing, maybe one of the last scenes we get is him at those crossroads while fleeing. Maybe he heads back and we get a repeat of Kim from this episode, except we know they will prosecute him. Last scene being him in jail with that other lawyer visiting him as his defense and Slipping Jimmy smiling at home in his element.
  3. Glad to read this, I was considering going to see this and now I'll wait.
  4. Sandy and TC in the same couple of days. Olivia in Grease was Ginger and Mary Ann rolled into one woman, sigh
  5. Yeah the problem was with my expectations, I expected it to switch or something so it was taking me out of the moment.
  6. You got lucky I completely forgot about pick em last year or I would have ruined it for you! Hopefully I remember this time.
  7. I also watched Prey over the weekend and think it was better than everything after Predator 2. The worst parts for me were the horrible CGI animals and how they looked and acted. All in all enjoyable and loved the scenery. Why didn't they give us the French dialogue on screen so we could read it? I kept thinking they would or they would switch them to English so I knew what they were saying but it never happened and by then I said screw it and didn't turn my own settings on.
  8. Planning to watch this tonight and both bolded parts make me happy!
  9. Like I said, not watching the same stuff, never seen that before, or Key and Peele at all. Sometimes I hate this site for ruining my "innocence or ignorant" views on stuff I watch!
  10. Apparently I don't watch the same movies as a lot of you do, didn't know his magical character in The Green Mile was common, I must be missing something? Usually the gripe, rightfully, is the white man coming to save the day.
  11. I have been watching these lately as well. I really thought the winner was crazy for his strategies. I'm looking forward to the Frozen season. As if the challenge they face isn't tough enough already!
  12. And that is what's called good writing!
  13. Don't know if this it true. Kim and Saul had nothing to do with Salamanca showing up and killing Howard so how is she an accessory? I'm sure she could be charged for not reporting it or the cover up but his death was spontaneous and not of their doing. And you aren't alone, I don't think either deserves a happy ending. What I do like is this season has shown that Kim wasn't this doe eyed victim who Jimmy was corrupting. She was enjoyed what she was doing. For too long we saw, or some viewers saw, her as a unwitting victim just going along for the ride.
  14. I agree, it did just enough in the movie to throw you off what you are sure is real.
  15. Yeah I read that too, same sword Conan used. They added quite a few eggs like that. So what did you like about the season lol? Eddie was the heart of the season so his death did strike home, more for me than if Max is dead. I do agree with the Russia/Dorne plot line, just stop going there it doesn't work. As to the release part, i thought it was established that there is a link between the creatures in the upside down? Maybe I am not remembering it wrong because other creatures were killed there and didn't have the same impact on Vecna or the vines.
  16. Did not know they did this regularly. Not all teams do, some will front load it if they currently have space available. The Browns may not care but Watson does. If team A was offering him a regularly balanced pay structure vs Cleveland who said hey year one is just 1 million that could very well entice someone to sign there. The fact that they do it regularly does make me feel better, or less sickened though.
  17. I'm at a similar point, next binge will either be Westworld or Peaky Blinders. Although TBH I have been seeing a lot of GOT things lately due to the new series coming out and man I may have to do a selective rewatch.
  18. I couldn't imagine watching that movie knowing the secret, wouldn't have the same impact. My wife and I loved that movie. It would be like seeing The sixth Sense and knowing the secret, it's just not the same.
  19. Ok thanks, with the flash backs it's hard to keep track of what has been on screen vs previews. Do we also need to mention that Gene was seemingly ok being Gene until he found out all his money was gone? Up to that phone call with Francesca he seemed satisfied with his life. Then when he realizes that the feds got all of it except what he took with him he decides to go back to scamming for money and not just to put the cabby in check.
  20. Same here, I saw it in reruns but all I saw was a hot woman in short dress! Which is also not good I guess since I sexualized her but oh well.
  21. Shiiiit... the commercial is Baker and his wife standing outside the burned down remnants of Browns stadium with Flo from Progressive talking about how he is covered since he bundled his "home" and career insurance and the cut away is him smiling while kicking an empty gas can to the side while Eminem sings about holding matches and still not being found out...
  22. Pretty good episode and I didn't get that out of place feeling like last week, probably because of last weeks episode! The BB cameos were nice and used to tie up some lingering questions and show us some decisions Saul made that we didn't see on screen. So in one of the previews I remember Victor on the phone saying "I was made, but I'm gonna handle it myself". Have we seen that in an episode yet or did I imagine it? Maybe it's how he deals with the "soft guy" who wouldn't ruin the life of the cancer stricken guy.( took me a min to recognize Stuart from The Big Bang Theory). It leaves off with Victor breaking into the house, does he go in and end up not doing it and getting redemption through that and the final episode he sees Kim from a distance and she is happy so he walks away? I had a rambling thought but talked myself out of it, question, does the guy with the dog know who Victor is Saul or just the cabby? I can't remember how he even got in the picture.
  23. Miami tampering case must have been pretty strong based on the language Goodell used in his statement. Flores gets some vindication in this but likely not enough. The Ross family are big U of M supporters, maybe he can sell his team and focus on getting Michigan more NIL money since he likes tampering?!!!
  24. Pretty sickened but not shocked by the 6 game suspension. More than anything else (except Watson of course) I say fuck the Browns. They knew exactly what they were getting into and did it anyway. Then they structure his deal so it cost him basically the league minimum for games missed. I was rooting for the Browns going into last season now I hope they lose every game until Watson and the Haslams are gone and I hope like hell Mayfield turns into a pro bowl player and has a solid rest of his career.
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