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  1. 13 hours ago, DMC said:

    Because he's still a competent starting quarterback with only a $6 million cap hit next season with some upside.  That's easily good for a 3rd rounder.  My bet would be a 2nd rounder, probably in the 50-60 range.

    The interesting thing will be if the team that trades for him picks up his fifth year option for 2025.  Pretty sure Over the Cap estimates that will cost about $25 million.

    This statement boggles me. Why would a team trade a 2nd rd pick and then not pick up the 5th year option? That would mean he would only be the QB there for one season, learning a new offense, and you lose a 2nd rd pick for that one season? It's not like he is a QB to be the last piece on a SB ready team like Brady was. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Ran said:

    In general, I agree with that approach. If you take the money, you should shut up. And he has certainly showed himself to be an asshole before, so this could just be another fine example of that. But we don't really know the story, so I've got to leave open the possibility that HBO basically forced him to put his name on it, in which case, I don't know, down with corporate slavery, right ya'll?

    As long as you don't wind up needing that corporate overlord later down the road! Not wise to burn bridges in an industry where most bridges are connected in some way.

  3. So I watched a few episodes S1 Slow Horses and so far it's been pretty good. It's always a little strange watching a law enforcement type show set in England as an American. I'm so used to everyone having a gun that when the one guy had one and no one else did it feels off.

    Also, is this set up a real thing in England, a lower level of MI6 for people who washed out? I had to rely on IMDB to tell me why Olivia Cooke looked so familiar, perhaps if she was wearing green I would've recognized her sooner!

  4. I never really got into this show. I tried it weekly, then tried binging the last three episodes but never really mattered. I liked a few of the characters, Navarro, the young male cop and his wife but that was about it.

    One thing I must've missed.


    Why was it such a big reveal when the lady found the hatch in the lab? I mean, the scientists were there for that exact reason and she seemed shocked by it? Then by seeing the one drill tool was able to determine that all these men killed the one girl with it? None of that made any sense. 

    I do admit I wasn't wholly focused so maybe I missed how the leap was made in the about spoiler?

  5. Still had 2 more free tickets that expire in February so I went and watched Land of Bad.   The title just still irritates me...

    War movie set in the Philippines, both Russian and Muslim bad guys.  It telegraphed itself in the first 15 min, told you basically what the hero was going to go through. It has Liam Hemsworth and Russell Crowe in it for star power. Russell playing a role that he is way way too old for, and they explain it away, he still does a decent job in the role. If you have an expiring free ticket, go see it, if not you aren't missing anything.

    Also finished True Detective Night Country.   IDK it just never grabbed me, there were events that should've but I was just never into it. I should go back and watch S1 since it was the only one of these that I was actually truly into. S2 sucked ass, S3 was ok, S4 meh.

    Has anyone watched Slow Horses?  Spy show set in England. I started watching an episode last night but was just too tired and shut it off. Wondering if it's worth the investment.

  6. 21 hours ago, Veltigar said:

    Based on what you @hauberk and you wrote, I'm not sure whether I'll go back to it. Depends on how my calendar clears up. I did find that the fights in the Catch 22 adaptation from George Clooney a while back had more captivating air scenes.

    I am current on Masters of the Air now. The most recent episode finally had me feeling something, caring a little about the characters.


    Hate to say it but now that they killed off every pilot and crew member maybe I will enjoy watching the next ones. I think my biggest issue w the show was the actors, just couldn't stand them. They all felt like they were pretending to be 1940's humans and good acting shouldn't feel like that.


  7. 2 hours ago, Ran said:


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    I feel like the "Hihi being (a) god" thing may be a seed to explore if there is an S2. 

    Absolutely 100% agreed with Max's death -- was a complete surprise and something I thought they wouldn't dare do, but it made perfect sense.

    Kind of love that Paul Dano's "hot neighbor" was just a real estate guy, and I loved his explaining why their too-good-to-be-true home was his white whale. When put that way -- two historic brownstones shoved into one unit, added pool and garage that would have cost tens of millions, no permitting documents to be found anywhere -- it was just a great nod to the trope where TV characters live in ridiculously fabulous homes or massive apartments without it being acknowledged.


    Agree with this about Mr Mrs Smith


    It was nice to see something called out like that, unlike Seinfeld, Friends, living in way too nice of places for their salaries. Hell even The Bundy's living in a big 4 bedroom house in Chicago suburb and he sells shoes???  

    And the cat was a shocker, kind of glad they did it just because it was so unexpected. I'm a big softy and hate seeing animals die so don't get me wrong, I just liked it for the story. 


  8. 9 hours ago, Veltigar said:

    I also watched the first episode of Masters of the Air and found it rather forgettable. Does it become more compelling after a while?


    No, not so much. I'm current on it and it still doesn't feel like I want to watch it. It's almost like I am watching because BOB was so good and I am just hoping they can capture some of that. The Pacific was way better than this has been so far.

    The air scenes aren't even very good IMO, because it's just fighters flying past and bullet tracers. I believe they are going to introduce American fighter planes at some point and that will help it out, for me anyway. I need the air to air chasing I guess. 


    There was one air battle so far that was pretty good, kept the tension up and showed the chaos in the planes. Ep2-3 can't remember which.

    There was also some promise


    With the Belgian resistance.  I think the one guy was given away as German because of how he wrote the date. When I saw it I was like, yeah, we don't do that but the Germans and Brazillians I know do. Kind of like  Inglorious Basterds with the 3 fingers.


  9. 42 minutes ago, DMC said:

    I actually did root for the Cowboys in their Week 14 game against the Eagles just because Dallas winning made it easier for the Niners to secure the #1 seed.  (Of course, I didn't know at the time that the Eagles were just gonna completely suck the rest of the way.)

    It felt very weird and I showered profusely afterwards, but I still don't like to talk about it.

    I'm the same when eggles play SF, or a top SEC team plays the buckeyes. 

  10. I watched this SB with side eye. Don't like Mahommie getting goat talk after his 1st SB, even though since then he has started earning it. As a Cowboys fan I can't root for SF, ever. 

    I bet on KC and if Kelce catches a TD I win several hundred since I hit the rest of it, KC to win, Kelce and McCaffery tds, Mahommes over 1.5 td, Kelce over 70 yards and KC under 34 points.  Damn Kelce.  I don't ever bet more than $10 so it's always really just for fun. Earlier in the year I had a 7 legger that missed by a TD also and that was a free $25 bet that would've been $2000+

    On to the draft.

  11. I also watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith recently. I liked the movie more but the series grew on me. I will be waiting for season 2.

    Watched Dune part 1.  I never saw the original so this was all new to me. I guess I liked it, but I don't like it when I know it's just a set up for the next movie. 


    I don't understand how one group could be in charge of the planet for years/decades and not know that there are 100x more indigenous people there than they estimated. The group appears to be vastly more advanced in technology but the other group who gets put in charge finds this out almost immediately?


  12. 4 hours ago, Rhom said:

    I like the Brees comparison and hadn't seen it before.

    I honestly just don't understand all the hate that Purdy seems to be getting lately.  The Cam Newton feud in particular seems bizarre to me.  

    Overall, it seems like Mr. Irrelevant starting a Super Bowl in year two should be the feel good story of the last 5 years... but it really seems oddly divisive instead.

    IMO, it's because he is a pocket QB whose arm talent doesn't stand out. All he does is lead his team to wins, as if that's a bad thing. :dunno:

  13. Watched Aniara this weekend. It's a Swedish movie I watched with English subtitles, didn't know that before starting it. It's a sci fi movie about people transporting from Earth to Mars. They don't say Earth is dying but do give glimpses of issues and many people have what appear to be scars from fires.

    It goes awry and shows their version of what would happen on a ship the size of a city that was meant for a few month journey that they are on much longer. What happens to the people, their mental states, water, food etc.


    I liked the way they showed the time jumps especially the last one, like 8 million years go by as they pass a planet that looks similar to Earth.

    Decent enough movie, nothing specifically remarkable except for one scene.


    I thought we were going to get by without seeing the dead child but nope.


  14. While I'm enjoying the show there are a couple characters / actors who I am not liking, the main two pilots. Just something about their performances that feels fake to me.

    I have watched all three episodes and so far this trails The Pacific, which IMO was several clicks behind A Band of Brothers.  Hopefully I get to know the characters better and the little nuances that currently annoy me go away. 

    I liked how they showed the affect the cold air had on the gunners, a detail that other movies have not shown. Imagine being in that little bubble of plastic thousands of feet in the air and having it get shot out from under you.

  15. 15 minutes ago, DMC said:

    Saw the reports that Johnson's asking price apparently scared off some teams.  Good for him.  He should value himself and wait for the ideal fit.  It's betting on himself, but unless things go terribly awry, I'm sure there will be plenty of suitors next offseason.

    I've heard both, the story around here is he came back on his own choice. I think he wants big money to take that leap. wants it to be worth it. Also maybe wants a better situation. 

    He also came back without a big raise so clearly money isn't the only factor. 

  16. 15 hours ago, Mr. Chatywin et al. said:

    As for the Lions, again, I didn't see the game, but the coverage of it I've heard is that they got really tight after having a big lead then did a bunch of dumb shit after they lost it. I don't have a problem with them going for it on the 4th downs, but it seems like they lost their even flow once San Fran was making their comeback. 

    They didn't get tight at all, they did the opposite. Hell they had one drive where Sewell was basically a TE the whole drive. That's not getting tight, going for it on 4th down multiple times isn't getting tight.  The "dumb shit" they did was the same shit they did all season.

    What happened is that a receiver dropped two very catchable 4th down passes and a ball bounced off a face mask on a 51 yard pass and the receiver made a one in a million catch. 

    I do think they should have kicked a FG on the first drive of the second half though. Something he has to learn to do, take the points sometimes.

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