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  1. Seems like most of us share the same feeling, that episode felt out of place. I mean it was done well and showed us that slipping Jimmy is still alive and kicking but it felt out of place after last week. So on to next week. The scene is a car at a crossroads in the middle of no where, which way does he go?
  2. Every other article/report says alive, dead, alive, dead. I watched some reruns with him in it, liked him well enough.
  3. Jackson also made it to pro bowl and had literally half the stats that Allen did, except for rushing yards which was basically even. Did Allen turn the pro bowl down, because otherwise it was a disgrace. @DMC no this discussion is just me ribbing Tywin for petty reasons! Besides, Cowboys fans never had a problem with the Bills, they were nice enough to lose each year!
  4. What the actual hell? Why would you not include his rushing numbers? Do you not consider Lamars rushing as a part of his game? I like debating with you but I feel like you are just phoning this one in! Yeah Murray had better passing stats his first two years, but guess what, He had Fitzgerald and Hopkins (2020) to throw to! Until year three for Allen his best receiver was Cole f'ing Beasley for one of those years! Fun fact for the day that just happened to read a little while ago, damn cookies and algorithms were triggered and now all i see is Buffalo articles! Do you know how many QB's in the history of the NFL have had multiple seasons of 35+ pass tds and 5+ rushing tds? Two, Steve Young and Josh Allen. Only two other QB's have done it in one season, Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson. All three of those other QB's won MVP that season (Young in 94 but not the second time he did it)
  5. This is one show I have absolute faith in getting the finale correct.
  6. Thats a strong list for the Mt Rushmore of tv/movie mafia actors/characters and all gone so close together. Caan, Sirico, Liotta and Sorvino
  7. Bad??? His first two seasons he passed for around 56% completion, had 6200 yards combined passing and rush and 47 tds... In what world is that bad for a rookie and year two QB? He did that with the ghost of LaSean McCoy at RB and absolute nobody at WR so what did anyone expect him to do? As soon as he got NFL starting caliber players at WR, year 3, he jumped up the leader board.
  8. I watched Nope this weekend. I think it was pretty good and a fresh take on the subject at hand but I didn't think it was the greatest thing since sliced bread like some reviews I saw and don't think I'll watch it again. Overall I would recommend this to anyone who is curious or is fans of the actors.
  9. Did Dark not end well? I still haven't gotten around to watch the last season. It just seemed to become tedious to watch it.
  10. Him, Paulie Walnuts and Ray Liotta in the same cell together. TV mobsters aren't doing to well lately. Man he was great in Goodfellas.
  11. So you value him more on his potential than someone who has proven themselves against top talent and gotten it done, won the actual thing? Funny, when I praised Allen a few years ago on the same premise you mocked me (in my head anyway) and was like, yeah avg white QB who can run... Why is it you value Murray but not Allen at the same point in their careers? One is bigger, stronger arm and just as good of a runner.
  12. Yeah he is squarely in the 9-15 range of QB's. Hard to put him above Stafford and Wilson since they both have led their teams to rings. The problem is the same, he is due his money and like Dak you have to pay him or start all over again.
  13. Just a guess. He knows his clients. His bread and butter are people who would be very comfortable seeing a lawyer in a strip mall and who would feel out of place at a fancy place with marble floors.
  14. Watched Thor L&T, ehh, about what I expected, not the biggest fan of Thor in general. Watched The Terminal List, not sure if I already mentioned it or not but it was pretty good. Son in law really liked it, jacked up about the authenticity of the tech, movements and such. Better Call Saul final season is not disappointing, continuing it's strong run.
  15. I thought the movie was ok for a Thor movie. I am not a big Thor fan myself. I like him best as a team player, especially his comic relief. IMO when the movie relies on him as the lead it suffers a bit.
  16. Loved the episode, especially the way they wrapped Kim up. She didn't let herself off easy, she recognized that she was the one pushing and enjoying the games they were playing with people. It felt like a band aid got pulled off, she was there and then bam she was gone and we advanced to see just Saul, no more Jimmy. Agree that we will see the cameos next episode and maybe the one after, and the final couple will be Gene. I wonder if they will do a recap of sorts showing again why Saul becomes Gene. IIRC they did something in S1 but would be surprised if they didn't remind anyone who may not have seen BB.
  17. I read it as the official story is that Noir would have died from the Soldier boy battle and a new Noir, played by the same guy in the same suit, will replace him. Maybe not?
  18. TV and movie mafia taking a hit this week. RIP Paulie Wallnuts
  19. All Stars finished last night, strong season, much much better than S1 where 75% of the cast were people who sucked before and were way out of shape. This season was more the the senior PGA? Still very capable but not in their prime if that makes sense? The Challenge USA also started this week and was pretty good. Will hold my judgement until I see it live up to the reg shows standards. I did see a clip that had hall brawl so that has my hopes up.
  20. Since they are doing a BB marathon leading up to the premiere of BCS I figure I'll bump this thread. Caught a little of one ep today to wet my whistle.
  21. Count me as one not glad she survived, I mean yeah she deserves to be alive and happy but it takes away from what she did a little bit. I mean if she lost her powers half way down the fall then how the hell did survive falling another 30-40 stories? It was great to see her more than holding her own against him in that fight. Black Noir = Boba Fett in original SW series? Just kind of there to look badass behind a mask then dies with a whimper? I loved the season overall but the way it ended feels like it was a let down. Main people are still around, no star died, Homelander still in charge. IDK the characters stories all moved really well and got better developed but it just feels off? I'm assuming next season is the big season, a Supe as VP who can play pop goes the President and just like that she is the President. Homelander and his son (who in an alternate universe was named Brightburn) playing daddy and his little demon brat. Next season will likely lead up to whether the kid goes evil or not in the finale? Assuming maybe 2 more seasons to come? Oh one more thing, as I was watching at the end of the fight I thought for a fleeting moment that Homelander was going to look at them and say that they were the team he deserved to have. But no, of course not because that would signal the end to the series.
  22. Finished the season of The Boys and it was an excellent trip, the finale was a little let down IMO but a strong entertaining season. Caught the first premiere of The Challenge USA. spin off of The Challenge on MTV. It lives up to the originals standards and so far isn't watered down. Also watched the finale for The Challenge All Stars and have to say it finished great.
  23. For my household it's two extemes of Caan. Sonny and Buddy the Elf's dad. For my wife he will always be Sonny, and for my daughter he is Buddy's dad. Although both characters were ruthless business men
  24. Really? Would you be ok with people stealing GRRM's books and publishing them with out him getting paid? That's similar to what those initial sharing sites were doing. Getting the site $$ and the artists nothing. I don't wanna rehash that whole debate but considering we are on a site devoted to someone who could be pirated it seems an odd comment to make. I have no issue with the artists getting more money for their work, good for them.
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