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  1. For me that was Guns and Roses at Toledo Speedway jam. That same guy was passed out in the mud before Guns came on stage. Good times.
  2. I see my movies at MJR. After the trailers they always run a clip montage with their song/tune and the ending of this film made me laugh because it was a nothing more than a grand version of that. I did leave that movie happy that I had seen it but knowing I'd never watch it again.
  3. Barbara Bosson, who played Fay Furillo on Hill St Blues died. She was in plenty of other shows but I remember her as the ex wife of Ray on that show. Not a good week for tv police/DA's
  4. If I had the will power I would do that.
  5. Yep. She said she broke her face in 5 places! And this was after she lost a chunk of skin off her finger in the previous game. That poor girl took a beating. Nany, sigh. Her and Johnny were a really good team with a glaring weakness, puzzles. They could do anything that was thrown at them except solve a puzzle in a timely fashion and it was their downfall. I was shocked that Tori and Devin won, never would've picked them at the start of the year. They were definitely deserving and it's been a long road for them to get there. I just thought this was set up to be Nelsons year, I bought that narrative hook line and sinker. The next one appears to be called Legends. P.S. Can Aneesa just stop coming back? Who ever is her partner has a handicap for most challenges and it's just not fair.
  6. Another good, well acted episode. Also liked the older couple in the cabin from the beginning. The panic attack setting in was a surprise for me. When they got to the bridge I expected infected of some type, same for the dam. I thought they would be going there for some reason. Also never expected them to find his brother this fast. But, him not being part of the fireflies anymore makes sense why he was found, the story has to keep going past him. Ellie and Joel bonded a lot more this episode even though she knows he was going to leave her. Hopefully those who thought she wasn't holding her own in the acting dept watched this. I wonder if the fungus has a hard time existing in the north in the winter and maybe that's why we don't see much? Maybe once spring/summer hit the fungi come back in full force like the bugs do? So is next week the origin story of Ellie?
  7. Completed Ted Lasso as is stands right now. Pretty good show, more of a dramedy than a comedy but it is well done and very well acted. Went to see Ant Man... it's visually pretty good, with the world it's set in being totally imaginary they have leeway and use it. That said, the rest of the movie is rather bleh. Another movie where if the "heroes" just talked to each other before hand all could have been avoided. There is one cameo that was surprising, not sure how well it worked but it was surprising, and no it wasn't Martin Scorcese, although having him walking down the street mumbling angrily at Scott during a certain sequence would have been amazing. Have to say I haven't enjoyed any of the Ant Man sequels. I think it was at it's best with just him and his band of merry men.
  8. I started watching Ted Lasso and it's pretty good so far.
  9. Pretty much a universal response. It was bad. I didn't even watch it in one sitting, got bored and turned it off and picked it up again weeks later.
  10. Ok, haven't talked to DeShaun yet, but another guy who was there remembers him saying he had to make a couple other bets to get those numbers? But that he remembers him saying he already got 3500 for making the SB and if they won it was an additional 6800. I missed the extra bets part and assumed 35-1, 65-1. Again this guy isn't a talker, the dealer asked who all had bets, or any crazy prop bets, one guy had $1,750 on KC moneyline, and DeShaun then mentioned his bets.
  11. I'll dig more into the details but he isn't one to talk crap. I'll play dumb next time I see him and ask to see the slip, I'm sure it was online here in Michigan. Yeah I am definitely gonna ask more questions because those don't match my searches either! wtf
  12. Is this coming out anytime soon? Haven't heard anything on it in a while
  13. I play cards with a guy who just cleaned up. Preseason he got KC to make the SB 35-1, bet 100. KC to win the SB 65-1, bet 100. Won almost 10,000. Everyone had Buffalo or Cinnci or lol...Denver, coming out of the AFC after Tyreek left for Miami.
  14. Henry offing himself made sense, that was who he was living for. For him to be the one to shoot Sam, the shock of that was too much for him. Like most I felt like the bloater, no idea they had a name, felt like it was out of place. I liked that Ellie tried to use her blood to help Sam, obviously not understanding that it would have to be refined or whatever. Wonder what that is going to do to her psyche, not believing that she has the cure in her. And I do remember Joel's bolt action gun getting reloaded once, that's a lot for a show!
  15. Mine was Kiss, Slaughter and Faster Pussycat. It was general admission Toledo sports arena, 15000 or so people? I got to the stage when Kiss was on and it was soooooooooo loud that my shirt was moving from the music. Kiss was really good back then, 89-90 not sure which. Saw more titties at that show than any since. My next concert was Toledo speedway Guns and Roses and Skid Row. I want to say 100,000 or so people and Axle Rose was at his dickhead worst, complaining about cameras and shit. I've seen them since and he has gotten better.
  16. I moved from Michigan to Mississippi in the 3rd grade, then to Louisiana for 4th grade (got the yankee accent comments from everyone) and back to Michigan for 5th grade and stayed. I then had Michigan people commenting on my southern accent quite a bit but it faded over time as well. So 20 years removed, yeah it's going to change.
  17. Well he is a Dornish man playing a Texan so cut him some slack... Well he is THE Mandalorian playing a Texan so cut him some slack...
  18. I didn't mind this episode, but it did have a feel of half an episode. The map thing killed me, Kansas City is out of the way when heading to Wyoming, Chicago would have made more sense. I don't see any issue whatsoever with Bella in this show. Pedro throws me off a little because his speech pattern seems to match The Mandalorian, or I perceive it to match.
  19. Your hidden part was also what took me out of the movie.
  20. Watched Treason on Netflix over the weekend. Its an ok not great spy series, only 5 episodes so it's easy to watch. Some parts were a little hard to find believable but over all it was pretty good and not a big time investment.
  21. The scene where they discuss forgetaboutit is amazing. Also when Lefty realizes what's up and before he leaves home he takes off his jewelry.
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