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  1. I'd say it's time for him to ride off in the sunset. Will be tough though since he made it known he wants to continue coaching, hard for someone with that much success to go out that way.
  2. I can't read this thread until tomorrow since I only watched Ep 1 so far but I couldn't hold this comment back. Wow that performance by Foster was bad. The scene in the truck when the drunk girl hits the sign. Foster acting like a badass was absolutely laughable and hard to watch. My wife (we watched it different days) said the same thing when we talked about the show last night. Will watch Ep 2 tonight so I can read this. Hopefully her acting like a badass dies down a bit.
  3. Well, they run very well and Goff makes minimal mistakes. The def will be the issue, and the draft is how they made the final 4! I hope they revisit the draft before the game. Show clips of all the experts who mocked Detroit for taking the players they took in rounds 1-2. Gibbs, explosive runner and catcher. I desperately wanted him in Dallas before the draft. Told my Lions obsessed co-workers about him before the draft and they ended up with him, bastards. Campbell, rotating in the game and will be starting next year, makes sound plays every week. LaPorta, best rookie season ever for a TE Branch, playmaker on defense, solid against the run, lost middle of season for an injury but his talent still shows weekly. "Who the hell is Mel Kiper anyway!?!?!"
  4. That was the shot gun scene I was thinking of. The scene that I didn't like was the stairs. Seemed to go on forever.
  5. Wow bad decision on that throw and games over.
  6. Yeah I don't understand letting the clock run. Call timeout and even look at the spot on the Purdy scramble, looked like a bad spot.
  7. I have a strong dislike for GB and SF so my rooting interest is for GB to win only so that if Detroit wins tomorrow they would host the Conf champ game here. Don't have to say how crazy this town would go if that happened.
  8. Well the Detroit Red Wings fans have a history of throwing octopuses on the ice during the playoffs, does that count? The octopus has 8 tentacles symbolizing the 8 wins it used to take to win the Stanley cup . Imagine how you have to sneak that into the arena. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-qQ-E2vX9w
  9. I don't feel as bad about the Cowboys loss now seeing what they are doing here.
  10. Shoot out scene (shocker!) and the view is from above as he goes room to room with a shot gun.
  11. Finished Reacher S2 and yeah it was a little much even for what it is. That said I will be watching S3 no question. If it goes back to having less of a team and more of the one man army I think it will be better.
  12. Part 3 was bad, just bad. And I like big dumb shoot em up popcorn movies.
  13. With a name like King of The North you would think you would pick the reigning Kings of the North division! Lamar looks totally in control of this game.
  14. Same except I'm taking the Bills
  15. Watched Echo and it was ok. It's only 5 episodes so you don't have to invest too much into it. It basically felt like a five episode origin story. If it gets another season I'll watch but if not I won't even remember it. One or two good characters, lots of stuff makes no sense but that's expected nowadays.
  16. Gotta love sound bytes. Reporter in Tampa asked Coach Bowles if he is doing anything to prep the team, since it's 7deg in Detroit right now. He gives a bit of a smile, "you do know they play in a dome right"?
  17. I think/hope part of the problem is the extra characters. Reacher at it's best is him and maybe a new side kick from the random town he is in. The absurdity level has to get amped up when you have the rest of the team members there and they also have to get their bad ass moments. Hoping that S3 is back to Reacher in a small town, maybe Neely for an episode or two but that's it. Another part of the issue, this book came out close to 20 years ago. Every living human didn't have a smart phone back then. Seeing the action now and knowing it would be on the internet live kind of takes you out of the moment unless you turn that part of your brain off. Speaking of turning your brain off. I saw The Beekeeper.... wtf was I thinking. I was desperate and hadn't seen a movie in a while and I have 4 free tickets that expire at end of February so against my instinct I saw this. Holy make no sense and is just stupid. There are a couple scenes that make the office scenes in The Wolf of Wall St seem tame. I can deal w plenty of dumb shit in a movie if it's at least mildly entertaining and makes some sense. Nope. Not even gonna bother with spoilers to try to explain the stupidity. Be glad I saved you the time and don't even watch this at home for free.
  18. Well looks like Nick Saban is retiring. All things come to an end. Bellicheck will be next probably. Two goats in one season.
  19. Same here. He's staying on w the team. Unfortunately for Cowboys fans Quinn is one logical candidate since he coached there as an asst before.
  20. I read an article on this and was kind of surprised. I like The Mandalorian as a cheesy western type series but as a movie? I guess if done right it can be good but I know I wasn't sitting at home thinking I needed to see this as a movie.
  21. He doesn't seem that quick, Edwards always seemed the faster of the two.
  22. When I was watching it I was having flashbacks to Nick Mullens this season. He chucks that thing and hopes his receivers catch it.
  23. Was a great game to watch as a Michigan fan. I didn't feel comfortable until Sanristil made that last pick. Just felt like another Michigan post season let down was coming. I did see a couple holds that should have been called against us but that stuff happens every game. I also wonder about Penix draft stock. He struggled and made some throws that made no sense. He was basically just chucking the ball up and hoping his all world receivers would catch it. All that and Michigan didn't really hit him that much, IMO.
  24. Ah, I must've misread it, was thinking man, The Wire is so much better than Bosch!
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