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  1. 1 hour ago, Ran said:

    Started watching John Wick 4 for some reason, stopped not long into it because I realized I just didn't care about all the nonsense. So instead, due to a passing reference from my father while talking to him, I decided to try The Equalizer, which I'd never seen before. It, too, is nonsense, but in more a grounded thriller mode than whatever the Wick series has become, and so that was pretty fun. Marton Csokas was good as the main heavy, though I thought the end was weirdly anticlimactic, as McCall (Denzel's characer) seemed like he wasn't ever really in a jam except once. Fun if fairly basic flick. Denzel's a more credible badass in this film than Neeson has been in any of the Taken films, but I wonder how he holds up by The Equalizer 3.



    Part 3 was bad, just bad. And I like big dumb shoot em up popcorn movies. 

  2. 2 hours ago, KingintheNorth4 said:





    With a name like King of The North you would think you would pick the reigning Kings of the North division!


    Lamar looks totally in control of this game.

  3. Watched Echo and it was ok. It's only 5 episodes so you don't have to invest too much into it. It basically felt like a five episode origin story. If it gets another season I'll watch but if not I won't even remember it. One or two good characters, lots of stuff makes no sense but that's expected nowadays.  

  4. Gotta love sound bytes.  Reporter in Tampa asked Coach Bowles if he is doing anything to prep the team, since it's 7deg in Detroit right now. He gives a bit of a smile, "you do know they play in a dome right"?


  5. 10 hours ago, Zorral said:

    On more reflection after the latest episode I realized that somehow the show has managed to project Reacher en scene more than once as, at the very least borderline, buffoon.  That's a death knell, and why are they doing it?  That was the great attraction and charm of the first season, that someone that large was able to project humor, charm, intelligence and competence plausibly on the screen.  We believed in this Reacher.  This season has progressively moved away from all that in each episode.  Why?

    @Argonath Diver  Not only do I know NYC very well, but I grew up in the rural world, literally on a farm, with church, school, etc. in small towns.  Very small towns, like population of 300, 800, largest 6,000 population in our purview.


    I think/hope part of the problem is the extra characters. Reacher at it's best is him and maybe a new side kick from the random town he is in. The absurdity level has to get amped up when you have the rest of the team members there and they also have to get their bad ass moments.  Hoping that S3 is back to Reacher in a small town, maybe Neely for an episode or two but that's it.

    Another part of the issue, this book came out close to 20 years ago. Every living human didn't have a smart phone back then. Seeing the action now and knowing it would be on the internet live kind of takes you out of the moment unless you turn that part of your brain off.

    Speaking of turning your brain off. I saw The Beekeeper.... wtf was I thinking. I was desperate and hadn't seen a movie in a while and I have 4 free tickets that expire at end of February so against my instinct I saw this. Holy make no sense and is just stupid. There are a couple scenes that make the office scenes in The Wolf of Wall St seem tame.  I can deal w plenty of dumb shit in a movie if it's at least mildly entertaining and makes some sense. Nope. Not even gonna bother with spoilers to try to explain the stupidity. Be glad I saved you the time and don't even watch this at home for free.

  6. 24 minutes ago, Rhom said:

    That one surprised me quite a bit.

    Same here. He's staying on w the team.  Unfortunately for Cowboys fans Quinn is one logical candidate since he coached there as an asst before.  

  7. 1 hour ago, Ran said:

    What a terrible title: Jon Favreau preparing to direct the theatrical The Mandalorian & Grogu.


    I read an article on this and was kind of surprised. I like The Mandalorian as a cheesy western type series but as a movie? I guess if done right it can be good but I know I wasn't sitting at home thinking I needed to see this as a movie.

  8. 37 minutes ago, Mr. Chatywin et al. said:

    I mentioned this in the other thread. He was pressured more than you're suggesting, but he also missed a lot of wide open throws (and there were also some key drops). Washington had a chance for a bit when it hung at 20-13, however after it became a two score game Michigan ran it down their throats as expected and Penix couldn't do anything. 

    When I was watching it I was having flashbacks to Nick Mullens this season. He chucks that thing and hopes his receivers catch it. 

  9. Was a great game to watch as a Michigan fan. I didn't feel comfortable until Sanristil made that last pick. Just felt like another Michigan post season let down was coming.  I did see a couple holds that should have been called against us but that stuff happens every game.

    I also wonder about Penix draft stock. He struggled and made some throws that made no sense. He was basically just chucking the ball up and hoping his all world receivers would catch it. All that and Michigan didn't really hit him that much, IMO.  


  10. 10 hours ago, Rhom said:

    I think I said a page or two back, the Rams are the one team I don’t want to see.  They aren’t good, I don’t see any possibility they win three games in a row to get to the Super Bowl; but they have all the pieces to be dangerous in a one game scenario to anyone.

    I had to Google to see who the Rams back up QB was.  Completely forgot they signed Carson Wentz.  A few years ago, Darnold v Wentz would have been considered a titanic battle of up and comers.

    That's my fear. Stafford, Kupp, Pucua, and RB Williams are a force.

  11. 17 hours ago, horangi said:

    After wrapping that up, I started up on Reacher Season 2, and while Boche often had some creative license, good lord does this season stretch the suspension of belief!  In the first three episodes we've had:

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    A couple of innocent barkeeps have their brains nearly bashed in and their bar trashed with thousands of dollars in damage only for them to be just cool with Reacher when they find out it was just a mistake.


    Innocent? They started it?  But yes. 


    Reacher had very little regard for rank while in military, shown throughout the books. If you were worthy of respect you got it whether you were a private or a general. A guy sweeping the floors or the owner of a company. It's part of his code and is why he was busted down in rank and worked back up to major.


    And be careful calling Bosch equal to The Wire, you will anger a lot of people!

  12. 2 hours ago, Rhom said:

    Purdy and Stafford both sitting out the game this weekend… my Sunday Ticket gonna let me watch the Sam Darnold show.

    I hope SF wins. If Dallas locks up 2 spot I don't wanna see a hot Rams team in round 1. 

  13. 2 hours ago, Tywin et al. said:

    Idk, I think we're going to see another run on QBs were 4-5 go high. This draft class, at least from what I've read, only has a few desirable players from other positions, but has a ton of depth that are dice rolls. 

    I've seen the opposite, two tackles in top 10, two WR's and the TE from Georgia, and teams always reach for two DE/Edge in the top 10. That only leaves 2-3 spots.  Of course between now and then this will all change plus some combine wonder boy will sneak up the boards.

  14. 10 hours ago, Maithanet said:

    If Fields gets another year with a more talented Bears squad and still can't put it together he might not have a lot of value.  But that isn't really the primary concern.  The draft order is still TBD, but if they could trade that #1 pick for another top 10 pick and 2-3 future 1/2 round picks, then they would definitely have a draft haul that would allow them to make any move they wanted in the 2025 draft if so desired.  The problem with that approach is that the quarterbacks available next year might not be as good as this year. 

    Well if they trade #1 for 10-15 range pick(and several others) they can have their choice of a 2nd tier QB from this class if they wanted to. I know the draft hype train hasn't started yet but, Williams, Maye are going in top 4. Then you have Daniels, Ewers, Penix, McCarthy, Nix etc. who will be there later for a much less valuable pick. You could draft one of them and if Fields shows no progress try the rookie QB out half way through the season. In theory you would be putting the rookie into a better position talent wise than Fields had when he first started.

  15. 14 hours ago, Veltigar said:



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    I'm also not convinced that Dixon is slated to die. I feel like Reacher's chemistry with Roscoe was stronger and they didn't end up fridging her either last season. I guess the good ones will all survive and bid each other farewell at the end of the season as always.


    Roscoe vs Dixon


    Dixon is a long term infatuation, he romantically liked her from the start of the team and has continued to like her, want her. Roscoe was convenient, there and someone he respected.  Dixon probably won't die, maybe she goes back to the BF.

    I agree about switchblade guy but he seems too obvious.

    BTW, as to the season getting dumb, welcome to Reacher! It's just big dumb fun. No true hard to figure out mystery, very little development. Reacher steps off bus, helps someone getting bullied, killing ensues, Reacher leaves.

  16. Watched Beef, didn't know anything about it going in. Pretty good series about some messed up people. I think the last episode tainted it for me, not the actual ending but the rest of it.


    I had a feeling early on that they were going to connect as kindred spirits. Just didn't see the path of destruction that they would leave. Every time I found myself wanting to root for one of them they showed that they only scratched the surface of how despicable they truly were.  Once thing I am glad didn't happen, during the fight scene at the house I thought for sure the gun would go off and kill the daughter. I am glad they didn't go that route. 


  17. 1 hour ago, Tywin et al. said:

    Have to agree with Mex, I think the shine on Williams is gone. He might still go first, but the preseason view that he's the can't miss top pick is over.

    Agree. He seemed rattled a lot of this season.  If I am Chicago I try to trade for as much as I can get and I may even try for a top notch OL player instead of one of the picks, to help Fields out.  Chicago looked decent down the stretch and there are games where Fields dominates, so why take the unknown, unless your GM and coach both agree that Mayes / Williams is the chosen one?

  18. 11 hours ago, DireWolfSpirit said:

    As a Michigan fan I always root for Big Ten in other Bowls.

    Its flabbergasting that anyone could root for Alabama in NCAAF at this point, thats gotta be like drinking your own snot or some shit:ack:

    Same here. Always root B1G but I can't root for buckeyes unless they are playing an SEC school. Obviously only then because I am sick of the SEC being so good. If buckeyes were playing anyone else I root against them.

    I missed seeing Feinbum make his excuses for Bama losing. To him the playoffs should only happen if two SEC teams are in it every year. Gonna have to look for his first tv appearance after the game to see what he said.

  19. 3 hours ago, Arakasi said:

    I am an Oregon fan by marriage so yeah I don’t like Washington. But there is no way I’m rooting for Michigan over them.

    You sound like a Michigan fan when the buckeyes face Bama or Georgia. Basically hate watching the game, hoping they all fail.

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