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  1. Eh, ok. It seems like she is able to pop instantly but I can see where he could be invulnerable to it.
  2. I'd say ego as much as anything else. He was Homelander before Homelander existed and as an Alpha he wants to be the alpha again. The scary version would be him and Homelander teaming up. I have a question about the head popping lady, why can't she just pop Homelander? She has shown she can do it to supes this week with Starlight so what's the deal, did I miss something? Plot armor I assume?
  3. You should read the post by GRRM. He specifically says that there is a team of great writers working on this. I have to trust his word. It's not like Kit is going to be a one man show.
  4. Actually we get it free due to a phone package and everything you said applies to every streaming service and cable outlet in the world so...
  5. You are aware there is more than just Kenobi on Disney plus right?
  6. I think they are showing us that his strength never went away, his belief did. The more he saw that people still believed in him and in good the better he was. He had to get his mind uncluttered and focused. When Qui Gon (?) appears he tells him, you just weren't ready to see me. And to be clear about the actress and Leia in general, I liked her and the kid playing her. I just think the scrappy rebels who wired that place should have had someone there with some basic training who could have gone in there, not some random 8 year old.
  7. All that needs to happen is for one to go to court because they can subpoena the ones who settled and they have to testify regardless of NDA.
  8. I didn't hate Tenet but I knew I didn't like it and wouldn't watch it again as soon as it ended.
  9. Overall I liked the series. I was a little put off on their dependence on 6 year old Leia, she had to fix the wiring last episode, that was just silly. Third Sister just opening the door with her light saber like a can opener was also silly. Other than that It was pretty good for me. I liked the last duel between them when we see Obi-Wan attack Vaders life support system, it's an obvious weakness for him. A Jedi should be able to use the force and simply crush it every time rendering Vader harmless. I also think it is completely in line with the Jedi for him to walk away and leave Vader there and not finish him off, but where did the Imperial Cruiser go? Why wasn't it waiting out there to pick off Kenobi? Finally the Third Sister fight at the farm would have seemed more real had they shown her try to use the force on objects and struggle due to her injury. Otherwise she could've used it and wiped them out easily. Wouldn't be shocked if they do a one season thing on her showing what she does after this, some sort of redemption.
  10. Elliot got 6 games for lifting the shirt of one woman, DeShaun has 24 cases against him, he better damn well get at least a year.
  11. Yeah that's always a great challenge to watch, they find new ways to launch them off shit into the water. If I was Kellyanne or some others I would want Veronica and Sylvia in it to the end. No way those two can challenge her physically. They would go the route of Big E, easy Eric, medic, medic!!!
  12. The mere possibility of a GOT spin off set after the show gets 5 pages this fast! Passionate group we are. I will watch it and probably enjoy it. If it sucks, oh well. It's not some sacred thing that isn't exploitable.
  13. Assume you cant sleep on planes either? When I made the trips across I was the same way, watched movies there and back both times! The trip there was brutal the first time. We laid over in Amsterdam for like 6 hours before flying to Stockholm Sweden. Then we stayed up all day touring the city since it was our only free day there, went to the Vasa museum. Days of Thunder, I remember liking this when it came out, but have never seen it since then so it may suck The Boys, totally agree with all points Kenobi..I like it enough but the last episode did some really dumb things, they really need to wrap it up well. I still like The Mandalorian more. Friday night lights, I stopped watching after the whole killing happened, just set me off the show entirely. Wife and daughter both watched it all the way through and loved it.
  14. I'll watch and probably like it.
  15. Have to say the last episode was a bit disappointing. I think it lost me when Third Sister simply light sabered the door. I mean, how can the people writing this and doing story boards no see that and say hey, why would she waste her time with the canon if all she had to do was this??? Then Vader holding back the transport ship but not being able to react in time to get the second one? It would have been better if one left while he was holding back the other, at least that somewhat makes sense. Thinking this is one show that was better not being done.
  16. So did my then teenage daughter. She loves the show and has watched it a few times though. My wife and I used to watch it, but it lost me in S2 or S3. For her its FNL, The Office and Greys Anatomy.
  17. You have to expect to get grief when you call FNL a sitcom. I mean, the latter seasons were laughably bad, but that doesn't make it a sitcom!
  18. I stopped after S2 I think, lost me. Ass face
  19. I'd say Friday Night Lights, the first few seasons..or maybe just the first season was good sports focused tv show. Could you say a few seasons of Hard Knocks fits this?
  20. Yeah I never liked him much, Bisping seemed to get more hype than he deserved. I also had people over for the Silva leg break, quieted everyone down quickly!
  21. Yep, Forrest and Bonner. One of the greatest slug fests ever.
  22. C'mon, you mean having two cars jump an imaginary ramp at the same time just so a drone camera can fly under it for the shot is an issue? At least that scene in Ambulance wasn't CGI I guess?
  23. Very very accurate. When I was into the UFC at my peak it was because I watched The Ultimate Fighter season 1 and I was invested in seeing these guys fighting going forward. TUF unfortunately turned into The Real World and every other reality show in subsequent seasons though and I stopped watching and now barely watch UFC BTW, on All stars this is trivia week. You know TJ loves it if he announces it with his evil laugh.
  24. I am going to get a lot of hate for this but that's what turned me off to the Lord of the Rings movies. I knew absolutely nothing going in to it. When I watched the first long ass movie and absolutely nothing happened except to set up for the next in the series I was so pissed. The only one of those I liked was the last one and will never watch them again. I am fully aware that this is my fault because I could have done some checking on the books but didn't do it. I also understand that there wasn't another way to do this but it just struck a cord when I read that comment. Looking forward to Peaky Blinders final season. IIRC last season felt like it was about time to kill it so this is good timing for me.
  25. Hard to imagine this show would still be on the air if he didn't come back after his accident. I'd bet it would have ended years ago.
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