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  1. Your hidden part was also what took me out of the movie.
  2. Watched Treason on Netflix over the weekend. Its an ok not great spy series, only 5 episodes so it's easy to watch. Some parts were a little hard to find believable but over all it was pretty good and not a big time investment.
  3. The scene where they discuss forgetaboutit is amazing. Also when Lefty realizes what's up and before he leaves home he takes off his jewelry.
  4. Melinda Dillon passed. She was the little kids mom in Close Encounters and the mom in A Christmas Story, those are what I remember her from anyway. Looks like she passed in January but is just now being reported.
  5. Agree with that building scene feel. I have been free from watching Fear of the.. for a couple years now, just got to be tedious to watch.
  6. Which is worse, Huntley or Carr? Carr is now going to represent the Raiders, the team that benched him for the last few games to ensure he didn't get hurt because he has a clause that if he can't pass a physical his next salary is guaranteed right? Now if he gets hurt at the Pro Bowl does that trigger his guaranteed money clause, because that would be awesome. Not him getting hurt of course but just the irony of it all.
  7. Wouldn't it be funny if that triggered a million dollar bonus! Hey I made the pro bowl, doesn't matter that I was the last possible choice, I still made it!
  8. What I've read about this from the game.
  9. And another death, Lisa Loring who played Wednesday on the original Addams family tv series has passed.
  10. Also. Cindy Williams from Laverne and Shirley fame died recently, was announced today.
  11. Always liked her in her roles. HBO series The Last of Us spoiler I was a little confused when I saw her credits included Tess in The Last of Us, then saw it was the game she was in.
  12. Watched Ep 3 of The Last of Us totally unexpected episode. Not going to give anything away but lots of people said they teared up more than once during it. Not what I expected from an Apocalypse series based on a video game. Great performances.
  13. I'd recommend a recipe site, I use allrecipes.com Tons of searchable recipes on there and you can read comments to see what alterations have been made. Of course learn to ignore the ones who literally change every part of the recipe but still give it 5 stars!
  14. Or take a piss after chopping fresh jalepeno's to make salsa. Holy dumb ass.
  15. Very unexpected episode, really liked it but seems strange in a 10 episode season to take an entire one to get our main characters supplies and some meaning to teaming up and move them down the road, all the while barely showing them. I did appreciate them showing us the way these two survived and really thrived in this environment. Normally we see these places get spoiled, the "raiders" usually win and kill the "good" people and destroy what has been built. Also great touches to add his paintings to the walls in all the rooms. I kept expecting them to show up and for us to find out the person Joel shot at was Bill and they missed each other and then started working together. I wonder if Joel has even more regret now. If Tess had lived they could have moved there and lived the rest of their lives out like Frank and Bill. I'm sure we won't get any thoughts on that but it has to suck. Of course if we ever see his brother again they could try coming back there but I assume his brother will forever be one step farther away from Joel.
  16. I wanted filly to lose of course and now they look like the favorites to win it all. Crap. Can I root for a tie in the SB? At least we parted ways w our OC and QB coach today. Not sure if that's a good thing but we needed a change on offense and stability on def. Our off is likely to look very different next year between coaching and player changes.
  17. Dallas fans were feeling the same way, Quinn needs to stay and Moore, ehh see ya later?
  18. So if I follow this thread correctly, Mahommes is a god/goat and Josh Allen is just a bum who wouldn't cut it 10 years ago? Isn't there historical evidence of really good/great players never making it to the SB because they happened to play at the same time as a football god/goat or even two goats (Mahommes and maybe now Burrow)? Just a thought. What Buffalo needs is an actual respected RB, trade up or do whatever to get Bijan Robinson and lets see how they do. On Bienemy, something has to be off in the interviews or it's race issue, one or the other. As far as him being some genius because his offense has been great, see above, he has a god/goat QB TE WR and Reid as the head coach. Personally I also would prefer Flores over Bienemy.
  19. Really liked the first two episodes, saved and watched them at the same time. I know nothing of the game other than the guy and girl are the main characters. You do get the normal post apocalypse standard stuff such as FEDRA and Fireflies but who cares. Loved his reply to the guy, "if you ask me about...I'll break your jaw" The tension was built up well during both episodes, I actually felt tense a few times and didn't grab my phone while I was watching. That's my rating system, how many times and for how long did I look at my phone while watching. The less I do that, the better the show is. They did a pretty solid job of telling us what to expect, Ellie asking about monsters with their heads split open living in the dark, ended up being the clickers. Told us about swarms, underground networks, then we saw it. Also about Raiders and Slavers, so we know what's coming in the next few weeks. The one thing I wonder is how did his brother get so far away in Wyoming and why? What was his mission and that is a long ass trip when fuel is 20 years old. I love how they showed car batteries being worth a lot, gives a real feel to what it would really be like.
  20. Before I start following this thread, is this just for the HBO show and spoilers for it or are people posting game spoilers here also? I know nothing about the game and don't want to ruin the show for myself.
  21. Watched the first two episodes of The Last of Us have to say it was good. It felt really intense the whole time. Of course I enjoyed Lady Mormont.. 4-5-6-7-8 fuck you. I was worried it would feel too much like The Walking Dead and so far it doesn't. Someone in my family had subtitles turned on and I have to say I kinda liked it. There were small things that it showed me that I missed.
  22. You don't watch Top Gun Maverick for the story. You watch it in as big of a screen and loud of a system as possible and just enjoy the popcorn. @Tywin et al. watching on a plane only means you had the exact opposite of all of the above.
  23. Watched Violent Night the Christmas killer movie. Different than I expected and not entirely horrible. I've watched worse movies. Also watched Cop Shop an older movie, 2005 or so. Also, not horrible. I wouldn't recommend either movie but if you were bored there are worse things to watch.
  24. Well it was a close game, one that could have gone differently if Dak would learn to stop throwing to the other team. Two picks and could've been two more. Our D kept us in the game and the offense let them down.
  25. I use it in my salsa, which is not better than anyones no matter how lush or dry my plants are that year! My problem with cilantro is when its used by the handful in a burrito or taco. Even in salsa I can detect it, but it's tolerable.
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