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  1. 1 hour ago, Tywin et al. said:

    Sure, we have a rough understanding of the deal and it's worse than what Kyler and Wilson got. It would only turn out to be a better deal if everything went perfectly for Lamar. I suspect Burrow and Herbert would have turned down a similar deal. It's harder to say with Hurts. I'm pretty confident though that their organizations won't fuck around with their franchise QBs. I still find it odd the Ravens are doing this (even if you find the risk to be too much) given Lamar is already the best QB the franchise has ever had and he's probably already like the fifth best player in franchise history.

    Yeah gonna disagree here also. He could end up being the best QB they ever have, but he could also be a one hit wonder. I had several names in my head when you said this so I did a little digging and found several articles by Baltimore writers and their top 10 didn't have Lamar in them.

    R Lewis, J Ogden, J Lewis, E Reed, , T Suggs, M Yanda, J Flacco, J Tucker (yes a kicker) T Heap etc. Even had R Woodson on the list, he played 4-5 seasons there and set the culture and was pro-bowler all but one season. 

    Again I think you are basing this off that one great season he had. Other than that one season he has been avg at best. Yes he is a spectacular runner but when you total up the offense he is below avg. Playoffs he is even worse. They are 1-3. He has 3 pass tds and 5 Ints. 1 rushing td and 2 fumbles. His completion % is about 10% lower, 55 I think and his QBR drops 25 points.

    I would love to see a top flite WR go there and see how it works but the top FA WR's never go to Baltimore, I never see them on twitter hitting up the Ravens and begging them to sign them, why is that? 

  2. 3 hours ago, Corvinus85 said:

    John Wick 4 continues to turn the franchise into a Fast & Furious type series but with large body counts instead of car stunts and ever increasing demand to switch off your brain when watching it. The movie often feels like a video game adaptation but without the game. This time an isometric video game feel was included, too, and it may have been my favorite sequence of the movie.

    It's hilarious how few lines Keanu Reeves was given, with the heavy lifting being done by others. Even Scott Adkins may have had more lines, and he did it with a German accent. Honestly, he was one of the highlights for me. Donnie Yen felt underused, but at the same time the cliche that his character was threatened to choke the movie at times.

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    I was laughing a lot at the ridiculous bullet proof tailored suits that never looked damaged, but you can still stab through with a knife. And the extras ignoring the deadly fight sequences around them most of the time in the Berlin dance club and on the streets of Paris. Though in terms of the latter, maybe not that unrealistic

    The stunt work and cinematography continue to be great.

    I had same thoughts about the bystanders. As to Keanu lines in the movie, I saw an article that said he cut a lot of his own lines from the script. Sounds like he was passing the torch maybe and letting the other actors get some spotlight? From everything I have ever heard about him sounds like something he would do. 

  3. 17 hours ago, Tywin et al. said:

    That's the thing though, many QB needy teams were very quick to say they weren't interested in him entirely without knowing exactly what he wants. I have no problem with a team asking him what the price is and quickly saying it's too rich for their blood, but the most obvious landing spot, Atlanta, indicated they had no interest literally minutes after the non-exclusive tag was announced. It's weird and there isn't a great comparison point I can think of because in theory Lamar is the most valuable player to ever be in a situation where there's a clear interest to change teams and no one is biting. 

    Weren't there reports of what the Ravens offered out there, so other teams did know what he wouldn't accept.  As to him being the most valuable etc.. There is an argument there also. 50+ million per year guaranteed for 4-5 years and give up two 1st rd picks for a running QB coming off back to back seasons with knee injuries? You and I know we are on opposite sides of this so us discussing this is a moot point.

  4. If it is known that he wants a 5 year deal close to or exceeding 230 mill fully guaranteed contract and teams don't want to pay that and give up two 1st rd picks then it makes total sense to stay away. You'll need those 1st round picks to put cheap talent around him because that contract will be a hinderance. Teams with top 5 or 10 picks aren't just a QB away from the SB, they need lots of help and giving away those top picks would hurt.

    Also, teams may have reached out to him to get a feel for what he wants, just because it's not reported doesn't mean it hasn't happened. Only the GM and Lamar would know since there is no agent involved.

  5. 1 hour ago, polishgenius said:


    Yeah, those were cool. The other one that really stood out for me was

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    the top-down oner with the fireball shotguns in the old house. That was a departure in style for John Wick, and while a different kind of work, not as crunchy with the action coz of the remove, it was great fun. 

    Yeah I had forgot about that one, it reminded me of a video game and was pretty mesmerizing.   I also know why a certain scene seemed so familiar...


    When the woman was calling out to the groups on the radio, it was a nod to Warriors.

    I read an article and there were a few things like this in the movie

  6. Started watching Dexter New Blood on Showtime. Wasn't going to watch it but I saw Yellowjackets is doing a weekly release and I want to binge them.  Honestly I like Dexter more than I thought I would. I am about halfway through so it still has time to lose me. I'll probably finish tomorrow and will know better then if it was worth it. It feels new but also familiar. It's at a pivotal point where it can go right or off the rails.


    Assuming the serial killer has made himself a little village of taxidermized(?) runaways and didn't want them getting discovered during the search for his son and that's why he faked that his son is still alive. Also pretty obvious one of his first victims will have been the cops childhood friend. I wonder if we will find out if Harrisons step mom really died of cancer or if he killed her. He said he found his dads letter after she died, but she died in Argentina and he said he found the letter while in the US in foster care so that doesn't make sense. I would assume he found the letter and that she had been lying to him the whole time and he killed her.


  7. Watched John Wick 4 this weekend and loved it. Thinking this is right behind the original for me. Loved the scenery in the movie. Yes they could have shown a little more restraint and cut some of the fight sequences shorter but I never felt like I was ready for the movie to be over. For me the only spot that felt long was 


    The falling down the stairs fight. I mean, steal a motorcycle and go around for fuck sake. Then the fall down and then fall down again was  a bit much for me, but half the crowd was laughing and clapping so maybe it's just me.

    Another thing that was fitting was 


    The funeral for Charon was fitting since he just passed. That made the scene hit home a little more. Then later we lose Wick himself, it was telegraphed a bit but still wouldn't have been surprised if he had lived.

    Definitely see it on a big screen so you can take it all in.

  8. 6 hours ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    I don’t know, guys. There was a lot of hate for Rogue One when it first came out too (saying it was a brainless action movie with boring characters). I think it’s just the nature of this franchise to have a love/hate relationship with everything.

    I don't know about this. Everyone I know who saw it said it was better than anything since Empire.  For me it's my third favorite, ANH (mostly because it came first), Empire and then Rogue One. I don't know anyone IRL who saw it and didn't like it.  

    The reason I didn't like the prequels, aimed to much at kids. The last trilogy, well it was a rehash of the original trilogy with even worse acting.  What I want is an entirely new group of heroes and villains somewhere new. I don't want R2 or BB or anything like them again. Give me a different style of droid if we have to have some. 

  9. 54 minutes ago, Veltigar said:

    I went to see John Wick Chapter IV yesterday with some friends and had a great time. One of them had never seen any John Wick films before and was hesitant to give it a try seeing how it was the fourth film in a franchise, but afterwards he came to me and said it was exactly the relaxation he needed after a very busy week at work :D

    I feel like this film really shows the evolution of the director's abilities. It's a step up on almost every level, bar one. It succeeds into creating a more interesting narrative and it introduces interesting characters at a faster pace than prior instalments. Visually it's also stunning, with beautiful use of colours and neon (I'd say that Refn is a major influence) and a lot of locations that flash just how lavish the budget must have been. 

    The one thing that wasn't a step up, strangely enough, was the action. This franchise has the best action violence of the last years. I love how brutal it remains and there were plenty of creative kills. What I was missing however, was something new. A lot of action scenes reminded me of things they did in the first and third film especially. That's not a bad thing per se, because those films are awesome. I did however feel like a lot of it was just a parade of greatest hits (here is Keanu killing people in a nightclub, here in a muscle car, here is a dog, etc.) and that perhaps the creative team needs time to germinate some new ideas for fight scenes.

    I read on the internet that John Wick is taking a break for now (although there are spin-offs in the work), but I do suspect he'll eventually return. It wouldn't surprise me if a longer hiatus would be good for the franchise and lead to a truly spectacular 5th film.

    I plan to see it this weekend, know I'll enjoy it no matter what.  The original has now gotten to where if I am channel surfing and I see it's on I have to stop and watch it for a little while. The sequels not so much.

  10. Have to like what the Lions are doing. They had a legit top 10 offense last year but a horrible defense and still almost made the playoffs. They have gone out and signed two top FA CB's and a top safety. Assume that they are drafting the top DT/DE available to pair up on the line with Hutchinson and that defense could be top half of the league if all the new bodies mesh together.  

  11. Watched The Terminal over the weekend, Tom Hanks stranded in an airport instead of an island with a volleyball. Not a bad movie but just ehh.

    Watched Greenland, end of the world movie.  It also was just ehh. Nothing new, it went a little dark but then pulled itself back from the edge instead of committing to it.


    When the son was kidnapped.  Could've killed one or both of them, could've chopped off the moms hand to get the band off without breaking it.

    If you like end of the world type movies it's not bad, but you will have seen better. 

  12. 4 hours ago, Clueless Northman said:

    Really, I'm pretty much absolutely sure there is no way they would've found a cure. It makes no scientific sense. There's no reason there's still some fungus in Ellie, specially not in her brain. Odds are, there barely ever was any bit of fungus and it was quickly wiped out. As I already said and as Pebble says as well, it's ridiculous: they're killing their only possible source of research, information and even cure on a wild guess that's most probably totally wrong - by doing this, they're basically ensuring mankind will never have a cure.


    This is where I stand and why saving her was the right thing to do. Her infection stopped while in her arm, meaning that her blood stopped it, therefor her blood likely carries the antibodies or whatever the correct term is for it, of course this is just my opinion and I am no doctor.

  13. 5 hours ago, Trebla said:

     I also really liked the Gilmore trade and the Wilson and Vander Esch re-signings. They are really close to having a championship level defense. If they could get a pass rushing defensive tackle in the draft, they would be set.

    That and a RB and legit #2 WR.  They cannot go into next season relying on Pollard to carry even 65% of the load, he isn't that guy and the Dallas offense has worked best when the running game is working. Maybe with McCarthy at the helm that will change but I am not happy with the RB's right now.

  14. Something is brewing in Dallas. They have cut Zeke and restructured a lot of players contracts to free up more money than it appears they need. A big FA or trade for a big name WR? Getting the Diggs new contract done? Not sure but it really seems like they are gearing up for something. 

  15. 36 minutes ago, Corvinus85 said:

    I was a bit confused as to why Ellie was uncharacteristically silent in the first part of the episode. Indeed, she went through a traumatic experience, but last we saw them they were somewhere in north Colorado, and there was a lot of snow. And here they are in fine weather, not even needing jackets, and approaching Salt Lake City. So was Ellie largely silent throughout this entire last part of the journey? Or was her silence only partially related to the David trauma and she was thinking that the journey was coming to an end and she wasn't feeling excited about it considering all the loss that came before?

    IMO it was the trauma. Last we saw her she was genuinely terrified and screamed when Joel got to her. This episode we see her and it appeared her spirit was broken. It wasn't until Joel told her about trying to kill himself and the giraffes until she came out of it a little bit.

  16. Dallas made a small ripple, which for them is huge. Traded a 5th round comp pick for Stephon Gillmore. Having him opposite Diggs should improve the def. It really suffered when we lost two starting DB's for the season.

    They also resigned Safety Wilson and LB Vander Esch at reasonable deals so I am pretty happy.

  17. 10 hours ago, Kalnestk Oblast said:

    I'm not suggesting that he would spare Marlene - as you say, that'd be stupid, as stupid as Marlene sparing Joel. And it isn't what Joel does. I'm suggesting that again the real problem is that Ellie has no choice here and if Joel actually wanted to give her one then he had the chance...and didn't. Because, again, Joel doesn't care about what Ellie wants. He only cares about what he wants here.

    Lets not forget Ellie just went through a very traumatic experience as was clearly evident in her behavior this episode. Another pretty damn big thing is that Ellie is only 14 years old. In the real world she would not be able to give consent for just about anything let alone dying for a possible, maybe, hopefully, but we have no evidence cure.

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