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  1. I'd prefer one of Mary's stalkers if I am being compared to anyone! There is just something about them.
  2. S1 is pretty good, and yes definitely would be awkward at times to say the least. S2 IMO dropped quite a bit.
  3. You are officially off next years Christmas card list.
  4. No curves???? You're nuts! Margot may also be Okoye like...
  5. Actor Lee Sun-kyun from Parasite has died. Reports say he left a suicide note a few days earlier and they had been looking for him. Apparent drug history as well.
  6. Yeah but I'm infatuated for the long haul!
  7. Look man, Courtney is Christian Okoye, a great year or two vs Aniston / Emmitt Smith lifetime of greatness! And btw that CC clone left Brad, just saying...
  8. McCaffery has just under 2000 yards from scrimmage and 21 tds Hill has 1650 yards and 12 tds. When Hill was out Waddle shined and Miami won, when McCaffery was out mid season the 49ers looked lost.
  9. Stop this blasphemy, Team Jen forever
  10. Not sure how familiar you are with Reacher but that is exactly what the vast majority of the books are. He steps off a bus, helps a stranger and it turns out to be a big thing. For a series it is good and bad. Each season is new characters except for Reacher, so salaries are low, but bad because you aren't as invested in them. The Creator, I just watched it over the weekend and wasn't blown away. I think I would have enjoyed it more in the theater on a very large screen. IDK I just didn't get into it.
  11. Finished S1 of The Diplomat, Netflix. It's pretty good, gets better toward the end of the season. Keri Russell is good as usual. States at the end that S2 is coming so Ill watch it.
  12. They announced before this season aired that S3 was already filming, not approved, but actually already filming. I've read a lot of the books and that description fits them perfectly. Random town, comes across seemingly minor thing, helps out, murder and mayhem ensues. Easy reading, turn off brain and just enjoy.
  13. Watching Reacher S2, dropped 3 episodes and now weekly. If you liked the first one you'll like the second season. Watched one episode of The Diplomat, had Kerri Russell in the lead so I figure I'll give it a try.
  14. Wouldn't argue against either of them at this point. I could however argue against every QB. The hype machine that backs/props up Dallas. Personally I hate it. It was Micah over the first 8 games, all I heard every broadcast was DPOY and Micah. Then it was Bland when he had his hot streak of pick sixes, that hype train was put to a halt by DK Metcalf. Then it was Dak, led league in TDs, top 4 in pass yards, low turn over rate... Then the team lays an egg against Buffalo.. and we are back to Hill and CMC where it really belongs, as of now. Parsons, Bland and Dak have all produced at all Pro levels this year but IMO none have produced at MVP or even Def MVP level.
  15. Leave the World Behind Netflix, decent movie with good performances, but mostly forgettable overall. I kept wanting to tell the girl how Friends ended for Ross and Rachel! Obliterated Netflix, a ridiculous 8 episode shoot em up. Kind of felt like the The Hangover meets The Expendables and not taking itself seriously, makes plenty of fun of itself. If you want to kill some time watch this, if you are looking for a plot or art do not. Squid Games the Challenge also on Netflix, pretty fun reality game show. Moves at a good pace until the last episode and a half, then it feels slow.
  16. Watched Godzilla minus 1 on a large screen theater. Didn't know going into it that it was in subtitles so that took away from my experience a little. Not your typical Godzilla movie, not a big budget CGI fest. Was actually a pretty good movie, good plot and well acted.
  17. Lol. I give up. I had just about typed the whole thing a second time and saw you quoted me and looked at this post and lost my post again! The only reason I looked at this is so I wouldn't double post the other one!
  18. The one good thing is that the flag was thrown immediately. Had it "appeared" after the TD it would've opened up the conspiracy box.
  19. I think they would have to pry it from Ryans hands in Houston to hand it to Payton, how about a cage match for it?
  20. Held my breath the entire game last night waiting for the eggles to wake up and make a comeback but it never happened. Dallas is in the midst of a stretch that will show if they are for real or not. Seattle, Philly, now Buffalo, Miami, Detroit... Man what does it say about DeShaun Watson that Cleveland's offense looks better with the corpse of Flacco than it did with him? Detroit, really hard to figure them out, thinking they are still another strong draft away from being true contenders.
  21. Lol, I was generally confused and thought maybe the show really was mocking reality competition shows when I saw your post!
  22. Is the new Squid Game a reality show? Squid Game: The Challenge is a reality game show based on the sensational 2021 South Korean drama series. But this gruesome, creatively misbegotten concept should never have made it past the first meeting. All the articles I read say it is a reality competition show. I haven't watched it though so maybe I am mistaken.
  23. It is a reality show, it's not actors?
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