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  1. And I dislike both! For me it was the texture of the sushi. And cilantro gives me the soapy taste. I don't mind it used sparingly in salsa but that's it.
  2. Same. Tried it once, one good bite, and had to stop on drive home and buy pepto and drank the whole bottle on way home. I only swallowed that bite because I was hosting some engineers from Japan and they were so happy and enthused about me trying it. Never again.
  3. The funniest part was that she explained when eating this at home they have the cat smell the meat and if the cat rejects it, they eat it cooked and if the cat tries to eat it, they eat it raw. I guess cats know!
  4. Pork knuckle was the one dish a guy with us was looking forward to, he ate it almost every night we were there. I tried a few different things and schnitzel was the fall back. Blood sausage does suck, as does sauerkraut, and man was it a weird experience watching people eat raw hamburger! Just put it on crackers and salted it and that was her meal.....? Just different is all.
  5. Along this line, for me it was some horror movie where trees come to life and like grab you with their branches and basically absorb you. It was in the 70's, I was 5 years old and was not supposed to see it. The movie was bad and probably not scary to an adult, but as a 5 year old who watches it and then has trees outside his window that brush against the side of the wall and window as the wind blows, that was f'ing terrifying!
  6. If nothing else Dallas exorcised a few of those demons last night, Brady not undefeated vs Dallas, won on grass, won road play off game. Now lets see what they do against the one with the Purdy mouth
  7. Man it's nice waking up this morning and not having to hear Steven ass Smith running his mouth. Not hearing everywhere that Dallas choked, last road win, Tom has more playoff wins than.... Won the game handily. Hopefully Maher has gotten rid of the yips with that last X-point being good. Suffered a few more injuries though. Have to say after the other playoff games I watched this weekend I didn't think any lead was safe!
  8. I was just dumbfounded when they did that. Why call the same play a second time in a row when it's almost a pick six the first time??? Kellen Moore can suck it, unless Dak changed the call because he wanted to do it right the second time! I think that's when I turned the game off. The problem is that aside from Dak giving the ball away over and over and over again is that the offense had been top 5 since he came back. It's like feast or famine with him this year and that's not normal for him, he usually keeps int's low. My hope is that the o-line returning to mostly normal stabilizes him.
  9. Well Dallas has three starters returning for the playoffs, center, LB and NT(run stopper). Vander Esche and Hankins coming back should shore up the run defense. Unfortunately neither of them is a corner and that's where we really need the help. Biadisz coming back at center really helps since we had 4 people playing out of position the last 2 games and it showed. The only OL playing his normal spot was our pro-bowl RG, everyone else was shuffled. I'm going to try to be positive and say Dallas beats TB but with our biggest weakness being corners and TB having that Brady fella at QB and really good WR's to throw to it's tough to be positive. Hopefully our QB stops playing catch with the opposing teams players and we remember to run the ball on offense. If we do that Dallas wins, if not, it's another one and done. If so, bring on Sean Payton and bye bye Kellen Moore and McCarthy.
  10. Me too. oSu had them and let them off the hook. Michigan could have played better against Georgia if they hadn't done every single thing wrong against TCU and if that original f'ing TD wasn't called back.
  11. Loved watching the Lions beat A-ron out of the playoffs. His smug ass deserved a beating. "We can't lose to that team"... F u Rodgers, Lions have beat them three in a row now. This game almost made me feel better after watching that debacle of a Cowboys game. I think they have just suffered too many injuries on D to cover for it anymore and Dak is trying to throw pick sixes now. Never seen anything like what they did on back to back plays. Weird weekend of football. The Seattle game had 4 very very questionable calls in it that had a major impact on the game all go the Seahawks way. Then the Packer LB shoving the Detroit trainer? Way to be an idiot. At least he apologized to Detroit and everyone but WTF man have some self control.
  12. lol yeah I shit the bed this week, forgot about the Saturday games until KC was half over so I missed that and somehow I put 15 points on Indy, WTF? I know that was an accident.
  13. Earl Boen passed from cancer, 81 years old. I rember him best from his roll in Terminator as the Doctor trying to see if they were insane. He was in a lot of stuff but that's who he is to me.
  14. How about this, Cinnci best three Madden players vs Buffalos three best, battle royal using their teams in Madden and winner gets to claim the victory from last weeks. Stream it live and money made from advertising goes to the injured player
  15. Really? I don't remember liking this at all. Maybe my memory is clouded.
  16. I've been watching Tulsa King. Not very good but not horrible either, as long as you can suspend belief on how fast some things happen and that one huge coincidence. One episode left and I'll forget all about the show until a second season drops, if it gets one.
  17. I enjoyed the first two Bourne (especially the original) movies more than any Bond. Also enjoyed a couple of the MI movies more than Bond movies. That said, I also liked most of the Bond movies, just at different levels.
  18. If it's fundraising and for fun take prop bets from the major betting sites, write them on slips of paper and charge people to draw out of a hat at random. If you have 20 prop bets purchased and 3 hit they split half the money, other half goes to charity. If none hit then all $$ to charity and so on. It's a fun way to root for silly stuff and people are willing to pay $5-10-20 for stuff like that because they don't have to be a betting person or know a lot about the sport.
  19. I think this has been the best Disney series by far, but like you I didn't really care for the characters too much. Another season and I'm sure they will grow on me.
  20. Same here. Hadn't thought of it since then and also don't want to ruin the old memories!
  21. My introduction to him was in Victory, the POW movie. Still the only soccer movie I have ever seen, not my sport.
  22. Had some time off recently and ate some popcorn Avatar water world... It was pretty much as I expected and also not. Babylon if you have a small interest in how movies are made this would be entertaining to you, also if you do cocaine before the movie it probably would be better because it's a frantic movie. The movie won't be for most people but I really liked it minus one bit. Jack Ryan S3 Much much better than S2. This felt more like S1 and now I hope they do another season. The Glass Onion ehh... I think I liked it, I know I liked some performances, but that's about all I have to say? X The horror movie set on a porn production shoot. Dear lord give me back that 90 min or so that I wasted on this. Jenna Ortega was pretty good in the limited role she had, Kid Cudi and Brittany Snow also did good but the rest of it was just utter shit to me.
  23. Without giving any spoilers, is this a good movie even if I didn't get the hype over the original?
  24. Biggest surprise for me was Turpin making it. I spend a considerable amount of time messaging during the game when he tries to run back every damn kick off and doesn't even get to the 20 yard line. I'm wanting to bench his ass and he makes pro bowl? Shows why I don't do this for a living.
  25. I'd say the NFC is now a two team race, Philly and SF. Dallas is losing players every week. 5 def starters are out. The def had depth but now those guys are having to be the man instead of the guy that gives the man a break.
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