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  1. While that may be too much to ask even for an infinite number of universes, there will be one in which you think you are the best singer on the planet, and that is enough. (Also one where I have an international sex credit card aka posh British accent)
  2. According to some quantum theories, there are multiple universes (some say infinite) in which all different outcomes are possible. In this multiverse there could even be a universe in which one single individual has all the attributes you are looking for. If we were to make a movie about this, we could call it "Lady Limpwood and the multiverse of hardness"
  3. We're all doomed. Happy Monday! https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/apr/04/ipcc-report-now-or-never-if-world-stave-off-climate-disaster
  4. I dont get it...although I guess the way to annoy someone with a German accent is to claim they dont have a sense of humor.
  5. You folks should try dating with an Indian accent (in the US, I hasten to add. Would be weird if it was a hindrance back in the motherland). I've heard recordings of myself and even I am surprised how thick my accent is, and dismayed by how unsexy it is. Luckily I have a big personality to compensate for it.
  6. If we are talking about Lea Thompson, she also directed episodes 3 and 4 of this season (although I have to say I missed her guest appearance in this episode). Makes sense she hung around to do a cameo as well. Only reason I know she was the director was because of the Ready Room episodes.
  7. Hopefully janitor for the holodeck. Anyway, just watched Picard Ep 5, which I thought was a great improvement over the previous episode. I dont mind the slow burn either, with the caveat that TNG and other series managed to at least have the talky episodes involve some sort of 'sciencing' or discussion of moral issues. Wish we could have more of that rather than the rather unsubtle shoehorning of modern day issues into these episodes.
  8. Have football fans become even more boorish in recent times? So many examples this week. Anyway, today is the day for CONCACAF. Fingers crossed USMNT doesnt lose by 6 goals.
  9. There was also an article in the Guardian doing a bit of psychoanalysis as to why he reacted the way he did (the theory being he grew up in an abusive family and he always felt ashamed he couldnt do more to protect his mother).
  10. Well, for starters Chris Rock didnt host the Oscars, he was a guest presenter. And the hosts themselves are paid peanuts, so a guest presenter is probably paid ...whatever is smaller than peanuts. I doubt the people who do short bits do an enormous amount of research, maybe 5 minutes where they try out bits in front of someone else. I'm willing to grant the joke was somewhat tasteless (albeit prefaced with "Love you Jada", so whatever), but it was hardly something to get violent over. Best route would have been for Smith to say something back rather than lose his sh*t. I also think the joke wasnt as much about his wife or making fun of his wife, but understand others can perceive it differently. PS - I should note I am a fan of Chris Rock and he is a pretty measured and serious individual in real life from what I gather, so I doubt there was real malice in his joke.
  11. We can still make it since there are the Intercontinental play offs between CONCACAF 4th place and OFC final winner (either New Zealand or Solomon Islands). Weirdly enough, the play offs will be in Qatar so the loser can have a taste of what could have been.
  12. After that 5-1 win, the US are nearly through (but not quite yet). Cant believe how agonizingly painful this whole process is.
  13. Mexico is still tied with Honduras, which must be making them pretty anxious seeing how close the tables are at this point (although if the US wins then Panama is eliminated and the 4th place can still qualify through playoffs)
  14. Both Canada and Costa Rica appear to have won their matches, so USMNT needs to win against Panama to at least get closer to qualification. If they lose...well, they'll be on the road against Costa Rica and it'll be squeaky bum time. Edit: Is Costa Rica-El Salvador still going on? Really hard to tell via google. I think its still in the 54th minute with Costa Rica up 2-1.
  15. Everyone thinks this is the end of Joe Root as captain, with Broad being the front runner, but if he is retiring in a few years I would question that decision. It might work, only if you groom someone like Stokes right away to be successor
  16. Q has already been on trial (sort of) in "Deja Q", where he was stripped of his powers for creating chaos across the universe. Hopefully we dont have a rehash of that concept.
  17. An alternate theory I have is that the divergence has already occurred (with April 15th being a red herring) and therefore Guinan never met Picard. I mean, there is absolutely nothing to stop the Stargazer from going back in time after the divergence since Q essentially snapped them into the alternate timeline anyway. Recall that it was the Borg Queen who sent them back in time, and she could be lying about it (albeit in the Confederation her hive went kablooey, so she does have a vested interest in going pre-divergence)
  18. Everything till the divergence should be the same, so the Mark Twain Guinan I would imagine should look the same as 2024 LA Guinan (although why she would make the move from the clearly superior SF area to that most wretched hive of scum and villainy is beyond me) Although, thinking about it a bit more, I too am not sure if the 19th century meeting took place. Its in the past so it should not be affected by events AFTER the divergence, right? Right?
  19. Yeah, this was easily my least favorite episode of S2: Picard. The plot didnt move at all. and I wasnt feeling the new-look Guinan. Also, someone will have to reconcile the 19th century, 21st century and 24th century Guinan somehow.. The one comment I wanted to make about the show is just how passive Picard has been up to this point (his crewmates seem to do most of the heavy lifting, true even in S1). I couldnt tell you any single action he performed until Ep 4, to be honest. He did have a bit more of a non-passive role IMO in this episode. Not that it deters from my enjoyment of it, but just an observation.
  20. After the initial high, Raducanu seems to be struggling a bit now in her maiden WTA tour matches. Hopefully she can right her ship soon. I think the more I think about it the more amazed at how the WIlliams sisters were able to handle early success and pressure so well.
  21. USMNT have an especially poor record at the Azteca. I'm rooting for them to win or at least draw, of course, but it seems unlikely.Canada leading the group is of course delightful to see.
  22. Apparently there was a Russian tv show (short lived) called "Tanks arent afraid of mud", and one of the claims pre-war was that Russian tanks wouldnt be bogged down in the Ukrainian countryside. And here we are... I'm not expert on tank warfare, that much is clear, but I think the bigger they are, the easier to get ground down. If we are talking Tank v Tank then small, maneuverable ones are the way to go (there are famous examples of this in the 1965 India-Pakistan war)
  23. Oh CDC, never change: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/mar/24/cdc-coding-error-overcount-covid-deaths There is so much bad data floating around with COVID - I know some of my colleagues like playing around with the data and come up with their own pet models to mimic the curves, but I've never bothered since I always feel queasy about the 'sanctity' of the data.
  24. Most of the nations being talked about - Azerbaijan, Kazhakhstan, Uzbekistan etc. have their own regional organization (the so-called 'Turkic states'), and since Turkey is part of that, hopefully at least have a champion there. That may not mean much when it comes to military might compared to say Russia, but it is still good to have a vocal advocate on your side. I also read on these very forums that Ergodan was slowly trying to disentangle these Central Asian nations from Russian influence while maintaining his tenuous relationship with Putin. He's made a few tentative moves in that regard.
  25. I'm a bit more bullish about S2 Picard. For instance, they have already created a mystery that has much of the internet buzzing about who this person/character is (something Disco could learn a lot from). The pace is maybe more breakneck than classic Trek, but at some point hopefully the characters will sit in front of a view screen and analyze.
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