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  1. On the note of Hollywood (and the military) and Ukraine: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/mar/13/us-veteran-ships-film-set-military-equipment-ukraine
  2. This is the time I finally feel good about my Nissan Leaf purchase - it has a 110 mile range and sh*t aesthetics, but was quite cheap (used), and I dont have to worry about gas prices. Since getting a workable public transport system is a pipe dream in most of small town America, I think low range EV car + hybrid car is probably the best option (sustainability wise) for most American families, IMO (like what I have right now)
  3. I havent finished Disco S4 yet, but at this point I'm not sure I care. I've read enough about it to glean that the season in its entirety will be patchy as expected. One of the harsher, but true comments I've read on the internet that S4 feels like a two-parter on TNG stretched out to an entire season. I think it has a lot of truth to it, consider the depiction of Species 10C to the Borg, for instance (not that far fetched, since the former didnt seem to fully grasp the concept of individuality from what I've read). Best of Both Worlds manages to convey the menace of the Borg, have the crew grapple with an existential threat (cube invading Earth), have interpersonal drama AND resolve it in two episodes. Keeping 10-C off screen for so long was always going to result in a disappointing denouement. Bringing me to Picard S2, they've managed to tell new stories with the same pieces as before (Borg and Q), rather than create a Big Bad threatening the galaxy/universe/multiverse, which leaves us not caring much about it. I was hooked with what little I saw of Picard. Helps that I think the caliber of actors on it is better too.
  4. The Russians are also in planning stage for a gas pipeline to Pakistan, so presumably land routes are still possible through Central Asia to Pakistan. India would be more difficult as I think it may have to involve some part of China. A sea route looks more likely.
  5. Not just any run-of-the-mill energy barrier, but a negative energy barrier. Weirdly enough (something i discovered just now), there have been theoretical warp drives proposed using negative energy, such as here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcubierre_drive
  6. No one else was thinking about Dua Lipa's New Rules song? Just me then?
  7. At this point they have taken many of the actions they could have, while also emphatically stating a no-fly zone was a no-go. For instance, arming Ukraine to the teeth with Javelins etc., sanctions towards Russia/oligarchs and divestment from O&G, and shoring up NATO defenses in Europe. They've also secured, I think, the return of the ISS astronaut who was dependent on Mir to get back to Earth. I am now wondering if they are trying to bait Putin (like calling him a war criminal) into some sort of rash response that would give NATO casus belli; one way to end the war (albeit a way with larger loss of life). Otherwise its difficult to see how the endgame plays out with the Russian advance and the peace talks at an impasse.
  8. In other news, the Fed increased interest rates by a quarter point, which will not make all that much difference. They do however plan to do this 6 (!) times over the year? Recession is of course a worry for next year but...who knows that this year will bring.
  9. Didnt want to derail the Ukraine thread, but the 800 million dollar package for defensive measures for Ukraine has some pretty substantial hardware in it. Our defense budget is about 3 orders of magnitude greater than this package though. I have to wonder if there is a more efficient (i.e, lower cost) way to defend ourselves and our allies - namely arm them. Even if we passed 100 such bills we could provide some serious firepower to 100 allies and substantially lower risk of invasion for them. And then for say (pulling number out of my behind) 300 billion dollars have enough aircraft, aircraft carriers, stuff to shoot down ICBMs etc to adequately protect ourselves.
  10. I was curious why Marco Rubio was so interested in DST. After all, the closer to the equator you are the less impact DST has on your life, and much of Florida is on the same latitude as northern India, which doesnt follow DST at all. And then a bit of digging unearthed that Florida had already passed a permanent DST bill in 2017, but for reason of some government arcane-ity, needed the US House (or Senate or both, who cares) to pass either the same bill or a similar bill. Hence Rubio's involvement.
  11. I will be donating to anyone who wants to primary him.
  12. That would make them advance about 2 miles or so (not sure if you were being facetious, but vehicles are too big to be exclusively powered by solar power via panels or what have you). I think I made a comment couple threads ago about how the Russian invasion was similar to Patton's Third Army advance from France into Germany (they ran out of fuel too). He made about 50 miles in 3 months.
  13. Sounds to me like a lot of promises in real-life, where someone says "I'll do this for you...later", and later never arrives. They just want you off their back. Regarding the paucity of jeeps, maybe they have 'supply chain issues' as well. The chip shortage made dealerships here in US have low inventories of vehicles, who knows if the Russians couldnt overcome them?
  14. I see Kohli wasnt among the runs in the first 2 Tests with Sl. Since he is no longer captain, I'd suggest his place in the side is in some peril.
  15. Not that it matters all that much, but he (Brett Renauld) was not on assignment for the NYT. He has contributed to them in the past and was wearing a press badge issued to him many years ago by the NYT.
  16. In addition to the foreign legions, about 60000 Ukrainians have returned to the country to fight. Most of them probably dont have much combat experience, but in terms of being a nuisance or simply acting as support staff for combat soldiers, they could prove quite useful.
  17. Looks like Belarus has in fact not entered the war by invading Ukraine. It is however rotating troops out at the border (about 5 BTGs). Maybe Lukashenko was able to hold Putin off, although the former did secure some sort of deal of getting state of the art military hardware from Russia. Its all very puzzling.
  18. Per the Guardian: They started with a 100, but unclear how many were out of commission due to maintenance. With this in mind, 29 MiGs would make a pretty big difference IMO
  19. From some tweets (not my favorite source of info) I gather the Ukrainian MoD is offering Russian pilots $1M for defecting with a plane and $500k for a helicopter (USD). Not sure if this money would come from the aid they have been receiving so far or where, but one thing this conflict has taught me is that all kinds of offers are on the table that we havent traditionally seen in warfare.
  20. Ukrainians seem to think Belarus will invade Ukraine tonight (9 PM local time), post Lukashenko-Putin meeting. Coupled with the chemical/biological false flags the Russians are planting everywhere including the UN, its probably 'kitchen sink' time for the invasion.
  21. I personally dont know, it was just an impression I got from reading articles on the Guardian -which themselves werent very specific but mentioned that air cover now had caught up with the troop movement, and the 'logistics' problem was more of a traffic jam problem with vehicles running out of fuel, exacerbated by muddy countryside and few roads. It would just take a while to disentangle (and the problems in the north west were not replicated elsewhere). Wert's post has given me a fair bit of knowledge as to why Zelensky was bullish though.
  22. Zelensky seems to think they have reached a 'strategic turning point' in this war, Not sure what that means or if he is sounding this note of optimism for his troops, since my impression was that the Russian advance was well under way having solved many logistic problems. Also, a third Russian major general died in Ukraine, another data point regarding poor planning by the Russian military (one is a point, two is a line, three is a trend as we scientists say)
  23. I'm sorry, say what now? I thought there was a whole discussion about the invasion not taking place during the Beijing Olympics between some individuals in the two nations.... At any rate, Burns also suggested that Jinping is troubled at the reputational loss that China is facing based on its implicit support of Russia so far.
  24. Next time someone complains about apologies being mostly symbolic and useless since none of us were alive at the time of said atrocities, merely remind them that it should also be bad form to be proud of the achievements of the past as well since none of us were alive then and had no significant part to play in the Enlightenment or the Renaissance.
  25. There is growing concern about Russia not following 'rules of engagement' for this war. From the ever present nuclear threat to increasing concern they may use chemical/biological weapons. Not to forget the thermobaric weapons that they already used. Add to that are the bombing of hospitals and the ridiculous nature of the ceasefire/evacuations so far and it doesnt paint a pretty picture. I fear Putin has condemned an entire generation of Russians to be pariahs, in addition to setting back his country many decades. Not to minimize this conflict, but it also sets us back on the goal to defeat climate change where a unified front is crucial (its an existential crisis). Particularly bad timing since our window was pretty small for it.
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