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  1. I was under the impression a tragic characters downfall is ultimately not his own fault, I think I have to look this up. EDIT: Well I was obviously wrong. I guess I didn't see her as tragic because I can not sympathize with her all to much, which seems to be a characterization for the 'tragic hero'.
  2. And it would fulfill Cerceis prophecy about the valonquar somewhat. But I always thought the FM can only put on faces of dead people. I wouldn't picture Cercei as a tragic character, much of her downfall will be her own doing. She is not stupid, but her decision making process is definetly clouded by petty thoughts and narcisstic tendencies.
  3. It is not entirely clear which of Roberts question Ned really answers, this one: or this one: The outcome is very different, and many who believe in R+L=J say it was the first question. If he answers the first one, he only tells Robert the Name, but does NOT say its Jons mother. If its the other one around he would tell you N+W=J. But well, both are entirely possible
  4. Thats what he does: He drinks, and knows things.
  5. The Jon chapter follows directly the Reek chapter. and yea this is entirely possible this does not mean anything at all and possibly has no deeper meaning But since those chapters are adjacent in the order it feels like something deliberately layed out to be seen. I also thought of Dany's one hundred and sixty-three master/slaves nailed to a post, she also frequently thinks about this. The only connection I possibly see is the election of Jon as Lord Commander. But I need to check those numbers, maybe Dany sacrifices 136 masters to get Jon elected? At least it would be in the same part of the book if I am not mistaken. If the Storm Dancers crew is related, I doubt. Catelyn payed the captain sixty coins for the crew, and not sixty-three, it emphasizes those are seperate. The pattern 'seventy minus seven' on the other hand is a nice catch. I guess it represents something working against the faith of the seven. Also, Barristan Selmy is sixty-three, no idea what to to with this.
  6. Did Ramsay Bolton sacrifice unknowingly 63 ironmen, so Jon could convince 63 wildlings from mole town to help the watch out? and the chapter after this Are there other accidental sacrifices? Or very odd connections between numbers? Does 63 have any special meaning?
  7. Nice one! But I am going to challenge this with: House Prester of Feastfires of course, their arms bear a red ox. We most definitevely do!
  8. I think this dilemma breaks down to Kohlbergs Stages of Moral Development: https://www.thoughtco.com/kohlbergs-stages-of-moral-development-4689125 Not everyone reaches the last stage, there are even adults with an lower moral stage than some kids, this depends on the person itself. There is a test for children to determine if they passed a specific stage, which is a little story: I told it a kid once, which gasped at the "breaks in" part of the story. It simply wasn't ready to morally put ones life above a law. I guess Jamie did reach stage 5, Ned on the other hand probably was in stage 4.
  9. First of this is a really nice idea, I like it a lot! Really refreshing, never heard anything like this before. And just to express a thought which struck me while reading this: This and the fact layed out before that craster only has daughters but sacrifices his sons to be others led me to think that the others could be the brothers of the COTF. As far as I can remember every COTF was described like a female. Also the quote at first it reads the giants are both. But what if this suggests that the giants where their bane, but the others their brothers?
  10. Found some link: https://www.knivesandtools.com/en/ct/steel-types-for-kitchen-knives.htm sorry for being off-topic, just found it an interesting tidbit
  11. The names white, blue or super blue steel stems from the fact in which paper they where wrapped in. Sometimes called white paper steel or blue paper steel.
  12. The Dothrakis don't consider giving up (or not starting) a siege as lost battle:
  13. The southern part (without Dorne) IS Ireland, just tumbled upside down.
  14. Also Kevan was killed by Varys with a crossbow. And Joffrey liked his crossbows, so all ruling Lannisters had something to do with crossbows. Sidenote: interestingly Jamie does not like crossbows, maybe he does not want to rule? And fAegon is an orphan too, it might hint his ascent to the iron throne, rather than Jons.
  15. Vaelin Al Sorna with his Blood Song from a Raven's Shadow
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