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  1. Also Kevan was killed by Varys with a crossbow. And Joffrey liked his crossbows, so all ruling Lannisters had something to do with crossbows. Sidenote: interestingly Jamie does not like crossbows, maybe he does not want to rule? And fAegon is an orphan too, it might hint his ascent to the iron throne, rather than Jons.
  2. Vaelin Al Sorna with his Blood Song from a Raven's Shadow
  3. The new King, you fought against him. My understanding of the world is that everyone fighting on the loosing side is considered a traitor in the eyes of the winner. No need to overthink this, just simple as that.
  4. They should've just murdered Viserys and Dany way back after the Rebellion. That would've been the most efficient moment to remove Valyrian Nobel once and for all! After all, they are a assassins society
  5. Yes he did, but only Greatjon Umber and he threatened to go home with his men. The rest did follow and only tried to test Robb, nothing more. And he didn't sent Grey Wind on him to prove a point, that was done because in reaction of Greatjon Umber drawing his sword. He threatened a vassal, not his vassals. And only after they made their intentions clear to disobey him. Nothing unusual in this story and hardly the worst any leader has done. Also, I don't think he would've been called "King in the North" from his vassals if the majority where unhappy with his decisions.
  6. You mean after the Boltons conspired to have the norths leader killed, they stepped up and accepted leadership with a heavy heart?
  7. I am on a reread, and this made me chuckle. Since the american publisher is "bantam books"
  8. Might be, but do you know the saying: "If one guy tells you you have a tail ignore him. If one hundred guys tell you you have a tail, look behind you."
  9. The last dragon died 153 under the rule of Aegon the Dragonbane, so in 153 all the glasscandles stopped working. This means the maesters had roughly 150 years to forget that in their final ritual the candles always burned, and think of a aphorism instead. A society dedicated to wisdom, this does sound like a flaw in your theory. So, what now, do they ignite themselves or do they have to be ignited?
  10. He tells us that it will be a huge book in his NaB: https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2020/06/23/writing-reading-writing/ So I guess it could, and maybe did already, hit the barrier of how big a book can be printed.
  11. Is this known that it did happen rarely in the 300 years long rule of the Targaryen? I honestly do not know, I thought there is not enough information about all the marriages pacts of the paramount houses in the 300 years.
  12. Probably. Because in the very same chapter, Bran remembers that his mother told him once that Old Nan mixes up all the Brandons she cared for.
  13. I don't know if this was mentioned in the first topic, but I stumbled upen a Timeline quote in GoT Bran IV: Why would Old Nan, specifically mention that the stories are before Bran too? If they are before her, it should include Bran too. If they time flows like it does normally. Thought this would another hint, wouldn't it?
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