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  1. Gave it a 2. I just, I kind of lost fate in this whole show thing. Have been for this season but the Winterfell scenes were the last straw. Okay so: Dorne- bad. Bad bad bad. I like the look of the Water Gardens, not what I had pictured but lovely nonetheless. I liked Doran and Areo, I liked the Dornishman's Wife. All of that didn't help the nonsensical plot this episode, the bad acting (wth sand snakes ??) the boring fight scene and just ugh I wish we had Arianne, wish they hadn't messed Ellaria up completely, wish Trystane and Myrcella weren't flat stereotypical teenage characters. House of Black and White- looked lovely. Amazing graphics. I liked the faces, in my had it was way smaller but this was more creepy. Didn't really like Arya, she was kind of whiny and the whole lying thing didn't make much sense to me. Jorah&Tyrion- Good. Fine. Jorah's reaction to his fathers death was very well done. Tyrion was funny. King's Landing- I liked watching it. In hindsight I'm a little disappointed by the whole 'trial' thing, Margaery arrested on this vague notion, the birth mark thing?? Could have easily made some excuse or something. And what in the world is Tommen doing, this whole aeging up thing was a horrible idea. He's now not a sweet child, but some weak teenage boy, meaning he's much much less sympathic. Queen of Thorns was great, I liked Lena's acting as well and Loras was good. Winterfell- yeah. Well. The big problem here. It made me so upset I left the room. I gotta be clear: it's not the rape per se that disgusts me so much. It can be well written into a storyline, and even though I'd still hate watching it it wouldn't be a bad thing for the show. I don't hate the acting either, I think all were brilliant. For what it's worth, I'm glad there were no dogs and we did not have to see it. But what upsets me so much is just that it doesn't make sense to me at all, plot wise. What's the point of making Sansa suffer? What's the point of making Theon suffer? Both have deeply shitty lives. Sansa was finally, finally getting some sort of agency. A start. A chance. And now they've made her go through a horrible event that puts her back in square one: victim. I don't even get why she's in Winterfell at all. Also the fact that they've been planning this rape scene for, like, years?? And they waited until Sophie turned eighteen so they could do it?? It sickens me. To me it seems purely for shock value, painful and worthless to the story or the character. In hindsight I might've given it a 3 or 4 but the overall impression the episode left on me is absolutely horrible and I'm now just desperately waiting for winds of winter, I suppose..
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    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

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    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    Didn't Sophie say that she found the scene very difficult to do? Iwan did, at least. How does doing a rape scene make you a rape apologist..? I think I missed something here. Either way it seems pretty damn obvious this was rape. Just because she wasn't dragged into that room by her hair doesn't mean she consented to it. What even is the point of arguing about whether this was rape or not, when it so clearly is and denying it only makes you look like a douche.