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  1. 5 everything was bad except stannis and BR.
  2. 5 no stannis they can't put him in the beginning of next ep that's BS he should have had his triumphant episode ending moment now it's just gonna be a scene no one talks about because of all the other stuff that will happen in episode 10.
  3. Jon Arryn reveal was underwhelming poorly placed it will make the only cat scene worse.
  4. That wasn't a spoiler people they just took something that was implied and made it obvious like they usually do.
  5. That stannis scene was shit why is he threatening davos at times like this I wish they could keep him offscreen till he saves the watch instead of adding this bs filler.
  6. They can't remove 2 and a half seasons of butchering a character in one episode.
  7. 8 stannis couldn't call them traitors and they actually have done something wrong but no he says infidels cause they won't convert that ruined it for me.
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