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  1. Yes, we know a lot of things, but basically Isaac is saying the same thing in every interview. We do not know anything about Hodor, e.g. Isaac did not say directly, but he said that Bran has visions about the time when he was happy, and that will be nice visions, he won't want to wake up. I assume that will be visions of his childhood.
  2. I think he didn't speak nor 10% of what will happen. I'm excited by the scenes that Bran will see the future. In addition, Isaac said Bran will have visions about himself, I wonder about what they will be.
  3. Yes. I understand that Bran will be very entertained with his new powers, but I want him to show at least a little consternation. Or I'll be very disappointed.
  4. Jojen's death was horribly filmed. I feel that it was not their intention to ignore Jojen's death, but I didn't like it. Yes, at least by Meera. Ellie said Meera will be very angry with what happened.
  5. Yes, she and the Three-eyed raven are the only people who can do it. I hope they succeed and soon. I want Meera to tell some truths in his face. I haven't accept the fact that he did not seem to mind Jojen's death in S4.
  6. Yes, but in the books he is just a kid. I love Bran, but I'm also rooting for Meera kick his ass. She does not deserve it.
  7. Yes, it's amazing. But I'm worried with people's reaction to this. So Jojen sacrificed his life and Meera is alone away from her family just so Bran can have fun? That is terrible.
  8. http://www.tvguide.com/news/game-of-thrones-season-6-bran-white-walkers-war-isaac-hempstead-wright/?rss=breakingnews
  9. Thanks! New interview with Isaac (and Ellie), they talk a little about Bran's storyline. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gnjdGdC_8U
  10. Maybe it's just excessive worry, Bran is my favorite character. According to an interview with Ellie Kendrick in the first scene with Meera we will see her remembering Jojen's death. I hope they show how his death affected the whole group, this is every important.
  11. Yes, I perfectly agree. I'm just afraid of how they will address this in the show,
  12. Seriously, I don't want them to turn Bran's story in a teen angst drama. Bran as a child was so mature for his age. He doesn't need to turn into a silly teenager.
  13. “For Bran, I think it's a real wake up call. He's north, he's up where the dead are, and he could potentially be the key to making the dead victorious or defeating them,” Hempstead-Wright teased. “There's not much time. Bran has really got to get his act together, and he's still got many teenage, hubristic tendencies. He's still making some silly decisions with his powers. He's got to learn quickly, and he's got to shoulder a tremendous amount of responsibility with these powers which are going to be crucial, I feel like. For Bran, 'the dead are coming' is a real 'you need to step up to the plate.’” http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/04/17/what-the-dead-are-coming-means-for-game-of-thrones-season-6
  14. Oh, that would be amazing.
  15. I love this passage. So bad they cut it from the show.