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  1. I don't think Valyrian steel was produced by Dragonlords in any case. I think it was produced by the blood-sorcerer craftsmen of Old Valyria. And the Dragonlords employed such artisans much like a Westerosi lord employes a Maester or Smith. Only, these guys were quite rare, even in Valyria. I expect that the Targaryens weren't wealthy enough to bring such a sorcerer to Dragonstone.
  2. To me, if a large Tyrell force gets defeated at Storm's End, and if Euron has sacked the Arbor, destroys the Reach's fleet and starts raiding up the Mander at will, then much of the remaining Tyrell forces in King's Landing will be diverted South, leaving their influence in King's Landing much, much weaker. That will allow Aegon to take King's Landing, with Euron the wildcard causing havoc all along the South. I expect plenty of Tyrells to die in this process.
  3. Yeah. The point is, there is an almighty three (or four) way tussle coming in the South, between the Lannisters, Aegon+Dorne, Euron and the Tyrells caught in the middle of them all. The loss of life will be immense.
  4. Do we know that Hizdahr was even part of the plan when George originally wrote the prophecy, or was he just a late solution to the Mereneese knot?
  5. Good write up, Lord Varys. Credit to you about the threat level of Euron. My view was that unless he gets a Dragon, his plot would seem foolish, given his lack of military resources. Looks like he might not get the Dragon, but - as you predicted - Martin is ramping up the magic to the next level in Euron's plot - to help him balance out his military deficit. He is going to be a big player indeed. As an aside, I do note how my prediction of the South descending into chaos and being weakened as much as the North is starting to become reality. Just from a naval point of view, if Euron destroys the Redwynne and Hightower fleets, then Manderlys 50 warships will be left as one of the strongest naval forces this side of the Narrow Sea. And he is still building more. I expect a similar trend in terms of land forces too, with the Tyrell and other southron armies being decimated in the coming Southern conflict.
  6. I imagine a school of krakens obeying Euron's call, pulling Redwyne ships down by the score. Maybe I'm getting carried away, but the image is exciting.
  7. So the various kings and queens then, fighting over the realm. Who is the tall terrible bride, though? What could hands of white fire symbolize?
  8. OK, so without the Iron Fleet there is clearly no way that Euron can win a naval battle against the Redwynne battle fleet, not to mention with the Hightower fleet added to the mix. Lord Varys raised the possibility in a previous discussion that Euron might use some magic to swing the battle in his favour. Well, after all of the supernatural stuff with captive priests, brides with hands of white fire an so on in this chapter, I would not be surprised if he used some blood magic sacrifice to raise a storm that sinks half the Redwynne fleet, or raises a thick mist to confuse them, or something to that effect.
  9. Maybe the white haired woman Bran saw in his last vision? Kind of the High Priestess of the Others? The same woman who was the corpse bride of the 13th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.
  10. Who would the tall, terrible bride with hands of white fire be?
  11. Wow. Interesting interpretation. And for the first time it gets me thinking that the Others may approach this war more strategically than simply trying to mindlessly roll on South with their zombie hordes. If they are able to have someone like Euron start weakening humanity from the opposite end of the continent, then it shows a lot more strategic vision and intelligence than most people gave them credit for, before. And it then begs the question, if they can use Euron for that purpose, why not other key players in the series to date? And that immediately makes one start considering potential candidates who have played a major role in weakening Westeros just before this new Winter arrives. People like Baelish, Varys etc.
  12. Well, George isn't wasting any time culling the PoV characters, like he promised. I assume this is either the last or second last chapter for Aeron. We might see him again as he witnesses the coming battle while tied to the prow of Silence. And with Aeron dead, does this finally kill the idea that Theon is destined for a return to glory at a repeat Kingsmoot? Not that it was ever very likely, given Theon's condition.
  13. Is it confirmed that Euron has already sacked the Arbor? Was that the burning castle Aeron saw?
  14. My guess was that Aeron, in hindsight and despair, given the current situation, is interpreting the comet as signalling the end for the true followers of the Drowned God, now that Euron has usurped the Seastone chair.
  15. I wasn't quite clear on that part from the handwritten notes I thought Leyton's ships were on their way to engage Euron now. Where did you see that he sent them away?
  16. No, I immediately went to check the Greyjoy family tree on the Wiki, and there are a bunch of other brothers and halfbrothers, some of whom died in their infancy and childhood years. Thanks to Euron, I guess.
  17. Wow. They should have chosen this chapter years ago when they chose Arriane instead. Far from just being flashbacks to Aeron's history with Euron, and some priest stuff on the Iron Isles, it is actually moving the plot forward in real time, with up to date events with Euron. Brilliant stuff.
  18. Here's the link to someone who made 5 pages of handwritten notes at the reading. Would be great if someone could decipher it all and type it up. https://twitter.com/arhythmetric/status/737014268189650944
  19. So I'm hearing some really intense reports from George's Balticon reading of the Damphair chapter from Winds. Wow. If the reports are accurate, it contains loads of massive plot details. Enough to influence a number of theories and provide lots of food for discussion. I don't want to quote secondhand reports until they are confirmed, but if true, it gives us great insight into what Euron is up to and what's been happening in the Reach since we last heard from there. And man, some messed up cruelty there too. Anyway, just wanted to get the discussion going. Waiting for some confirmed updates.
  20. Interesting. Martin must have more in store for him, else his entire plotline was a monumental farce. I must say, your Cersei theory has one thing going for it. If Cersei marries Euron, then Victarrion could end up being the Valonquar. And we know how badly Victarrion wants to kill the wife of his big brother Euron. Didn't he choke the life out of his own wife, after she slept with Euron, as much as it pained him? Pretty much exactly the fate prophecied for Cersei, isn't it? But then, that would go against so much of what we expect to happen - such as "dumb as a stump" Victarrion dying a fiery death in the near future.
  21. Lord Varys I agree that Euron is set up as a major villain of the 2nd half of the series. But I am interested to hear just how powerful you think he is. His entire pitch to the Ironborn at the Kingsmoot is based on the Dragonhorn and the mastery of dragons. In terms of manpower, I was being generous when I ascribed 20k men to his forces in the Reach. In truth, the entire Ironborn strength is around 25k by the maximum estimates around, although I believe Ran puts them closer to 20k. But these Ironborn have already suffered some losses in the North - even if it is only a couple thousand men or so, every campaign comes with losses to disease, battle, storms at sea etc. So call it 23000 men left, that gathered at the Kingsmoot after the Northern campaign. From there, the entire Ironfleet was dispatched to Meereen. That's their 100 largest ships. Each likely carrying at least 100 men. So that's 10000 of the 23000 men off to Meereen - of which half were scattered to the four corners of the earth by storms along the way. If Euron is lucky, he has maybe 13000 men in the Reach. But likely it is closer to 10000 in my view. Lord Hightower on his own can raise more men than that. If Euron doesn't have dragons, he is only going to be a nuisance - and a temporary one at that - to the Lords of the Reach. Sure, a surprise attack might cause some serious havoc, as would a series of multiple small scale raids along the coast. But even if he takes a few keeps, it is simply not feasible to think that Reach lords are going to swear allegiance to his pitiful force en masse. And who is seriously going to form an allegiance with him? He is not even a powerful ally, going by Westerosi standards. Any of the Kingdoms could raise more men than him, even at this late point in the story. As for the Redwynne fleet. It is more powerful than the Royal fleet. And without the Iron Fleet I seriously doubt Euron has a chance of defeating it. He has only tiny 20-30 man ships left, with the Iron Fleet off in Meereen. And even if he DOES defeat the Redwynne fleet. So what? It still leaves him woefully underpowered on land. Euron needs dragons, or else he is a non-entity in the bigger scheme of things.
  22. In my view Euron's purpose is to serve as a distraction for the Tyrells. He is going to ravage the Western Reach with his 20,000 Reavers, burning some settlements, razing some towns and tying up probably 30k Reach troops or so. I see Aegon achieving a decisive victory over the Tyrells at Storm's End. That will be what brings Dorne to his cause. After that, I feel there is a need for another great victory - this time involving Dornish forces - over the Royal armies, before Aegon takes King's Landing. An interesting question, I guess, is whether the entire Dragonhorn sub-plot was just a waste of time - which would mean that Euron is a delusional idiot for even attempting to take the Iron Throne - or whether the Horn has already been bound to Euron and will summon Viserion or Rhaegal to his side when it is sounded. Perhaps even both. If he has a dragon (or two), I guess the nature of the threat he poses changes somewhat. If he doesn't get a dragon, well, then his plot becomes rather ridiculous, doesn't it.
  23. Personally I think George is about to decimate the "so many" Tyrells. And not in the original Roman sense of the word, but in the common usage meaning of it. The 100,000 (a number which I am not fully convinced of in any case considering the Stormland host that combined with the Tyrells in Renly's force to get him to his 80k, as well as Renly's tendency to exxagerate), is likely to be around 20k once Euron, Dorne, the Golden company and various Reach rebel lords are done with the Tyrells. Not to mention the Grey Plague which is just waiting in the wings to sweep through the thightly packed and oh so ripe Reach lands. All producing tens of thousands of ripe corpses, ready for the Others to raise into their army.
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