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  1. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. I wondered so many times why not a single one of the journalists tried to reply with this - the quotation is from the film only, not the original text from the novel; it would have been both tongue-in-cheek and a meta opener for the GoT/ASoIaF conundrum we are facing now : what is the journey (the path) if not to be mirrored by the end? I don't think Daenerys will be the mad queen but I do think she won't escape the legacy of her truly mentally damaged father and brother and while not crazy she will experience the bias of those around her : bias through superstition, fatalism, distrust, fear and perhaps most dangerous of all - being foreign to Westeros . As for the narrative, it may very well be that Dany's coin of "madness" and greatness will continue to spin in perpetuity, never landing on the ground, becoming part of the legend and mythology just like her dragons. Jon seems to be poised to leave Westeros to the Westerosi, curtail the supernatural threat(s), following his resurrection turning out to be a very sombre figure trying to do the best for the common good as hard as this sounds. Heartbroken. At this point I just want to send a shout-out to my Bloodraven who knows Targaryen glory is coming to an end.
  2. Ah. Well, there's always the world of Ice and Fire subforum. Thanks for your reply! :)
  3. Ran, If I don't want to be spoiled (not even a tidbit of the future plot), should I continue to watch the show? This is very important to me. I like the forum, but following the last week's episode, even the books part of the forum found a way to illustrate that something is happening ie every thread regarding the Others and The Night King was bumped.
  4. You, Sir, win the Internet :lol: Or rather, the forum.
  5. http://m.rollingstone.com/movies/news/george-r-r-martin-on-who-killed-joffrey-20140414#disqus_thread GRRM being a bit coy, and interesting take on Sansa-Tyrells relationship...
  6. She's chanting to herself as a form of self-goad, as seen in Harrenhal, when she enjoys her position of power as Ghost of Harrenhal; a child play, as it were. She likes it. Arya understands, on the instinctive level, the tidings of power, what one can and cannot do - and especially the consequences of such circumstances : when you have power, your family can't be hurt or rather you can claim revenge in case they end up hurt. She knows when she is a mouse, and when she's a she-wolf. I believe that the power given to her by Faceless Men is the strongest tie to her new identity (as a FM acolyte) and cannot be easily broken.
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