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  1. 10/10. Great Episode!!!!! I hate Stannis for what he did. That broke my heart. Which really sucks because I was and still am rooting for him. When Stannis sent Davos away I knew what he was planning on doing to Shireen. It was awesome to see Jorah kick some ass and get to save Dany. The ending was AMAZING!!!!
  2. 10/10. WOW!!!!! This episode was AMAZING!!!!! Definitely one of the best episodes of the series.
  3. 9/10. I really liked this episode. It sucked seeing Sansa with bruises all over her and Theon still not helping her. I really hope Stannis doesn't kill his daughter. It was cool when Tyrion and Dany first meet. It was very sad when Aemon died. But I LOVED when Cersei got what was coming to her.
  4. 8/10. good episode but that ending was very hard to watch. I can't wait to see Ramsey die.
  5. 10/10 Great Episode!!!! It will suck if Barristan and Grey Worm are both dead. The Melisandre and Jon Snow scene was very weird but I liked it. I freaked out when she said "You Know Nothing Jon Snow". The scene with Stannis and his daughter was very touching. I also loved all the scene with Sansa and Littlefinger talking about Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen. Also Barristan was talking about Rhaegar. So we are starting to find out that Rhaegar might not be the crazy murder and rapist we thought he was.
  6. 10/10. I LOVED IT!!! I really liked Mance so it sucks he didn't just bend the knee.
  7. WOW!!!! This might be the best episode EVER!!!! I LOVED IT!!! 10/10
  8. 10/10 I loved this episode. Definitely one of the best episodes EVER!!!!
  9. I'm still trying to get over what happened. Oberyn was AWESOME!!!! He became one of my favorite characters in the show. I've got to remember not to get attached to characters in this show. lol
  10. I gave this episode a 10/10. I loved every scene.
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