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  1. Staenerys Stargaryen

    Prequel Pilot Filming Begins

    Well I don't know how to feel about them going back in for a story with direwolves. I thought the potential for awesomeness with direwolves was all over game of thrones. But then I was extremely let down with the storylines of almost every one. Lady was pretty much the only one they didn't miss on for me and that was the GRRM layup. Would have liked to see Grey Wind ride into battle with Robb but they did ok there. I hope summer makes it out of the tree... That's why they brought Holddoor. I wanted Nymeria to show back up and do something, Arya also warging Nymeria to bring to battle for winterfell against night king could have been cool. I'm just less convinced at this point that they will make an awesome westeros story with direwolves... But I also can't wait to watch it and am gonna hope for the best
  2. Staenerys Stargaryen

    I never got over...

    Sam the slayer definitely would benefit from a steel shattering magical ice sword, they should have definitely looted better!
  3. Staenerys Stargaryen

    I hate the Starks, should I keep reading?

    Its ok to not like some characters... I think Joffrey is a spoiled brat but I still enjoyed reading about his mean self. Only you can decide if it is a waste of your time. Your dislike of the Starks seems to be founded more in your feelings then any of their actions. I would advise you to try and reread them more thoroughly...
  4. Staenerys Stargaryen

    Cold-hearted Robb

    Hind sight being what it is Robb probably should have taken the kingslayers head... Catelyn's handling of the situation pretty much was a stepping stone to the red wedding. Its not like the repercussions could have been any worse then that. Except maybe for sansa.
  5. Staenerys Stargaryen

    Was the Red Wedding inevitable?

    I always felt like Robb gave up too much to make the crossing... Didn't Ned have to cross the twins for Roberts Rebellion? He did not engage to marry a Frey for it. In hind sight Robb should not have sent his mother to negotiate the crossing because her deal ended up sucking. Could the North have taken the twins if Waldey didn't wanna let them through for a fairer price? At the time it may have seemed like a bad decision but probably would have avoided red wedding.
  6. Staenerys Stargaryen

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Well there will be the Hodor sacrifice that will be a big help. I imagine coldhands or maybe Benjen or a combination of the two will help with the journey. Also Book Bran will probably have more powers and maybe warg some northern animals to help along the way. More so then ravens scouting which is pretty much the extent of what Bran did.
  7. Staenerys Stargaryen

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    The dragons did not hear the horn being blown in feast.... You think its going to be a big fail?
  8. Staenerys Stargaryen

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    If Euron is able to use the horn and get a dragon for himself... Any chance he burns down kings landing before Dany gets to westeros?
  9. Staenerys Stargaryen

    People's reaction to Dany turning Mad Queen says something about us as humans

    They also could have gotten some shackle time and eventually found that knee. Everybody loves to be on the winning side of war. And if not they could have gotten used as collateral or ransom or even burnt later on. To me it was abuse of power because it was immediate. Roberts rebellion was successful because he won over the people. Even those that initially opposed him. Arya and Dany are independent of each other. The Freys got karma for red wedding. I'm not saying Arya is a saint I just don't think her actions are related to Dany.
  10. Staenerys Stargaryen

    People's reaction to Dany turning Mad Queen says something about us as humans

    I feel like the roasting of the Tarly duo last season was the first moment they really let us know Dany has a better chance of going mad then being logical or treating people fairly. Her dragonpower never felt so abused to me before that. What bothered me the most about the burning of kings landing was the treatment of Cersei in it all. If Dany is truly going mad queen it would have been more powerful to me if she flew with Jon Snow to the throne room. Long claw could take Cersei's head and Drogon roast her body. Then they fly the head up to the pike joff put Ned on. They could have even kept clegane bowl but made it a more meaningful fight. Then after they clearly won Jon tries to get Dany to regroup outside the city and she denies him and roasts the small folk as she does. Like if she is mad queen surely she should have been somehow cruel to Cersei, the one who murdered her best friend in the previous episode.
  11. Staenerys Stargaryen

    Killing Bronn

    Haha D and D didn't bother to answer those questions. Truly why would any of the 6 kingdoms go along with Tyrion picking Bran as king in the first place... The show ran out of names to give a lot of places rulers so I'm fine with Bronn getting highgarden. Who rules Dorne? Was that Harry the Heir or Sweet Robyn with Royce? They honored Dany on Gendry? They didn't have anyone from the rock? They really hate Edmure to bring him back and take a dump on him. The meeting of all the high lords of Westeros felt weak to me. Because you are pretty much only connected to the Starks and tyrion so they win the game of thrones. But the pack was supposed to be stronger together so what is the awesome finale. Every stark that makes it is separated in the end... They hit Bittersweet for me. I guess that was what They were going for lol
  12. Staenerys Stargaryen

    Killing Bronn

    They could have used a couple of scenes to transition bronn from somehow stalking Tyrion with a crossbow to being on the small council. That would have made sense creatively to me.
  13. Staenerys Stargaryen

    Title of the last episode

    S8e5 The bells. S8e6 And whistles ... It is known
  14. Staenerys Stargaryen

    Hoping for too much?

    Jon is disgusted by the city burn and starts the long journey north with his army... Is there any chance at all for Jon to run into Howland Reed? Maybe even go crazy and also see the last children of the forest... The one that made the night king might have been in control of him the whole time. And these folk convince Jon to turn back and fight the mad queen. Battle at trident 2.0 This last episode has to be epic right?
  15. Staenerys Stargaryen

    Tywin's Sack of KL vs Dany's burning of KL

    Tywins move was way more calculated and worked in his favor, and he didn't have to get his hands dirty. Dany got so close to getting what she wanted and then decided not to go get it and instead burn and destroy the city. I literally screamed at the tv go get Cersei why are you doing this haha. Karma for ep 6 not looking good for the dragon queen of ashes. Both moves were poopy and not necessary, tywin could have just joined Ned when he showed up and got probably the same deal coming out of Roberts rebellion. Dany obviously would have a happier rest of her life if she would have just roasted the lioness who was begging to be murdered brutally since season one .