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  1. Moorcock couldn’t write himself out of a wet paper bag.
  2. I’m still waiting to hear about books you actually like.
  3. For shits and giggles I actually went and read that inconsistency and errors link and not only is it really short for something as detailed and long as LotR, most of the errors have explanations and the article even opens praising Tolkien.
  4. Yeah I was expecting something a lot more chaotic and full of man babies but it’s ok.
  5. Oh dear, I'm sure this won't devolve into a shit show.
  6. It started as a joke based on a war hammer 40k saying then took off. I couldn’t tell you what it actually means, there’s debate and my ambien is kicking in. There is a grimdark magazine though. I think a few of the people there post here?
  7. I dunno it’s been a long time since I read it but I would never have labeled it grimdark.
  8. Why do people always assume GRRM won't finish the book?
  9. I just remember it bored me to tears. I haven't read it since it came out and I have changed A LOT as a reader so I am going to give it a reread at some point. I think the only sure thing with Kay is that everyone will have one book they dislike, and that every book will have at least wtf sex montage.
  10. I've read everything but Ysabel and A Brightness Long Ago. They are all really good except Tigana, which sucks balls.
  11. I don't think there is any consensus on anything.
  12. 100 or so pages into Earth and Sky and my word, this book is horny.
  13. OK now that’s just baiting me into making a snide comment. :p
  14. Er Athena Club. Auto correct + sleepy not a good idea. Theodora Goss
  15. Oh does the library of the unwritten count? That’s the thing. I’m still unsure what counts as UF. also one more hurrah for the invisible library. I looooove those books. Maybe my favorite ongoing series at the moment.
  16. Oh do the Athens Club books count as UF? Those books are wonderful. im generally ok with romancey bits as long as it’s not one of those series with internalized misogyny and alpha male werewolves. I liked soulless. Hmm I should get back to those. anyway I’m barely awake and ranting
  17. Ohhh yeah i LOVE The Invisible Library books.
  18. So I like Peter Grant, Ninth House, last smile in Sunder City, and I’ve been told Gladstone’s Craft Sequence counts as UF. Anyone want to throw some reccomends at me that ARNT Dresden?
  19. Oooooo Last light is my favorite of the ones I’ve read so far too. To be fair I have a thing for that era and area of history. was it me or was River of Stars super unhorny for a Kay book? i went to start Children of Earth and Sky just now and the book literally fell apart as I picked it up. Teach me to buy from second hand shops. To amazon!
  20. Yeah see that’s why I think ISFDB may have had some sort of data hickup, cause if it hasn’t, all those books are delayed a year Edit I will poke around more and also I need to not post when half awake.
  21. Whoa wtf. any word on what went down with the problematic moderator?
  22. To follow up either isfdb had one hell of a database loss or amazon hasn’t gotten the message everything is on hold.
  23. Damn, I was just looking at books coming out soon and well, there’s nothing. Not unexpected with all the shit going on but just...damn.
  24. I just started River of Stars and it’s definitely not set in the two moons world or whatever it is called.
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