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  1. I've read everything but Ysabel and A Brightness Long Ago. They are all really good except Tigana, which sucks balls.
  2. I don't think there is any consensus on anything.
  3. Ha you know, thread derail, but I literally just finished watching the most recent one, and dear lord, tom cruise is going to kill him self making these.
  4. I believe he meant him vs Trump, but there was an argument a few pages back about how Biden got more votes from the BC then anyone else and it was dismissed by a few people in what I found a very insulting way. Not that Biden should have said that and it isn't a WTF moment.
  5. Yeah I'm sure most if not all of you don't mean it the way it sounds, but the gist of the last few pages seems to be "Black Democrat voters aren't smart enough to vote as they should, lets dismiss the whole thing were they all voted for Biden".
  6. Yeah...I'll assume this isn't a parody account and go ahead and tell you for someone of your leanings, these are NOT the books for you.
  7. I’m so confused. And I haven’t even taken my Ambien yet.
  8. Oh, you haven’t seen a good Jace rant yet, just wait.
  9. OK I missed something, why do we all hate NY now?
  10. Yeah I’m honestly kind of at a loss for words...like you know the feeling when you miss 4-5 pages of a thread but don’t notice?
  11. Well as long as they do it standing up and wear socks it's not sex, so its OK.
  12. 100 or so pages into Earth and Sky and my word, this book is horny.
  13. Fall of Light is basically Erikson turned up to 11. It’s hard to describe.
  14. That has to be a parody account right? If not I, uh, think you should look into the life of your Avatar there.
  15. And I someone want to jog my memory about @Cantabileand the dog? It tickles something in my brain but it won’t come out.
  16. Hey now don’t forget the Stanek sock puppets. Or the guy who was a tree, @Happy Ent
  17. Heh, someone on an old, old, old irc channel I was in left to fund some startup abd hit super rich. I found out last month it was ETSY. HE FUCKING FOUNDED ETSY
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