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    Favorite Books:
    -Inheritance Series

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    -Game of Thrones
    -Spartacus Series
    -Walking Dead
    -Black Sails
    -DaVinci's Demons
    -White Collar
    -Sons of Anarachy
    -South Park

    Favorite Movies;
    -Grand Tarino
    -Forest Gump
    -District 9

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    -Assassin's Creed Series AC1-AC4BF
    -Fallout Series
    -Elder Scroll's Series
    -Dragon Age Origins
    -Mass Effect Series
    - GTA5

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    -Three Days Grace
    -Five Finger Death Punch
    -Wiz Khalifa
    - Eminem
    - Avenged Sevenfold
    - Green Day
    -Papa Roach
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    -Notourious B.I.G.
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  1. I hate being a Browns fan.....

  2. There is a new WOW chapter out. Is Mercy Arya?

  3. "I wanna go home, Forrest."- Bubba

  4. Can't wait to be 18 on Saturday!

  5. It was......beautiful......... Props to Gleeson! Iwan Rheon was great as well.

  6. So glad ACT's are over

    1. Lady Howell

      Lady Howell

      I'm taking that next year...God help me :'(

    2. Roddy the Ruin

      Roddy the Ruin

      They are sooooooo boring! And I had to do the +writing one as well which adds an extra 30 minutes to that 4 hour test.

  7. Live each day as it comes, not before it arrives or after it departs.

  8. Women will never understand the pure feeling of joy you get when your GF sends you the "let's have sex" text

  9. I find it odd that people call throwing feces and piss on a canvas art, but graffiti and tatooes aren't .

    1. Veltigar


      Banksy, Roa and Delvoye beg to disagree :P

  10. In the words of a good friend of mine "Dude! WHERE THE FUCK IS MY SQUIRTLE!"

  11. “If any more words come out your c**t mouth, I’m gonna have to eat ALL the chickens." - Sandor Clegane S4E1

  12. OMG!!!!! At my High school we have this game called Senior Tag, and all the seniors pay 10 bucks to play and break up into teams of 5 and use nerf guns&blades to get each other out. And whichever team wins gets the pot. Well one of my friends was about to get nerf-knifed and before he stabbed him, the guy who stabbed him shouted "The Lannisters send their regards!" I just got the text and I'm sittin here dying!

  13. "People are bastard covered bastards, with bastard filling." - Bob Kelso

  14. Just got me and my GF tickets to Rock on the Range for our 1 year anniversary! Gettin Pumped!

  15. If I'm going to hell, I might as well enjoy the ride.

    1. Mladen


      You are not going to hell and you certainly should enjoy the ride...

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