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  1. I said i would not respond in the tread so i won't, but i do want to let you know how i feel about your respons. 

    I don't think wery highly of you your a shouter wo can't admit when he is wrong, so her are some facts for you in respons to your last post.

    Lindholmen was not a royal manor it was a castle and one owned by a noblemen and not the king until 1339 it was also build as a defensive structure and as such a fortification and therfore definetly not a manor. If you want to make a point using a example atleast check your facts first.

    Yes it was raided by the slavs in 1066 and declined from there, being replaced by Schleswig, i already said that but you chose to ingnore that diden't you.

    I wish you good luck with your delusions

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