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  1. I am a couple of pages behind so am not sure this has been mentioned but I was reading that apparently the very last spoken line after 8 seasons is a joke about a jackass and a honeycomb going to a brothel. I am actually disappointed that they passed up the opportunity to end with a cock joke. I feel like it really could have summed up all the themes, character development and overall significance of the narrative they strive to get across in the course of the series.
  2. Oh God this episode . If you look at it from an entire comedic perspective I am sure that there is some enjoyment to be found. Things to rant about off the top of my head... - Is it me or the unsullied multiply with every passing episode? - All through Dany's speech all I could think of was if she was wearing a microphone. - Last episode Drogom was literally exploding buildings with dragon fire but it takes him more than one attempt to melt a pile of old swords - How does everyone knows Jon was the one who killed Dany? Or the idiot confessed it? After all Jon's idiocy is among the most consistent characterisation done in this show. - Grayworm is so considerate for someone who was going on a killing spree in the same episode. So he finds out Jon murdered his queen, supresses the murdering streak he has been going through lately and instead summons the lords and ladies of the 7 kingdoms, while he waits for ALL of them to make the journey (or do they teleported?) to tell them what?...that he wants to kill Jon. Why not kill them beforehand? Not to mention that Jon is kept well fed and unharmed. - How much time has passed? Reconstruction at KL seems to be going at a super speed. - Why is people listening to Tyrion? He is a kinslayer and traitor. - Oh look is the new prince of Dorne - So they elected a King that can't father children. Because that won't create a succession crisis by any means What happens if clever Saint Tyrion is not there when Bran dies to tell them what to do? - So Sansa just claimed independence for the North and all the other representatives are like ok chill no problem - A Song of ice and fire....this is just a big middle finger to us book readers isn't it? - Lord Bron of Highgarden and Lord paramount of the reach. Enough said. - So Sam is grand maester now? Did he take Gilly and the kids with him to the Red Keep? They must have reform the maester vows offscreen same as with all important events and conversations the writers were too lazy or stupid to write - There is some clever commentary to make about how metha it was to hear Jon asking if the Night's Watch was still a thing but am too tired from all this subversion to think about something - So the Dothraki are off to a peaceful existence in Nath. I like to think the butteflies kill them and the unsullied. - The design of Sansa's crown bothered me for some reason. What happened to iron and bronce being the materials of winter? OTOH Winter seems to amount to some snow and one long night so I guess is cool. - So Jon deserts the NW? Why is there still a NW? I look forward to read all the rants in this thread!
  3. -Winterfellian-

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    I am not sure if this has been mentioned before (this thread is moving very fast) but the like-dislike ratio on the inside the episode on youtube has almost double the quantity of dislikes. I always stay clear from this kind of egotistical BS but I could not help but turn in to give my thumbs down. Back to ranting...it seems that Jons's entire parentage has been reduced to "he's the rightful lost heir" so that we could all be properly subverted. Nevermind that feudal structure went off the rails seasons ago. If Jon does end up on the throne, how would this work in-world? What is the pitch here? Do they tell people I know your entire city and hundreds of civilians were burned by that crazy targ lady...but here is this lost Targaryen who IS the rightful heir. Don't worry he has no dragons and is not crazy. Maybe the new prince of Dorne will back him up?
  4. -Winterfellian-

    What the fuck did I just watch?

    With any luck the reason D&D will be let go of the Star Wars Universe. One can hope.
  5. -Winterfellian-

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    Is it me or when Frankengregor lost the mask for a moment he look like purple Varys? For one crazy moment I even thought hey how did Qyburn got a hold of Varys' body? Is lucky the Dothraki in the series do not seem to wear bells in their heads or they may accidentally turn Dany's crazy mode on.
  6. -Winterfellian-

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    And to think I decided to start watching this stupid show again to get some closure on ASOAF...What a great idea that turned out to be Seriously the bells WTF???? Why does the bells make Dany go crazy?? Jon is the embodiment of nipples on a breastplate. Shadowfax showing up out of nowhere to pick up Arya the queen of plot armor at the end. Why not? Jaime and Cercei...they really played that as some tragic love story huh? Oh well, what is character development? Whatever the hell Euron is supposed to be about
  7. -Winterfellian-

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    @Hos The Hostage and Bemused I realized the Old Gods not having priests account for there no being any priests among the captured ones. I was mostly thinking about the specific mentions of the Gods. Even the butterfly God gets a shout out, but not even a weirwood tree reference. As I say, this could be because of the transcript, but if it is not, I find it very compelling.
  8. -Winterfellian-

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I was actually thinking this is not to be taken at face vaue. Personally, I lean more towards a more metaphorical representation. It is the horn that binds to Euron the power of House Greyjoy (the Krakens) at the Kingsmooot. He may use it to bind Dany to whatever it is that he's planning (dragons). I am not sure about the sphinx yet. But given that he is headed towards Oldtown, could it be that our Dorninsh sphinx there is involved somehow as you mention? The only other mention of sphinx I can recall is "The Sphinx is the riddle not the riddler" But still, what an incredible chapter as a whole! One thing that caught my atttention is the I couldn't find a reference to the Old Gods in the description of the throne and other religions as a whole (I understand, this could be because of the transcript). I am trying to think of this as a positive thing.
  9. -Winterfellian-

    Board Issues 4

    Hi, I am commenting on an issue I seem to have with my account. Whenever I try to access my profile I get a message stating "something went wrong. Error code: EXO" Any idea why this could be? Thanks for your help!
  10. My dear, are you finally back?