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    What was the biggest mistake/butterfly effect in ASOIAF history?

    If we are looking for only mistakes made in the Asoiaf series I would think Ned agreeing to become hand would be a big one, or taking his family to KL with him, or Robb sending The on to Pike. If we are including historical facts... the first men not keeping a clear WRITTEN account of how they ended he long night. Silly FM never learning to read and written the common tongue!
  2. north of the wall

    Were you expecting something different?

    I expected (hoped) for 7 (or 8 really) independent kingdoms with a council on important issues affecting more than 1 region. I expected Jon to go with the wildlings willingly and not be banished. I expected Sam to marry Gilly and to see baby Jon. For Tyrion to go be lord of the Westerlands, to find out the name of the Prince of Dorne, who gets the Reach (not Bronn) and for R+L=J to mean something!! Bran being King and the small council are my biggest complaints. Everything else should be dealt with better by GRRM but I see where it's going, anything end game KL confuses and angers me
  3. I had thought about that, but I feel like if anyone wanted to make the North part of the 7 kingdoms again they could still try. A smart monarch would use trading as a way to exert power over the North instead of try war, but the North may be able to grow everything they need if the seasons are back to normal. I wouldn't trust the other kingdoms in the future regardless of how they may try to reclaim their lost kingdom, and I don't think GRRM would leave that as a possibility and would have a discussion of some sort between Sansa and someone (anyone) where they think of those types of possibilities. Pretty much this. I'm 90% sure it's stated in the books that if that if the heir is female her husband takes her last name (so usually a 2ntd or 3rd son who won't inherit from his own family). But since I don't have a quote I can't be too sure. Regardless Sansa is Queen and her husband will be king, but only in name, not in practice. And their children will be Starks. Poor Sansa must be so sick of marriage, she has no choice now though, no point in a new kingdom without any heirs!
  4. They have allies now. What happens in a generation or two? Since they are out of the 7 kingdoms they will loose the family ties, unless they plan to make marriage alliances
  5. I agree to an extent, but the same ending to me meant we find out who rules Westeros, WW are defeated (although I really hope it's a different version on how) and Dany burns KL (maybe not intentially like the show, but I imagine she will) Jon going beyond the wall, they seem to be the big endings that would make sense to copy from what GRRM told them. I hope you are right, but unless D&D or GRRM say this isn't much like GRRM's intended ending I honestly don't know if I care about the book ending anymore.
  6. So what does that mean for the books? If the show ending is similar to the books we still get Bran as king don't we? And Sansa ruling an independent North? So are you sure it's because D&D love the Starks? Seems more like GRRM loving the Starks imo. (which is fine, but I thought he loved all his other characters too)
  7. Not only do I agree they should have, it would have ended up much more like my original prediction and hope. I'd hoped all the lords and lady's would form a great council over important issues, but ultimately been independent, which would mean strong alliances but the opportunity to rule themselves without too many worries
  8. Because I wouldn't want to be reminded of what she became. I'd be reading my fav POV wondering how does this happen?! I actually could see book Dany becoming this deluded so it felt fine (rushed but what can you do?) So it wasn't a huge stretch for me, but if she had been my fav character I wouldn't have wanted to believe Dany was capable of any of this evil she did in show, any re readings would either cement good queen Dany in my head and make me angrier with the show, or point out all the clues this will happen and make me angrier with GRRM. Either way I'd end up angry
  9. I don't want show ending in the books. (Well a lot of it is fine actually, but Bran as king will never be ok imo) so I'm not sure if I will bother reading the last 2 books or not. If I was a Dany fan I wouldn't even re read the books we already have! Lol. I sympathise with Dany fans, but look on the bright side, D&D did her well for 7 seasons, more than Stannis fans can say! But luckily for me I'm not a Dany fan, so I'm not ruined in that aspect. Given enough time between now and the release of Wow I might be fully on board with GRRM ending, or I may not even care anymore, I will see how much bearing a bad tv ending has on my love of the books
  10. north of the wall

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    I've given it a 5 after sleeping on it. The hard work that goes into making Got one of the best TV shows ever was still obvious, great music, great acting, amazing scenery and costumes, but the quality of writing has been hit and miss since season 5 and unfortunately there has been more misses than hits lately. After some time to think about how the series ended I realised I wasn't angry with every chararter/thread ending. But even the endings I liked didn't make sense to me. I would have rated it lower on my initial response yesterday, so I'm glad I waited to let my first impression settle down first
  11. north of the wall

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    In all honesty I will more than likely still read the books. There will be enough time for me to get over this by the time they come (if they come out) I doubt it will hurt his book sales too much. If Twow is announced tomorrow I wouldn't be in a rush to buy it though
  12. Sansa may have allies right now. Her brother is king, her uncle and a cousin are both great lords. But what happens a few generations later? What happens when the North don't get a say in the new King and the lords choose unwisely? I'm sorry but I see a very bloody future for the North. She has lost her family. Arya's not coming back, and neither is Jon, Bran is 3ER and king, as if he has time to catch up with her or her with him. Theres a difference between growing up and going seperate ways, and never seeing each other again. The pack is broken up and not getting back together. I still don't understand what there is to be happy about other than some of my faves got to live
  13. north of the wall

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Im glad you see so many positives. Atm all I see is negatives! It was shot beautifully, everyone looked amazing and they all acted well. That's as much as I can say about this episode. It's not the story I've been imagining while waiting for new books that's for sure, and maybe time will make me ok with that but for now I am not. I'm incredibly angry with the ending itself, it makes little to no sense to me
  14. I lov Sansa but i dont like this ending for her. Queen in the North is great, but she's now lost all her family, she is Queen in he North with no named character she cares about and why on Earth should the North be it's own kingdom if the other kingdoms aren't? I can only see that being a huge mistake in he future. The North no longer has allies or a say in who is the king of westeros, so I see big problems in he future. I just don't get what there is to be happy about with his ending except that Sansa is alive
  15. north of the wall

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    I couldn't agree more! I'm so confused and upset with he ending. I'm hoping GRRM says that's not his ending, but I have the worst sinking feeling it is (except probably a much better small council) which means I think I'm done with the books now too!
  16. north of the wall

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    Is there a way to change your rating? I rated it a 6, but after time to think about it I would probably rate it an 8.
  17. north of the wall

    Who liked sandor's ending.

    I didn't like his death. In fact I didn't like Cleganebowl at all. Which surprises me because I was really hyped for it. I think I was deluded by thinking Sandor would survive it. Bittersweet means some faves make it out alive right? Well I had my heart set on Sandor surviving but was prepared for the worst just in case. However the more I think about it the more hyped I get for book version of Cleganebowl because it can't happen the way it did in show for 2 main reasons. 1 Sandor is no longer the hound and is now the gravedigger so I doubt revenge is what motivates Cleganebowl in books, also there was no POV character witnessing it to tell us of the fight in the books, so it can't be fought there or then in the midst of KL burning. I'm hopeful I'm more satisfied in the books whether Sandor lives or dies in cleganebowl
  18. north of the wall

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    Because Smalltalk were yelling "ring the bells" she must be crazier than I think if she couldn't understand their fear and want to surrender. And before anyone suggests she couldn't hear it I don't believe that. The shot the scene from Dany and Cersei POV and both could hear the screaming of ring the bells Whether she trusted Tyrion or not, she turned into who she was fighting against. If it was any issue of trust I think Dany would know right from wrong
  19. north of the wall

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    Honestly I had issues with Emilia's acting as well until this season. It is nice to know that it was due to the direction rather than her ability. I agree with your overall analysis, but I do think Dany is now officially mad. Otherwise wouldn't she have followed her advisors advice? I have always seen the hints of madness in the books, but given her popularity in fandom thought maybe I was wrong or that GRRM would have her die heroically in the war against the AotD. Guess I was wrong. I don't mind too much, but I now feel sorry for her, which is funny because I always felt really "meh" about her before.
  20. north of the wall

    Unpopular opinion

    I don't think it's very fair to blame GRRM until we get the books. Or the fans for not liking it. D&D have made a visually amazing show. They have had some great battle scenes, some very moving speeches and touching convos between characters. They have done a great job of making these books come to life, but they have also made decisions to simply things and change arcs to fit into a tv show, which left them making some choices fans aren't happy with, and that don't make much sense. Some fans were always going to be angry that their theories didn't come true. I am one of them. But I think as long as the ending makes sense most fans will get over their theories being wrong. So far not everything makes much sense
  21. So I don't think I'm ok with how some characters have ended their arcs so far this season. Who's arcs/deaths do you think will be different in the books? I'm ok with everyone who died and how in e3. But I'm really confused why we had Jaime redeem himself only to die in the arms of Cersei? Why do a 360 only a half(?) Season after his last 360? That seems like bad writing to me, and GRRM may find a way to tell the same story in a satisifying way, but i doubt it. I like Sandor little speech to Arya, but then I think of how we left him in the books. Shouldn't he be past his revenge in books? If he is forced into a Cleganebowl in books, (because I doubt he will still be fueled by revenge after being the gravedigger) then it will be so tragic for him to have to die in order to win against the Mountain. But I think I'll get over it if it feels really heroic. As it was in show I was so angry at him. Sandor could have left with Arya, he could have chosen to be someone who isn't driven by hatred, instead he chooses to be the same angry person he has been since he was a child. At least he got over his fear of fire?! Dany's decent into madness has been hinted at enough in the books for me to have expected it, and I did, but the show format makes it feel forced. Anyone's arc or death you see going differently in books and how/why?
  22. north of the wall

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    I agree it look amazing! Cleganebowl wasn't what I imagined and I'm so devastated Sandor had to die to kill his bro! What do D&D have against prophecies? Why couldn't Jaime or even Arya kill Cersei?! The northern went as rabid as Dany's troops. I'm not happy about that either. Arya is conviently the last person alive in KL and there is a surviving horse too! How's that for luck? I'm surprised she walk with so much plot armour. I feel so let down but storyline, but can't get over how awesome it all looked while destroying my hopes and dreams. Maybe I'll rate it a 6 just for cinematography?
  23. Well thats true. I dont think either way you look at it deserves the type of hate Sansa gets though. I'm fine with her breaking the promise or looking for loopholes (really me looking for loopholes for these types of threads) I don't think breaking a promise makes you a bad person, or means she wasn't in the right. I'm pretty sure the Glovers were the only Northern house North of Winterfell to not attend Winterfell, but there would have been other house further south who didn't come. I didn't see the Reeds.
  24. Glover refused to come to Winterfell because Jon bent the knee. Rewatch the scene that is what Sansa tells him. Also all the grumbling was the shows way of saying many northern lords agree, they can't waste screen time on ALL of them saying so. Jon got Bran to tell so he didn't have to feel guilty about betraying Dany, at least that's the way I read the scene, and I've decided if he gets out of it on that technicality then Sansa can to. She didn't swear not to repeat what Bran told her. It wasn't a fair thing to ask of Sansa and Arya, just like it's not fair of Dany to beg Jon. Most people process new info by talking about it!