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  1. Thanks, wolfmaid. A total bummer that all the links were lost, but at least the older Heresy threads can be found.
  2. Wanted to catch up to you since I left so suddenly from The Last Hearth along with Ser Duncan/Yield and WeaselPie. It's not what we wanted but we felt we had no other clean choice to make. We worked hard to make that a nice small discussion site and had ideas to improve it along the way, but that's not the way it worked out.

    I was really enjoying the Third eye discussion and I am sorry my exit left gaps in the conversations there and all the other threads. Those posts were not deleted in anger or out of spite. They were deleted because I ,we, could not trust that our words would be safe once we were gone. 

    I'm hanging out over here at Westeros now, so maybe I'll get to debate some theories with you and the others. See you on the boards.


  3. Hey, wolfmaid. I notice that the missing site content has been restored up to September of last year. Will the links be restored to this thread?
  4. What wolfmaid7 said, or you could post it here in the a Dance with Dragons forum. Threads tend to stay on the first page of the ADWD forum for a while unlike the General forum where there are so many threads.
  5. Thanks! I forgot. I usually skim through the OP to look for any updates or changes but don't 'read' it. :cheers:
  6. After skimming through a few pages to find this... BUMP!
  7. Is there a new way to use emoticons? I tried using the examples from the first page, but no luck.
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