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  1. aDanceWithFlagons

    Why did the faceless men train Arya?

    Thanks for providing that insight. . I agree that the Faceless Men are skinchangers in their own right though i never thought about sacrificing their natural born faces. I don't know about all the faces coming from skinchangers, being that there seems to be So many stored in the Inner Sanctum, but I like the idea of self sacrifice to become a truly, faceless no one. Also like the parallel to the old-school Boltons wearing the skins of their enemies. When you mentioned the gray area between life and death holding power, I thought you were thinking about the black pool in the HoBaW. The black pool, imo, is the magic that binds the dead to the temple, enabling the transfer of faces. A poison that paralyzes and holds the body near death. The Alchemist uses the poisoned coin on Pate then collects his face and memories and speech. A harsher poison yet effective with the same outcome; a new face and a new life. I'm sure there is something more than death in the water at the Temple. Funny, to me, that the FM preach death yet they collect these human masks which contain residual life from the "donor." (Memories, sensations, quirks, speech etc .) It's a Second Life kinda thing which seems at odds with the Faceless' death religion. The ones in the know are prolonging lives instead of taking them out. Perhaps they truly do balance it out in the end. Concerning the OP, it seems the Kindly Man knows that Arya is special. Skinchangers should make awesome spies and assassins if they can conform to the Faceless' rules. The ability to spy and kill, say with a wolf, is awesome for that line of work. (Like that poor sap that Jaqen murders via dog.) Arya was wearing another's 'face' long before she came to Braavos.
  2. aDanceWithFlagons

    Heresy 201 and onward we go...

    That is a strange wolf dream. It could be a true dream from Summer bleeding through or it might be a dream from Ghost bleeding through from the Frostfangs. Conversely while in the icy mountains, Jon/Ghost experiences a dream about a forest. Strange indeed. Could be a crossed signal or a time warp or something greater. If you want to put on a foil hat ( ) and ponder the connection between direwolves and the 'Others' from the prologue, it might be that the jagged icy mountains Bran is racing up are in Other territory. Those others share similarities to a pack of wolves, imo. There is the leader of the pack (Ser Cackles) and only when the leader gives consent do the rest move in for their share of the kill (Waymar). To re-quote from your post above about Bran Then a similar yet different experience of Will while watching the sword fight in the forest... Will doesn't quite understand yet he knows the words are mocking and understands the laughter.
  3. aDanceWithFlagons

    Heresy 201 and onward we go...

    Nice catch with the weirwood mouth parallel. You made me see I may have answered my own question earlier: that Thoros sacrifices a little of his own life by breathing fire into Beric's lungs.
  4. aDanceWithFlagons

    Heresy 201 and onward we go...

    I like this and
  5. aDanceWithFlagons

    Heresy 201 and onward we go...

    I wanted to backtrack a little to your previous thoughts on the theme of water between Beric and Catelyn and the Ironborn rituals. Although Beric was still alive when he was pulled from the water, I'd say he still drowned. Sounds like he got it through the lung so I'd say he drowned on his own blood and possibly river water too. Could the same be said for Catelyn? Dunno, but it seems possible. As a side note. I'm curious as to what Thoros means by "filled my mouth with fire and breathed the flames inside him" What kind of fire? Is he alluding to a similar trick of flaming swords or something more? Anyone?
  6. aDanceWithFlagons

    Heresy 201 and onward we go...

    I don't see any mention of the location of the resurrection. Although Thoros claims that it is R'hllor who is responsible for bringing back Beric, Thoros does seem to be giving up a little of his own life force each time he performs the rite of the last kiss. He has become loose skinned and gray haired during this time. Not as gaunt as Stannis yet still physically fading somewhat. Thoros must know this ritual is taking its toll on his well being since he has this to say... Interesting phrase, 'seventh death,' considering the Faith of the Seven. Beric does die the Seventh time yet a Lady Sranger, I mean Stoneheart has appeared in his place.
  7. aDanceWithFlagons

    Heresy 201 and onward we go...

    Even blind, wise men. (Aemon) I wonder if the Black Gate was purposely blinded in an attempt to bypass the security check. Supposedly one can not lie in front of a heart tree which makes a certain sense that an animated weirwood would be tasked with keeping the gate. (Coldhands knows the words but cannot pass.) The Gate might then see the soul (or heart) of the being passing through?
  8. aDanceWithFlagons

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    I don't see Lyanna in Ghost unless Howland is involved in some crazy bastard weirwood, old powers stuff. Still, what you had to say there reminds me of Bran while climbing in the godswood... Might be it's the old gods/third eye powers that are the underground players.
  9. aDanceWithFlagons

    POEMS (or other sundry quotes) that remind you of ASOIAF

    Hey, ravenous! Good references to Bran's lot in life. From the beginning Bran loomed for an escape through climbing. He could run and climb and see Winterfell as no one else could see it. His contentment came through a mixture of confinement and freedom of exploration of his home. After the great fall and prolonged unconsciousness Bran came close to complete release, or freedom, from his body, and that almost killed him. His body along with Summer's is what held (or tethered) him to the living world. Without that anchor, Bran would have been drifted away, or fallen away, from the living world. Similar to Varamyr when he began drifting on a cold wind until his wolf tether pulled him in. I believe that's how the skinchangers and greenseers and Others and third-eye-users operate. They need an anchor to hold them in the living world while traversing the "underworld." A.k.a second lives. Death for life and all that but there are those that cheat death for a time. Some a long time and some a short. (Daenerys also experiences this through her dragon dreams, funeral pyre, and visit with the Undying.) Currently Bran has the ultimate freedom to explore the universe while in the Singers cave. It's THE greatest escape. Here's hoping that he will once again escape his mole hole to see the sun. Cheers!
  10. aDanceWithFlagons

    POEMS (or other sundry quotes) that remind you of ASOIAF

    Short and simple from James Morrison Moment of inner freedomwhen the mind is opened & theinfinite universe revealed& the soul is left to wanderdazed & confus’d searchinghere & there for teachers & friends.~~~~~~~~~~~~Moment of Freedomas the prisonerblinks in the sunlike a molefrom his holea child’s 1st tripaway from homeThat moment of Freedom ~ ~ The brings to mind the young Starks and Snow leaving home to experience the world beyond Winterfell. Especially Bran concerning the universe revealed.
  11. aDanceWithFlagons

    The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    Thanks, wolfmaid. A total bummer that all the links were lost, but at least the older Heresy threads can be found.
  12. Wanted to catch up to you since I left so suddenly from The Last Hearth along with Ser Duncan/Yield and WeaselPie. It's not what we wanted but we felt we had no other clean choice to make. We worked hard to make that a nice small discussion site and had ideas to improve it along the way, but that's not the way it worked out.

    I was really enjoying the Third eye discussion and I am sorry my exit left gaps in the conversations there and all the other threads. Those posts were not deleted in anger or out of spite. They were deleted because I ,we, could not trust that our words would be safe once we were gone. 

    I'm hanging out over here at Westeros now, so maybe I'll get to debate some theories with you and the others. See you on the boards.


  13. aDanceWithFlagons

    The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    Hey, wolfmaid. I notice that the missing site content has been restored up to September of last year. Will the links be restored to this thread?
  14. aDanceWithFlagons

    The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    What wolfmaid7 said, or you could post it here in the a Dance with Dragons forum. Threads tend to stay on the first page of the ADWD forum for a while unlike the General forum where there are so many threads.
  15. aDanceWithFlagons

    The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    Thanks! I forgot. I usually skim through the OP to look for any updates or changes but don't 'read' it. :cheers: