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  1. I am honestly not sure if I can make a full team due to not having watched THAT much highest level football(I don't watch much recently anyway and mostly local stuff), but to me, out of all Barcelona players, I'd always pick Ronaldinho above everyone else I've seen. After that, the picks get much tougher...
  2. Oh no, they did exactly that, although not as well as people thought, with extra bugs, lack of cinematic cutscenes ingame that they promised, removed multiplayer features and custom campaigns(as well as that all maps someone creates are owned by Blizzard). That's what's got everyone in an uproar. I mean, as a remaster with upgraded graphics, it does its job well enough, and IMO the low score is way overblown due to outrage culture, but they did not do the best job at everything else that the community and fans expected, whether that was realistic or not.
  3. Dinamo Zagreb became a far more effective sports club from the moment their mafia-style leader had to flee the country cause of lawsuits by the state against him(he does claim, as do higher ups in the club, that he's still managing things from afar, but his presence at the club made it far more morose than the player quality in the past should have made it) and they got their current manager a bit more than a year ago, alongside very good player selection. With the best infrastructure in the country(and even ex-Yugoslavia region), they've finally started playing up to the potential their team has always had. I don't predict they can beat City, or anything close to it, but they could get a draw at home, and could certainly get 2nd place in the group if they keep this level of play up. It also helps that one of the best talents that was raised in La Masia in Dani Olmo went to Dinamo five years ago and now made a name for himself. Dinamo even rejected offers up to 40 mil. € for him during the summer transfer window. If he keeps being their best player at this stage, he'll sell for even more.
  4. I'd say that, should Tierney be finally confirmed that tbh Arsenal should be just about enough to have a top 4, but it'll be a close one in terms of quality. A lot will depend on just how well Emery will be able to organize the team this season now that most of it knows him and his methods.
  5. The best parts of the game aren't anywhere near the start, it's when you come to the gimmick of the series(having several endings, A, B, C, D and sometimes E) and the actual stuff the game discusses that it becomes really good it's more due to story/philosophy present in the game IMO, but I don't want to spoil it
  6. I've had a period where I played Football Manager a lot and the game was fun and intriguing, but eventually I just got "bored" of it cause I was so used to it, and with each iteration they've been giving more and more information and statistics. Like, the last one I seriously played was FM 2015, and then like when I tried to play FM 2019, I was bombarded with even more stuff, and social media tabs ingame(yes you basically have an ingame twitter feed or an equivalent of it in addition to a general feed of information, at least unless I'm misremembering it), so it's just a super complicated game that you would need to pour a LOT of hours into to understand it and make it work properly. If you really love football and simulation games, it's definitely a thing for you. I do remember when in FM 2012 I broke the game so hard with a unique tactic where I just went with being insane and ended up making a tactic so good that I could win against everyone, including the best teams(like, Man Utd from 2012 for one), with one of the better Croatian clubs, which is like... mid-high Championship level team? I still don't know how I did or nor can I recreate it, but it was hilarious.
  7. I gave it a 9, and that's only because I found that Dany-Daario sceene hilarious and because Petyr didn't say at the end: "Only Cat."
  8. If I could, I'd give it a 100, but I have to settle for a 10.
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