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  1. Oldgodsnewtricks

    Arya in the Series Title

    Yeah like as if Stark and Lannister allude to York and Lancaster... oh wait. Martin doesn't need to be a linguist, just a good writer who does these things here and there.
  2. Oldgodsnewtricks

    Arya in the Series Title

    Don't know how much I do either really... the last book will put all to rest, someday gods willing. Obviously one can only read so much into characters' names, but the allusion in Arya's to the titular "song" is worth thinking about. And I feel like Martin's explanation of how it should be pronounced simply adds nuance to this - he references the word aria, but he doesn't want it to evoke the world of the opera house; but rather, the sound of a stabbing knife. That's the song.
  3. Has the show ever revealed the long accepted tradition of incestuous royal marriage amongst the Targs or any other line? Can't see any way that Jon and Dany will continue their romantic relationship on the show, let alone marry.
  4. Oldgodsnewtricks

    Arya in the Series Title

    true, but there is Martin's thing of changing up one letter in a common word. Not to belabour this (as I belabour it) I just find it hard to think the name was not chosen meaningfully. "Arya-vederci"
  5. Oldgodsnewtricks

    Arya in the Series Title

    No doubt this notion has been discussed around this forum over the years, but given recent events: Grammatically the subject of ASOIAF title is the word "Song." Arya's name (aria) = song, or more specifically and poetically, a long accompanied operatic song for a solo voice. In this sense her story could be interpreted as resolved, that is, as a song of ice. As a song of fire, she is harder to interpret... further action still to come?
  6. Oldgodsnewtricks

    The Night King's Possible other destination?

    Loving this thread. Imagine creating a situation where the audience is almost pulling for the NK, at least insofar as enjoying Cersie and Euron's horror when he shows up! Not going to bet on any of it happening, but cool idea and fun to imagine.
  7. Oldgodsnewtricks

    How would you rate episode 401?

    Got it - a bit new to this; I saw the "spoiler-free" label on a different thread related to this topic and so assumed this one was okay. Thx
  8. Oldgodsnewtricks

    How would you rate episode 401?

    Just noticed the Mercy connection was commented on much earlier, sorry bout that - anyway, loved the scene.
  9. Oldgodsnewtricks

    How would you rate episode 401?

    In some ways, Arya's killing of Poliver in the S4 premier has more in common with her killing of Raff the Sweetling in the recently released Mercy chapter than it does with anything in the source chapter from ASOS (e.g., her revealing her identity to him through references to his earlier murder of her friend, her cooly inserting the sword through the throat). Is it possible Martin put the WoW chapter out there just ahead of the premier airing just so there would be no mistake about which scene was written first and by whom... ? And more importantly perhaps - she seems to have become this cool assassin over night - are they streamlining her transformation here, and if so why?