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    who would Rickard stark remarry

    Why do we assume that Rickard's wife is dead? where is her tombstone. Did Ned visit. No she is alive and well. Probably with her father. Now when the Story starts Ned is about 34 which means Brandon would have been about 36. So assuming that Lynarra married at 17 as most girls did (or earlier) we can assume that Lynara when the book started is about 54 years old. if we assume he father is about 20-25 years older, Rodrik the wandering wolf is probably not yet 80. Indeed you could shave 4-5 years from that. after all Lyanna eloped at 15 and Robb married at 16. Rodrik could well be only 70 and Lynara barely 50.
  2. Luddagain

    Norse Mythology and ASOIAF

    Goodness Why do you think GRRM would try to redo the seven heavenly bodes when already there are established relationships in Europe and India. I think if he wished to do this he would have used a different number and not had so many representing their Indian/Greek/Roman and Norse equvlents So we have: Father - Jupiter - the father - Zeus/ Thor/ Guru (India) Robert is a good representation of Jupiter and as King he was also the leader - Stomlands Warrior - Mars -Ares/Tyr/Mangola - War Tywin first followed by others He is obviously the warrior - Westerlands Smith - Mercury was associated with metals and mining so this suggests that ths is him but it is not a good fit for Odin The three women blend since a maiden becomes a mother who becomes a crone Crone - Moon - also ambiguous sex but Mani/Artemis, White goddess, Chandra - The Vale Mother -Venus - Aphrodite/Venus/Shukra/Freya or Frigg (probably one of the three women Maiden - The Sun - Sol/Apollo/Suya - Just little ambiguous re sex Dorne Stranger - Saturn but also Odin
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    Dissecting Names

    Odin's Beard Yes Jon has some Baldur connotations BUT I think GRRM who knows his mythology has also woven into his story in addition to Norse and Welsh mythology other key Indo European core beliefs - especially the idea of the dying god and his rebirth. Now the Baldur story is one such myth and I am inclined to think that Jon and Bran are BOTH Baldur. Jon is the dying winter component - hence the link with the name Jack Frost who was a European winter "dying God." Another name was Jon Barleycorn. He was killed at harvest time. Bran is the rebirth Summer element. Hodor's body I think is the vehicle for this rebirth. It is of course also possible that Hodor is Jon Barleycorn hence the concept of body sharing - like a seed in a grain of corn. The other ancient European myth (especially in England) is the idea of the Green Man who is benign and kind and lives in a tree. He is depicted in many CHURCHES. Now Blood Raven is too mean to be this genial figure, but Bran could well be the Green Man. However there is another possibility - Sam who is I think maybe Garth Greenhand reborn - the original "Green Man." We know Sam is a descendant of Garth. Sam however may have another roll - that of Heimdall - the watcher on the wall with his Horn. Perhaps he is somehow both. The other element of British mythology sprinkled through the story is that of Arthur and his sword. Quite how I am not sure but the Daynes are connected to this myth. Now given I think GRRM started by telling the story of Ragnarok (at least as far as the 7 kingdoms go - the Andal Kingdoms, I see that most of the key deities can be found. Thor = Robert Thor's two sons - Gendry and Edrik Tyr =Tywin (jaime lost his arm like Tyr) Odin = Bloodraven Njord = Ned Frey = Robb Freya = Sansa Baldur = Bran Hodr = Hodor Loki = Theon Heimdall - Sam or Jon Odin's two sons Vitar and Vale - Not too sure but could be anyone of many Bragi = possibly Sam or Mance or Rhaegar - not too sure on this one. None convince me Then what of the giants and evil doers who fight the gods at Ragnarok Loki's three children Hel - I think perhaps the Others or at least the unbridled nastiness of werewolves etc. She is yet to be fully unleashed Fenrir = Much as I do not want it to be so, but Rickon is a good candidate. Joramond - the dragons under Winterfell or the stone dragons on Dragon stone - recall the name for dragon is pretty much the same as that for snake. - I think this will be earthquakes etc Sutr - fiery destroyer. Dany and Her dragons seems to be this OR her dragons under control of an evil doer such as Euron.
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    Dissecting Names

    Live First No Hodr has the names of TWO Norse brother gods. Hodor (he was blind I think) and BALDER the dying god. Etymologically Walder and Balder are the SAME name. Balder's wife was Nanna. So connected with Hodor you have three key Norse deites- Old Nan (Nanna), Hodr and Balder (Walder), Hodr and Balder traveled to the underworld too (caves in the north!!). They were the son's of Odin. Now just to confuse the whole picture you have Bran who has the personality of Balder a very sweet natured sort of perfect boy. Now the name Bran means raven and also is associated with the Welsh hero Bran the Blessed. Now he was a giant (not that Bran travels on the back of a near giant). Significantly Bran the blessed had a serious injury which left him without a body. His head was carried back home and he continued to give advice. I think that GRRM chose these three names with very great care and they are very relevant to the story. As I have discussed before I think the 7 kingsoms represent the 7 celestial gods associated with the Norse sagas with which GRRM was very familiar (he studies it at University). There are also clear parallels in Greek and Hindu mythology. Thus the Arryns are the Moon (the first day of the week and the first to join the seven kingdoms), (monday, Lundi) The Lannisters have names with Tyr in them thus they represent Tyr or Tue the God of war and Justice (Mars/Ares), (Tuesday/Mardi), Jaime, Tyrion and Tywin each show aspects of the God Tyr, including Tywin's whole role and personality. Bloodraven is so obviously a representation of Odin that it should not be questioned by anyone, but what is unclear is whether he represents the Far North, The North or the Riverlands. I think he represents the Riverlands but a case could be made for other sites. (Odin/Wodin/ Mercury (this is a bit compicated re Roman myth). However he ALSO seems to have elements of Shiva (or at least the three eyed crow certainly does. Perhaps Odin is the servant of Shiva????????? in GRRM cosmology Anyway this is Wednesday Robert is so obviously a Thor/Zeus figure that the Stormlands represent Thor and his family. His war hammer and his appearance, his drinking and womanising as well as being the "king" all supports the idea of Thor with his thunderbolts. Thursday/Jeudi. Now I have not as yet found any obvious Thor connections with other Storml anders eg Stannis or Renly but I suspect there are some. The Goddess Freya (Venus) is probably the rich fertile lands of the reach BUT we have the super distraction of Walder Frey. So it is possible that it is the Riverlands and Reach combined which represent Freya. BUT remember that Freya and Frey her brother and father Njord, were captured by the Asgard (or hostages). Frey and Freya means Lords and Lady so somehow I see Ned, Robb and Sansa representing these three Gods. They were Vanir and went South to Agard. Not a happy move. Then there is the dreaded Saturn (Saturday) and probably the origin of the word Satan too. It is unclear just why this is Saturday but apparently experts relate it to the word Saetar meaning instigator, thus Saturday belongs to Loki.It seems to me that Theon is a very Loki like character. Sometimes good sometimes bad and tricky and receives fearful punishment. So we have the iron Islands representing Loki. Finally Dorne the sun, the last say of the week and the last Kingdom to join the Iron Throne. So who is left out currently withing the seven Kingdoms Essentially it seems that it is only the North that is not clearly represented by Gods of Asgard, although we have the three Vanir hostages. It seems to me that the North, which worships the Old Gods (ie the PRE NORDIC GODS) and therefore are not part of the whole southern tale. Look to the Welsh and Irish folk tales to find their associated deity. I have mentions Bran already and the three Vanir. Arya is not a bad personification of the goddess Arianwyn. Rickon seems to be the redeeming Prince who comes back a cross the water to rule but given he possesses a wild unruly Black wolf he could be the wolf Fenrir.. Mance is probably the Moon (welsh Manawaden). The two baby boys are the twins Dylan and Gwidion. There is something odd about Jaime too - he seems to fit the gaelic one armed god story. Jon Snow I think is Jack Frost. He represents Winter while Bran represents Summer (with his Balder personality) Finally Dany - she seems to be the mother goddess Danu - again linked to the Celtic tradition NOT the Asgard seven kingdoms
  5. Luddagain

    Genetic coding- 100% real world or fantasy for literature?

    No time just now to read all the posts but yes I think GRRM has a oretty good handle on genetics and the traits are no surprise. Firstly like rhesus factors there can be dominance via a set of alleles, si it takes a LOT to remove the dominant characteristics. So for us humans to be rhesus negative you must have genotype cc,dd,ee so having even on dominant will make you positive. In the case of the Baratheons I assume something similar. Do if dark hair is governed by three genes say B1, B2 and B3, almost all children of the original Targ/Argilac marriage would be B1b1,B2b2,B3b3. All would look Stormlands Now assuming most of thee kids again married into the Storm lands gene pool once again all would look Stormlands. If they married cousins then only 1.4 would be b1b1, another 1/4 b2b2 and another 1/4 b3b3. Now if these are each on difference chromosomes in reality of cousin marriages only 1/64 would be b1,b1,b2b2,b3b3 ie not looking Stormland. If they married outside the land to other houses then one in 2 would be b1b1, another 1/2 b2b2 and another b3b3. in this case only 1/8 of the children would NOT look stormlands. So pretty good odds for passing on Baratheon traits. This is real world genetics (you can do the same with cats etc)
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    Dissecting Names

    GRRM definitely does have meaning in his names, but often I think to him more than to others. He does use history so yes Jofrey and Sansa relate to Jeoffre and Sancia Other names obviously have a mythological significance - Bran and Hodor are obvious and is Old Nan. The Freys too but possibly counter intuitive. Some names sort of deliberately link to foreign parts of Europe so Sandor and Gregor have a very Russian or Slavic feel. He also uses Old Germanic/Saxon naming patterns so that within one family there will be Rickard and Rickon and Benjen and Benfrey and Lyanna and Lyara, Eddard and Edwyl. My own thinking is that the MAIN characters represent Nordic or Welsh gods or heroes, so that the Celts worship the Old gods. we have Bran (Bran the Blessed), Arya (Arianwyn - welsh godess), Ned (Nudd or LLud), possibly Nay (Danu). Jaime also seems to be Nuada but it is complicated. Jon snow could well be Jack Frost Nordic gods have suggestive names seem to by Tywin and tyrion (Tyr god of war), Hodor (Hodr), Nan (Nanna) , Frey,
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    Stark men are not so Stark

    Oddly enough in our real world the Y chromosomes are passed on down the male line virtually unchanged while female mitochondria are passes from female to all children with little change.. So if we assume (other than the Bael story) that the stark line went from father to son then the current stark boys have the SAME Y chromosome as Brandon the Builder. Just as guys on this site have the same Y chromosome as some long gone grandfather. Now with the girls it is different We know nothing of the earlier generations but it is reasonable to assume that some stark daughters went into all of the early houses and ESPECIALLY the Blackwoods. If female DNA matters then it could be anywhere but should that DNA ever be reunited with a stark then perhaps then you get special warging ability.
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    The secret code in numbers?

    The ages stuff is just colour so we know how old each child is. However there are significant associations with numbers that seem to link to magic or religion or perhaps invasions Obviously the Targs are linked to 3 - Dragon heads, three original dragons, Dany child of three etc. The 7 is linked to the Andals and to the Kingdoms before the Targs arrived. We hear also of 7 wanderers in the night sky (shades of Roman mythology here) Nine is linked to the North and the first Men and to the King of the North with his 9 swords in his crown. There is a weirwood circle of 9 trees 12 is linked to the constellations and may be significant (as in our world 12 (plus 1) is pretty magical still 100 is linked to the CoF and the pact with the first men.
  9. Luddagain

    Stark men are not so Stark

    We know that Ned looks like Jon and Arya, thus he looks like the Starks. The Karstarks separated many thousands of years ago in the male line anyway. i think it is VERY possible that Starkness is passed on via the FEMALE line, and I rther think that the King of Winter is in fact passed on just like the old celtic method ie from Uncle to nephew The female line matters so the KoW is the eldest son of the eldest girl. When the King of Winter dies his son does not inherit but the son of his eldest sister does. This was the old Pictish inheritance method of which GRRM would be very well aware. Thus Lynara Starks if she had had one would have been the previous KoW, but since she had no brother the brother of her mother (A flint) would have been the KoW. Since Lyanna had just one son (probably) the next KoW would be the son of her sister Brana id she has one or the son of her daughter if she has one. Now Mitochondrial DNA is passed on ONLY via the femalie line (OK there may be occassional odd ball exceptions, but basic gnetic history assumes passed mother to child. Thus this element of Starkenss may be mother related. Not how many times we see stark girls marrying starks ie matching the female line with the male line. It is not incest as for the Targs, but still a lot of cousin/second cousin marriages. However there is also the stark NAME which we assume is Y chromosome inheritance. I suspect BOTH are important. With the Bael the Bard story I am assuming that Bael was himself a Stark descendant - possibly a bastard from one of the many Starks on the wall or perhaps from a marriage to a deserter. Sir names do not seem to be used much in the Wilding society.
  10. Luddagain

    Why did The Hound stop The Mountain from killing Loras?

    I think that GRRM is trying to show that fundamentally Sandor is not a bad man, but is the product of his era and upbringing. We see him first loyal to Joffrey, but in the way of all soldiers- he is paid to be loyal and joffrey is his Lord etc (or Tywins grandson) However for some reason he changed - or more precisely became aware of who he was and would become. I think it was actually the slaying of Micah that started the change - we are told his eyes glistened and we sorta assume it is with malice but I think it was tears. After all he WAS exonerated in the trial by battle. Legally he was in the right. He was following orders to capture and kill a fugitive who had laid a hand upon his master. The fact that it was a lie was irrelevant to him as he was doing his duty. The fact that it was in fact a 10 year old boy disturbed him, just as we know today soldiers ordered to kill children via guns, bombs, drones etc often suffer PTSD. Then he falls head over heels for Sansa - someone sweet and mild who stands up for him and says Gregor is no knight. He hates and despises his brother in any case. I think he somehow wants do do something right - to be a hero in the eyes of Sansa,
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    Forging your maester's chain

    Well in addition to the subjects we know ie healing,Magic,Maths, Astronomy, Ravens we have History (which is copper) since taught by Perestan. The other disciplines which we could assume would be: Geography and languages (possibly AM Gallard) Agriculture Building and masonry Ship building Alchemy/chemistry/alloy making Music and poetry Literature Statecraft Warcraft Weather prediction
  12. Luddagain

    Forging your maester's chain

    Obviously very few can forge the Valyrian steel link. It would be much easier to forge a link than a large sword. Understanding enough of the magic to forge a small link that need not be sharp or even very strong is a huge difference from forging a whole sword.
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    Wolfs Blood Traits?

    Well I rather hope that little rickon will have a garndma and maybe a great grandaddy to help him. Since we have NOT heard about their deaths i think we can assume that Lynara stark and her dad rodrik the wandering wolf are still alive. Lynarra Stark would probably be about 56 by now in the books and her father while much older would still probably be younger than Aemon or Walder Frey and of course could be much younger eg about 80 or so.
  14. Luddagain

    What the Seven Kingdoms are based on (image)

    I basically fully agree with this post but i think as time has moved on Dorne in particular has swung from a celtic nation to a Spanish one. I also think that the river-and are partially inspired by Ireland and some of the names eg Tully reflect this. I would add into the iron Islands the Shetlands and most of the outer pats of Scotland and even Island. Their invasion of the riverlands is a little like the danish invasion of Ireland. I think it is also not unreasonable to include Scandinavia in the whole heptarchy concept, given how very close the two areas were as well as Ireland
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    Jon is the trueborn son of Ned and Ashara

    I fully support this theory but with a few modifications. 1. Jon was NOT conceived at Harrenhall. He is too young to be that child. I think that child is in fact Aegon, the child of Ashara and Aerys. Ashara turned to a Stark for help in escaping Aerys, which probably explains why Aerys was so hostile and why Lyanna was kidnapped. probably the child was left with Elia as a substitute for HER stillborn daughter 2. Jon is a second child of Ashara, fathered by Ned (yes the timelines work) and I agree he married her via the heart tree so that Jon is legitimate. Jon would therefore be about 15 months younger than baby Aegon which is fully consistent with Aegon's assumed age when he was supposedly killed ie a baby of 15 months or so. 15 months between children is a very common age gap or it was in the days before the pill. (eg my own brother and sister). 11 months is also very possible (I know several with this age difference). My assumption is that Ned and Ashara got together some time during Ned's flight home and that Ashara was perhaps indeed the "fisherman's daughter" - where was he father at the time? 3. Why did Ned then marry Catelyn? I think it is because Catelyn was ALREADY pregnant via Brandon. This would explain why Ned accepted the situation - he would feel that Brandon's son was the rightful heir in any case. Probably Ned was not aware that Ashara was indeed pregnant when he married Catelyn but it explains why he married her. Thus Jon is about 2 months younger than Robb. Ned could never tell Catelyn the truth, nor indeed Robert if the truth also involved those close to the Targs. However
  16. Luddagain

    How does "magic blood" work?

    OK I think way back there is a point to the Stark plus dayne+ Valyria or more to the point Dragons. Dragons aka valyria maybe in fact the real Light bringer. Back before the wall there were starks. This we know. There were also wild dragons. My vague theory was that it took the Warging blood (Gene) of the Starks plus the special blood of the people of the Dawn (Dorne) to create the Valyrians ie people who could tame and ride dragons and use them to defeat the others. Significantly too it may take someone of Dornish (Daynish) blood to become the true mother of dragons. i suspect that Dany is either the child of Ashara Dayne and Ned or Rhaella and Arthur Dayne. Jon is the child or Ned and Ashara.
  17. Luddagain

    Where are all of the cadet branches?

    GRRM based much of his story on actual history of the wars of the Roses. In this case the cadet branches DID effectively die out. The Plantagenet had many sons - Edward III had about 8 sons and five daughters but in the end the Throne went to Henry Tudor the whose mother was a descendant of John of Lancaster's bastard sons, legitimised but low in the order of succession (sorta like Jon). These families often did not breed well or sons were lost to war and accident and women to childbirth. Some of the heirs were obviously gay and reluctant to marry. Of course if women were infertile then many a marriage would produce no heirs (eg Henry the VIII). So NO cadet branches is very, very, very possible. Actually i think it is part of the story line - ALL the great houses are failing. Time for renewal. I think EVERY kingdom will be inherited by a bastard (of some kind), or at least people rejected by their fathers. I think it is the story line 1. Stormlands - inherited by Gendry a bastard unknown even to his father, but still with the Baratheon strength (but I suspect his mother may be also an original descendent of the pre Targ family) 2. Westerlands - inherited by Tyrion (or his descendents) bastards in his father's eyes and a very non noble figure. However he too is a throw back I suspect to Lan the clever 3. The Reach - already lost to the original line ie the Gardiners, but probably be inherited by another family reject - Sam Tarly who is already third in line for the throne if you assume that the Tyrells were usurpers in the first place 4. The Vale - probably inherited by a boy who is not really the heir ie son of LF. Another bastard 5. Riverlands - well who is the rightful family - the Mudds probably - Ii suspect a wanderer from the Golden Company will take that crown - Either that or Rickon/Bran. Edmure is a "floppy fish" ie he cannot get it up - Roslin is preganant by a Frey 6. Dorne is complex but I suspect that the Daynes will inherit - possibly married to one of the bastard Martells 7. Iron Islands - inherited by Asha - a girl - pretty out there for these warriors 8. Finally of course Jon Snow, the bastard son to inherit the North
  18. Luddagain

    Are the Royce's closet Old God worshippesr?

    i think there is a very clear assumption that the Royces and the Blackwoods are Old God worshippers. Recall that the FIRST Sept ever built at Winterfell was for Catelyn, so it must be assumed that the various Royce and Blackwood women who married and came North either had no religion or were Old God worshipers. Now we can sort of guess that many if not all the Blackwoods have links to the old Gods and are skin changers, and we NOW know that they were originally a Northern House driven south because of their skin changing. I have always assumed that the Royces, wearing their runes etc also are worshipers of the Old Gods - at least in part. Moreover we know that the extension of the faith of the 7 to Northerners is quite recent, given that Ser Jeor's father and his sisters follow the Old Gods. Indeed I have a vague theory that it was Ned's decision to allow a Sept at Winterfell that allowed the Other to rise again by weakening the power of the Old Gods. Same for any Manderley, except that they are worshipers not exactly of the Old Gods but of one of the First men gods ie Garth Greenhand. This is of course critical to the story line. There are dual elements as in most ancient European religions - Summer and Winter, Spring and fall, Life and death,night and day,and of course ice and fire. Now we see the representations of the ancient themes everywhere in GoT Summer: Bran and his wolf,/Winter: Most of the Starks Summer fertility or the King of Summer: Garth Greenhand (also we know the Manaderlys (who are knights of his order) and I think SAM Jack Frost: aka Jon Snow or the King of Winter
  19. Luddagain

    The truth about Ashara Dayne's suicide

    Tmifairy This has been addressed a thousand times. Jon CANNOT be Brandon/Ashara's son given he is roughly the same age as Robb. We are told that he is two months younger than Robb at which time Brandon was rather dead by three months or so when Jon was conceived. Even if you assume that Jon is a month older than Robb are we to believe that Ashara and Brandon were hitting it off in the Riverlands while Brandon and Cat were a courting. Harenhall was at least six months before Ned's marriage so Jon would need to be at lest 6 months older than Robb, which he clearly is not. You can fudge a toddler's age by a nonth or so but certainly NOT 6 months.Why would Ned hide the truth of Jon from Catelyn if this were the case - She may have fancied herself in love with Brandon, but there was no need to say Jon was his. Why hide from Robert
  20. Luddagain

    The truth about Ashara Dayne's suicide

    Ashara is not dead. I do not think she is Septa Lemore. i am rather inclined to think she is one of the courtesans - probably the one who hides her face. We know she is very beautiful.
  21. Develish Fully agree We must also recognise that Jon got the idea of joining the NW in the two weeks of the royal visit, when as still just a boy, he realised probably for the first time just how significant a disadvantage being a bastard really was. Sure he knew he was different but up until that time he was always part of the family - seated on the top table. Excluded for the very first time he gets drunk (also for the first time) and we see him crying and realising that he was really not part of the inner crowd. it was in that two weeks that Benjen's idea captures him - a way to make his mark in the world, to rise to a position of power and honour and to please his father. The real issue I think is why Ned agreed. Sure we know that Jon could never go South and needed to be kept clear of Robert (or some other enemy unknown). We know Ned loved Jon form his POV in the dungeon. Ned clearly understood that Jon would not be happy with Cat at Winterfell. The Starks have long had a tradition of honouring and serving at the Wall so it was not the strange choice many in the South would find it. However it does seem to me that Ned could have sent Jon for say four years to the Manderlys, Cerwyns, or Glovers allowing him time to consider his future when a little older.
  22. There are the odd hints about Robb but I agree not strong. Bran's scene in the weirwood I think can be interpreted in a way that implicates Robb just as much as Jon and I think that the Lady Dustin exchange is also a broad hint (possibly too broad) in the direction of Brandon and Cat getting together early. I do not necessarily think Cat lied except to herself. She may not actually have been fully aware she was indeed pregnant, and possibly not fully aware she had even lost her virginity - especially if she had been drinking a bit. The timelines are a total mess of confusion re all the various births and so we cannot really say anything about who was born when and where. What we are told and seems to be assured (there are plenty who argue otherwise) that Robb is say 2 months older than Jon (cannot be much more). If Jon is the child of Lyanna and Reaegar born at the end of the war, then yes you can say for sure that he was conceived say 2 moths after the war started and that Robb was conceived at the very beginning of the war and thus MUST be Ned's son. However the moment you consider that Jon really is Ned's son then you have NO exact time about his conception. He could have been born any time from say 8-11 months into the way and thus conceived from 1 month before to two months into the war, meaning that Robb was conceived any time up to 3 months before the war. Recall that the two babies/toddlers were relocated to Winterfell probably at about 1 year of age. No body would have been too precise about the exact location of all the parties 9 moths before conception. Had Catelyn travelled North with a tribe of Ladies in Waiting, nursemaids etc I could easily accept that you could not fudge the birth dates etc. but we have no evidence of any such retinue. We are looking at a time of 4-12 weeks between Brandon being last at Riverrun and Ned marrying Cat. Now covering up a 4 week "premature" birth is easy and has been done a million times in our real world. 8 weeks is difficult but not impossible. 12 weeks i accept would be very difficult. Mind you we also have a conflict re lady Dustin's story and timelines, since she wanted to marry Brandon but would have made do with Ned. However she already had a husband who went South with Ned, although he was not yet married. Either there is something fishy or GRRM made a glitch
  23. Moon Nearly ALL the noble bastards grew up with friends and family and were well educated. Sure they might be fostered out and in any case EVERY noble boy was usually fostered out at about age 7/8 as pages and then squires. Generally while young they would stay with their mother's family perhaps but when older they would be sent out as pages or squires as the father sought fit. Of course there would be a difference - a legitimate boy would usually go to a great Lord etc while a bastard may need to serve a lesser knight or perhaps another bastard. However they would receive education and training as befitted the son of a noble. Exceptions are the disasters like Ramsay Snow. Recall the bastard son of the Bracken who seemed to be treated like a son and mourned etc. What about the great bastards - Bloodraven and of course Daemon -hardly non educated. GRRM based his novel very much on what WAS normal behaviour in royal and noble courts in medieval Europe. Bastard kids were kept amongst the royals and educated in the same way. Often other noble an semi noble kids would also be educated in this way - eg the sons of stewards or knights in court. There are plenty of examples of bastards raised at court. In Winterfell you see Jeyne Poole being educated alongside Sansa and Arya and this would be the expected course for most young bastards - male or female. The difference between Jon and other bastards was that he seemed to have no mother's family, so essentially Ned had no choice BUT to bring him to Winterfell. Cat should have understood that. A-motherless child needs at least ONE parent. I can see NO excuse for her being unkind to Jon while a young child. Perhaps when Jon was 7/8 or so, Ned should have fostered him out - perhaps with Jon Arryn but possibly as a bastard he could not have looked so high. The Cerwyns or Manderlys perhaps. However even by that time Cat should have realised than Jon and Robb were good friends and a good influence on each other. Only a fool of a mother would break up such a solid bond between boys, even if you hated the bastard. Look at the damage done to Robb by the other boy that Robb trusted - Theon. Of course we can all guess that there was some secret about his parentage that meant that Ned had to keep Jon close by and probably not in the South. The real question is just why did Ned not trust Catelyn with that secret. Something in HER nature meant that Ned could not trust her.
  24. It is always a good idea with GRRM to read the books and pick up all the clues, Try these: 1. as noted above Ned called Cat cruel - He would not have done this if it were an unexpected or uncommon reaction. Her hatred clearly shone through. 2. Cat hardened against the very name of Jon and it was clear from Ned'd reaction that this was a long standing and expected reaction 3. Robb EXPECTED Cat to be cruel to Jon when he went to visit Bran, and was relieved when Jon lied and said cat was kind to him. Thus obviously Cat's unkindness was sufficiently commonplace for a 14 yer old boy to notice 4. We are told that Jon felt as if Cat begrudged him food 5. We are told she was always unhappy (this is how Jon felt) when he bested Robb at anything. Actually this one I can forgive - pretty natural mother's reaction, although a well bred lady might try to hide it.
  25. Ned made a foolish (perhaps he was forced with few options) decision to go south. Taking Sansa was sensible and she was keen to go. Bran was also to go - he was keen like any small boy in love with knights etc. Why he chose to take Arya is unclear but I suspect HE understood that leaving her behind with just Catelyn was not good for her and he perhaps grasped that hers was a personality that needed careful attention - the wolf blood and he needed to protect her as best he could. Cat could not do that, because while Ned saw that Arya was very much like Lyanna, for Cat Arya was a strange unruly girl. Arya was however dragged unwillingly from Winterfell.