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  1. Brightstar_

    Will Dany Resurrect?

    No Also, how would she be resurrected and what would be the point?
  2. Brightstar_

    Dany forgot about the iron fleet

    Don't worry next episode Dany will take King's Landing because Cersei forgot about Drogon.
  3. Brightstar_

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    I gave it a very generous 4/10 solely for a few amazing shots and the music, and I figured that'd be among the higher ratings, especially on this forum. Boy was I mistaken
  4. Brightstar_

    Redemption characters, do they need to die?

    For some reason I'm fairly certain the show will make him choose not to betray Jaime or Tyrion and that will end up costing him his life. I don't dislike this idea either, it's pretty fitting GOT stuff, being honourable gets you killed and whatnot.
  5. Dying in childbirth without our modern healthcare is very common, consequence of our narrower hips which we need to walk upright. I'd say moontea is not very readily apparent to poor people and most Highborns want as much children (preferably sons) as possible most of the time so they are not inclined to use moontea.
  6. Brightstar_

    Mercator Projection

    No offense but I think the latter is probably accurate, you're looking a bit too much for similarities i think Obviously there are quite a few similarities, but mostly culture-wise I think, geographically the world is quite different other than the obvious comparisons between England and Westeros and Asia and Essos, which are pretty well known and discussed. We humans are also hardwired to look for anything recognizable in any situation which might also play a part.
  7. Brightstar_

    Mercator Projection

    It would only matter if the asoiaf map would turn out to be just like a "local" map and there was for example an entirely new continent between Westeros and Essos in the sunset sea. If it is indeed a map of the entire globe which is just incomplete then it doesn't matter, but I get your point.
  8. Brightstar_

    Mercator Projection

    Yeah I always read it that way as well, trusting the map to be the correct 2D representation of a round planet (which is impossible) , I just always wondered.
  9. No he couldn't, but Jon didn't ( at that point) openly pick a side, he just hosted the guy who actually responded to the NW's plea for help and then subtly gave him some advice on how to win it all.
  10. Brightstar_

    Mercator Projection

    Hold on I'm being retarded, the size of the planet shouldn't matter at all should it, everything would still be equally disproportional.
  11. Brightstar_

    Mercator Projection

    True, but GRRM has stated that "Planetos" is a little bit bigger than Earth, which (correct me if I'm wrong here) would mean that Essos would be even bigger and the North even smaller respectively, no?
  12. Brightstar_

    The Unkown World Of Ice & Fire

    I do think it makes a lot of sense for Mussovy to in fact be located much more towards the "North Pole" especially with 1000 feet high forts, nice catch
  13. Brightstar_

    Mercator Projection

    I missed your theory, but having read it I do think it makes a lot of sense for Mussovy to in fact be located much more towards the "North Pole" especially with 1000 feet high forts, nice catch
  14. Brightstar_

    Mercator Projection

    Hi everyone, Considering that it is stated that the world of ASOIAF is a globe, like our own Earth, that would mean that the map that we are all familiar with is a mercator projection. Which makes me wonder if GRRM did or did not keep that into account when designing the map and whether or not everything is to scale. If he didn't account for this, this would mean that Essos is even more gargantuan than it already is (considering most it's landmass lies around the "equator") and that the lands of always winter and The North in general are in fact much smaller. I realize this is a very minor point that doesn't really affect the story at all, it's just something that's always been on my mind.
  15. ...Because he's still a Stark and totally wants the Boltons to lose. I believe it's even mentioned in the books that he thinks it's probably not wise to support Stannis as much as he does because it does indeed imply that he's not completely neutral, as the NW should be, he just wants to subtly help Stannis overthrow the guys who murdered Robb and co.