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  1. Brightstar_

    Opinion: Coolest Sounding Name

    Tormund Giantsbane Tormund Thunderfist The Seasnake
  2. Brightstar_

    Will Dany Resurrect?

    No Also, how would she be resurrected and what would be the point?
  3. Brightstar_

    Dany forgot about the iron fleet

    Don't worry next episode Dany will take King's Landing because Cersei forgot about Drogon.
  4. Brightstar_

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    I gave it a very generous 4/10 solely for a few amazing shots and the music, and I figured that'd be among the higher ratings, especially on this forum. Boy was I mistaken
  5. Brightstar_

    Redemption characters, do they need to die?

    For some reason I'm fairly certain the show will make him choose not to betray Jaime or Tyrion and that will end up costing him his life. I don't dislike this idea either, it's pretty fitting GOT stuff, being honourable gets you killed and whatnot.
  6. Dying in childbirth without our modern healthcare is very common, consequence of our narrower hips which we need to walk upright. I'd say moontea is not very readily apparent to poor people and most Highborns want as much children (preferably sons) as possible most of the time so they are not inclined to use moontea.