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  1. I still think it’s a bit weird that she had more to lose in the battle of Blackwater, and yet was more level headed then. If anything, a s8 Cersei should have gone down the same way as Aerys went down - delusional and crazy.
  2. From a TV show POV, who was the smartest of Tywin’s children? All 3 characters are heavily deviated from their book versions so I think this makes for an interesting discussion.
  3. Go back and watch it. She started crying when Qyburn convinced her to retreat
  4. Kaguya

    Who got the most screwed over

    Jaime - For losing his redemption Cersei - For not going out fighting and villainous
  5. This would have been perfect. Tyrion should have died in 8x04 instead of Missandei
  6. Like, I’m still trying to come to terms that she....Just cried like an idiot during the battle of kingslanding? She didn’t cry during the battle of Blackwater - when she actually had more to lose..So what was different now? Shes always been portrayed as evil, but this coward thing seemed like it came out of the blue. Yes you could say she broke down during the walk of shame, but I feel most people would react the same.
  7. Idk, he committed treason alongside Jon, and yet one gets exiled, while the other gets to be hand? Feel like he should have been exiled too. Bran + Davos would have been better
  8. Kaguya

    Rank the seasons!

    1) 6 2) 2 3) 1 4) 3 5) 5 6) 4 7) 7 8) 8
  9. Kaguya

    Cersei's character butchered

    100% agree with you. I would have preferred to see a batshit insane Daenerys, and an equally batshit insane Cersei. They also made it unclear as to whether she was going to set off that wildfire for Jons troops or not. I wish that was cleared up by some quick dialogue she would share with Qyburn. Either way, I would have had her use the wildfire right after the Scorpions were destroyed, which would destroy a good portion of both her and Dany’s armies. This would then trigger Dany, rather than a bunch of stupid bells. The writers literally stated that Cersei was supposed to be irredeemable after Tommens death.
  10. Kaguya

    Dany should have been Queen for a season

    Nah, we already knew how that would go - just look at her fathers reign. Her death coincided with the vision in the house of undying.
  11. Agreed. But would she burn innocents or go straight for Dany?
  12. Yes, I’ve been following for 6 years What shall I do now
  13. I saw an interesting comment on YT which basically said that even Cersei on a dragon may not torch innocents for no particular reason. Since she was more about inflicting pain on her ‘enemies’, they highlighted that a Cersei on a dragon would just go after Daenerys. Is there any truth to this?
  14. Why would Sansa be fearful of her own brother? She should have been fine being his warden.
  15. So who was Green eyes that Arya was going to kill? Ans where is Nymeria?