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  1. So who was Green eyes that Arya was going to kill? Ans where is Nymeria?
  2. Found this on YouTube “I would question if even Cersei would do this if the roles were reversed. Her evil has always been personal. A Cersei on drogon would just go straight after Dany and not waste her time killing innocents” How true do we think this is?
  3. I don’t think so. The wildfire was planted there by Aerys 20 years ago, and its simply been left there. Cersei really had no part in it sadly.
  4. Did we see her give the order? No. It was most likely detonated by Drogons flames.
  5. No, the Spanish leaks said this could be the case, but it seems D&D completely nerfed Cersei this episode. It was all about Dany’s evil and nothing else.
  6. This is why I was convinced Dany was going to be assassinated prior to this battle. D&D plot armour I guess
  7. Nah. I think Dany burning everything just detonated it.
  8. Could have at least had Cersei assist with using her wildfire. They could have demonstrated that both queens are two sides of the same coin
  9. But it’s GRRM’s vision It’s likely to happen in the books
  10. So wonder how long Cersei's reign will be? Considering that Dany is coming..
  11. OMG Arya the little psychopath. OMG the last scene, I cringed..
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