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  1. Kaguya

    Season 8 potential characters couple pairings

    Am I the only one that hates Brienne/Tormund?
  2. Kaguya

    "Twist" for Season 8

    Tyrion king? Oh God
  3. Kaguya

    Worst lines of dialogue in the show?

    'Where are my niece and nephew? go murder them'
  4. Kaguya

    Is Cersei a better ruler than Robert?

    Lmao I only just realised Cersei doesn't have a small council. Even Aerys and Joffrey did.
  5. From a show perspective, is she a better ruler than her late husband who she used to always critisize?
  6. Kaguya

    Season 8 Predictions?

  7. While those points are solid, they still don't negate the fact that it is heavily inferred from the dialogue they were discussing the fall..
  8. Kaguya

    An Entire Season without Ghost

    Next thing u know we'll probably hear he died at the wall
  9. ...So thus deviating and changing the person who sent the assassin? If they wanted to be true to the books, they could have done it in other ways.
  10. Joffrey is already ruled out of the show for the above reasons. Why would Cersei use LF's dagger though? Like da fuq? Your point about the risk is spot on...But remember it's D&D..We have to accept the information we are given and move on.
  11. This isn't beyond what D&D would do, but I would never forgive them if they did. Euron was Introduced barely a season ago, he better not be endgame.
  12. It wasn't Joffrey in the show, if it was, the showrunners would have addressed it in s4. This leaves the likely candidates to be the twins or LF. The show has sometimes never directly stated things, but I feel Bran simply pointing out this obvious fact in front of LF's trial is saying it without saying it...Otherwisw why bring it up?
  13. Kaguya

    Cersei's queensguard

    You can kinda see in the back that See Gregor did move As for the rest? It could be implied that simply they only follow her out of fear and maybe wouldn't care to see her die.
  14. No, go back to the dialogue again. They are clearly referring to the fall 'he said nothing, he remembers nothing' - > he was awake when he was pushed 'What if he woke up and told them what he saw' -> Which is what he saw before being pushed.