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  1. Redwynes were related to the Tyrells who were Targaryen loyalists. They could not be trusted.
  2. I believe that Feast/Dance could cover a span of two years since many travellogues were involved. This could explain the character developpment and the current reality.
  3. Things i would have changed in the books: 1. Reduce Arya's travellogue to the Riverlands in the half chapters (COK, SOS). 2. FFC would include the first half of DWD and would cover a two-year period since the five year gap failed. Arianne is the only Dorne Pov. Asha and Victarion are the only Ironborne POVs. Brienne's and Tyrion's travellogues are reduced. Quentyn never becomes a POV and his story is seen through Tyrion's eyes who sees the fall of Astapor before coming to Meereen. Griff is seen through Tyrion's eyes too and Connighton never becomes a POV. 3. DWD starts two years after the events of SOS with the events of the second half of DWD plus the battles of Ice and Fire and Aegon taking Storms End (through Arianne's eyes).
  4. I believe most of her closest counsellors (Barristan, Jorah, Missandei) will die during the wars Dany has to fight. After her death, the remnants of the Dothraki will negotiate a free passage to Essos. The remnants of the Unsullied will become a new Nights Watch or return to Meereen. Her freed slaves will integrate to Westeros, especially in the East.
  5. Twyin was in denial. He still seemed stuck to Jaime being his heir despite the fact that Kingsguard serve for life. And Barristan's release gave him the chance he wanted. After Jaime every possible choice could be considered: Tommen, a Cersei-Willas child since he said he would give Tyrion Winterfell if he had a child with Sansa.
  6. Except from the good kings he would have admired Alysanne, Aemon and Baelon sons of Jaehaerys, Daemon son of Baelon, Rhaenys the queen who never was and her daughter Laena Velaryon, Daeron the Daring, Rhaenyra's Strong sons, Baela Velaryon and Rhaena Corbray, Aemon the Dragonknight, Daemon Blackfyre, Daenerys the princess of Dorne, Baelor son of Daeron II and his sons, Aemon the maester, Elaena daughter of Aegon III and surely Daenerys I who revived the dragons.
  7. About Jeyne Westerling, I agree that LSH will have her hanged. Her uncle gets a castle and becomes a lord. Her brother gets a wedding with a Lannister. Ok a bastard Lannister but she can be legitimised and get a good dawry. The whole family survives despite Lannisters wiping out those vassals who betrayed them. That means (in her mind) that Jeyne is a traitor.
  8. Not take a betrothed woman but a free as a second wife. If Lyanna was the only choice in his mind, then the betrothal with Robert should be broken and then take Lyanna. Then, when Rickard and Brandon went to Kings Landing he should at least sent a raven to give them explanations. And after that when Aerys askes for Ned and Roberts heads, Rhaegar should try to depose Aerys instead of supporting him.
  9. I believe the battle of Meereen will be in two parts. Part 1: Windblown and Second Sons switch sides. Dany's army and Ironborn crush the Yunkish separately. Dragons attack everyone on their own. Victarion will have the dragonhorn blown and ride Rhaegal. In the meantime the Sons of the Harpy revolt and Skahaz goes on rampage. Children hostages and Hizdar are executed. End of battle. All the sides enter Meereen but can't coordinate. Probable conflict between Barristan and Victarion. Tyrion starts reading the books Jorah gave to Daenerys and starts feeding Viserion. He goes the Nettles way and Viserion accepts him as a rider. While things are starting to get hot in Dany's camp, Volantene arrive. Part 2: Dragons and slaves make the difference. Volantene slaves revolt and change sides and dragons burn the Volantene. I believe this is the time for Barristan's death.
  10. F&B vol 2 is not out yet to know the exact power of the seat of Summerhal or the connection with house Baratheon. From what we know it was a minor summer castle and royal residence not a great castle like the Red Keep. Problably the lord of Summerhal could not raise a great army. So i guess Robert having a brother who is lord of Storms End is better. About Stannis lordship of Dragonstone, we see that it not that much great anymore. Dragonstone has no dragons anymore and the Targaryen fleet (mostly Velaryon fleet) was destroyed in the storm during Daenerys's birth. But still Baratheon kings have more powerful kin than post dragon Targaryen kings.
  11. I believe that Aegon's refusal to be reconciled is what sealed his fate. If he had offered peaceful terms to the blacks and especially please Corlys, he had better chance to keep his throne. A unification of the two sides with a Jaehaera - Aegon/Alyn/ a black lord(if Aegon was executed) wedding was a great idea.
  12. With Stannis win, a Lannister from another line than Twyin would follow. With Aegon's win a Golden Company man with a Lannister wife. Tyrion now is to go with Daenerys so he gets his castle of she wins.
  13. I get that Robert thinks he failed to save Lyanna from her "raper". And I get some jealousy about Rhaegar. Is it only for him having Lyanna even after death? Is it because he was generally jealous of Rhaegar? That is left open for now
  14. I characterise Ned and Wyman as good fathers. The other are average. And Twyin, Robert and Aerys are bad for me
  15. If they acted like the elephants in Volantis, they could claim Tyrosh or Pentos but Blackfyres prefered war.
  16. The choices for Viserys not to be a threat are: 1. Execution 2. Join the Faith 3. Join the Nights Watch 4. Join the Citadel I believe 2,3,4 are the best.
  17. 1. Ned 2. Hoster 3. Wyman 4. Walder 5. Viserys II 6. Roose 7. Aerys II 8. Robert 9. Twyin
  18. This can also be done in Valyria in a greater scale and explain the twisted life of Valyria after the Doom.
  19. This is a version of the story I believe. The Doom was not only a cataclysm but something like a nuclear explosion and the remnants of life that continues to live in Valyria are twisted (people, dragons, etc). Aerea can have eaten/drunk something that had twisted fireworm eggs upon it. Balerion may have been attacked by a twisted dragon. And Euron visited a valyrian colony ruin like Gogosos not Valyria.
  20. IMO Rhaenyra and her team could not foresee the attack of the Three Daughters. But sending them to the North and the Vale was a good idea too. I believe her most stupid decision is arresting Corlys Velaryon. She lost a great deal of army and fleet and since she had not found the royal gold she had no money. Second most stupid decision is losing the people of Kings Landing. It cost her dragons and one son.
  21. Bran whose dreams were broken with his legs. Brienne who has a good heart but is mistreated bue to her appearance and not acting like a "normal" woman
  22. Prior the death of the dragons claiming a dragon was a clear sign of being a Targaryen. Rhaenyra used this to support the legitimacy of her sons despite them no looking Targaryen at all. Alysanne Targaryen and her daughter Alyssa did not look much Targaryen. Baelor Breakspear, his son Valarr would probably be accepted despite having darker colours. Probably all this happens because GRRM kept the noble lines looking the same for thousands of years.
  23. By the time of the Conquest, Targaryens had acted like Westeroshi lords in many things: abolishing slavery, first night, faith of the Seven, son inheritance. After all Aegon inherited the lordship of Dragonstone, not his elder sister Visenya. Even though I have to admit early Targaryen queens were very active in ruling, especially Visenya and Rhaenys. Still a king not producing heirs is a problem. Same for a queen ruling Westeros. She would become a Maegor, burning and killing people who dont accept her right to rule. Also, FAB records Aegon's feelings for his wifes, not their feelings for him or their feelings for each other. Could be a case that Visenya felt always neglected by Aegon and so became more stern or that she was worried that Aegon would cast her aside for her inability to birth children or that she knew that Rhaenys was having lovers but kept this a secret to ensure their legacy
  24. When I first read World of Ice and Fire I had these questions: 1. How could the North not base on fishing and fish trading? If Braavos and Ibben could why not the North? Make ports in western coasts (Deepwood Motte, Bear Islands, Sea Dragon point) and conquer the northwestern seas. Same for east. White Harbour and Karhold can become fishing ports and trading posts. They could even enter oil trade like Ibben. 2. The North has many forests but no wood trade unlike Qohor. How can this happen? Ned was a good lord of the North but he didnt gain much by his best friend becoming king. I believe he could become a second Hoster Tully and marry his children to the same bloc that supported Robert. He gets a Robb - Myrcella wedding (he is the kings best friend), Sansa - Edmure (uncle - niece wedding is ok in Westeros) so the fertile Riverlands help the North in food shortages and Arya - Robert Arryn which can also provide food for the North.
  25. Calling a Great Council at that moment would cause only harm to Robert's claim. Targaryen loyalists would easily rally against him and this could include Stormlanders, Riverlanders and Vale lords. The brutal deaths of Elia and her children would be brought to the council and would work against him. So using only his right of conquest was a good move.
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