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  1. I believe that Aegon will have Stormlands, Dorne, some Crownlands and some Reach lords (Tarly, Rowan). Plus the Faith. Dorne (Elia's family) acknowledging him as real will be all the credibility he has. Aegon will have the opposition of Cersei, Euron, Tyrells. Daenerys upon arriving will have a bad reputation (which she already has until the end of DwD) and be considered just the mad King's daughter. Her arrival with a horde of savages, eunuchs and freed slaves will not help her gain Westeroshi support. Just those who were disappointed by Aegon (Tyrells, Redwynes). Some riverlanders may help her plus the narrow sea houses. Plus Victarion's team of Ironlanders. Cersei and Euron will form an alliance and oppose everyone. Riverlands will be too devastated to help anyone. North will be too frozen to help. They will ask for southern help and Daenerys will come.
  2. 1. Try to claim a royal wedding for Edmure. Myrcella is a great choice. Or even a Lannister wife. Plus try to renew the Arryn-Stark-Tully alliance with weddings. He could arrange Robert-Arya betrothal. Plus get Bran as a squire and groom him as the new lord of Harrenhal. 2. Make bridges. 3. Make Riverrun a trading center and get people to live there. Riverlands dont have a great city, juat towns. 4. Gather food and sell it to poor areas (The North) like LF seems to do in the Vale.
  3. Redwynes were related to the Tyrells who were Targaryen loyalists. They could not be trusted.
  4. I believe that Feast/Dance could cover a span of two years since many travellogues were involved. This could explain the character developpment and the current reality.
  5. I believe the battle of Meereen will be in two parts. Part 1: Windblown and Second Sons switch sides. Dany's army and Ironborn crush the Yunkish separately. Dragons attack everyone on their own. Victarion will have the dragonhorn blown and ride Rhaegal. In the meantime the Sons of the Harpy revolt and Skahaz goes on rampage. Children hostages and Hizdar are executed. End of battle. All the sides enter Meereen but can't coordinate. Probable conflict between Barristan and Victarion. Tyrion starts reading the books Jorah gave to Daenerys and starts feeding Viserion. He goes the Nettles way and Viserion accepts him as a rider. While things are starting to get hot in Dany's camp, Volantene arrive. Part 2: Dragons and slaves make the difference. Volantene slaves revolt and change sides and dragons burn the Volantene. I believe this is the time for Barristan's death.
  6. This can also be done in Valyria in a greater scale and explain the twisted life of Valyria after the Doom.
  7. This is a version of the story I believe. The Doom was not only a cataclysm but something like a nuclear explosion and the remnants of life that continues to live in Valyria are twisted (people, dragons, etc). Aerea can have eaten/drunk something that had twisted fireworm eggs upon it. Balerion may have been attacked by a twisted dragon. And Euron visited a valyrian colony ruin like Gogosos not Valyria.
  8. By the time of the Conquest, Targaryens had acted like Westeroshi lords in many things: abolishing slavery, first night, faith of the Seven, son inheritance. After all Aegon inherited the lordship of Dragonstone, not his elder sister Visenya. Even though I have to admit early Targaryen queens were very active in ruling, especially Visenya and Rhaenys. Still a king not producing heirs is a problem. Same for a queen ruling Westeros. She would become a Maegor, burning and killing people who dont accept her right to rule. Also, FAB records Aegon's feelings for his wifes, not their feelings for him or their feelings for each other. Could be a case that Visenya felt always neglected by Aegon and so became more stern or that she was worried that Aegon would cast her aside for her inability to birth children or that she knew that Rhaenys was having lovers but kept this a secret to ensure their legacy
  9. From Arianne I: "And krakens off the Broken Arm, pulling under crippled galleys," said Valena. "The blood draws them to the surface, our maester claims. There are bodies in the water. A few have washed up on our shores. And that's not half of it. A new pirate king has set up on Torturer's Deep. The Lord of the Waters, he styles himself. This one has real warships, three-deckers, monstrous large. You were wise not to come by sea. Since the Redwyne fleet passed through the Stepstones, those waters are crawling with strange sails, all the way north to the Straights of Tarth and Shipbreaker's Bay. Myrmen, Volantenes, Lyseni, even reavers from the Iron Islands. Some have entered the Sea of Dorne to land men on the south shore of Cape Wrath. We found a good fast ship for you, as your father commanded, but even so... be careful." Are these ships the ones that Aurane Waters stole from Cersei?The mention of is together with krakens and reavers from the Iron Islands. Could Aurane Waters be Euron's ally?
  10. http://grrm.livejournal.com/490176.html?thread=24623296#t24623296 Probably Aeron will stay alive for a while since the Forsaken is not his last chapter.
  11. in the end of Dance it is snowing in King's Landing.The castle built of snow could be the Red Keep.Cersei wont let Gregor leave her now and go to the vale.Probably Sansa will be taken to Gregor/Cersei.
  12. Manderly & Glover have Wex.They know that the Stark boys are alive.Theon is needed alive for a while to reveal what happened in Winterfell.His execution will be delayed until one of the Boltons is arrested.
  13. There is an army descending on Storm’s End from King’s Landing. You will want to be safe inside the walls before the battle.” Will we? Wondered Arianne. “Battle? Or siege?” She did not intend to let herself be trapped inside Storm’s End. She will be trapped inside Storm's End.Jon Connighton can't let her go before she sees Aegon's power.
  14. In Balticon, GRRM confirmed working on a Cersei chapter.So she returns too.
  15. I really enjoyed to see Arianne's character growing. She is colder,more cautious and has her own will. As in Arianne I, her dislike for Daenerys and the beauty of Targaryen men appear again. If Mace Tyrell leaves King's Landing that means Margaery is free? The only trouble is that if Arianne hasn't reached Aegon in two chapters then how many chapters will be needed for Aegon to reach King's Landing? Not to mention Dany's return to Westeros.
  16. There is a difference:Margaery is arrested for adultery and treason and is definitely not a virgin.Only if she is found innocent Aegon can marry her.
  17. All these about Winged Knights and Robert Baratheon's tapestries seem to me like a preparation for the kingdom of the Vale and LF as King Regent.
  18. Given that Daenerys won't show up in Westeros soon, Aegon will need Martells to legitimize him and Jon Connighton seems determined to take them on his side after taking Griffin's Roost.So Arianne still has many possibilities to become Aegon's queen.
  19. After a re-reading in Arianne I & II am I the only one who thinks her increasing dislike for Daenerys will be a factor to the upcoming Dance (given that Arianne is on fAegon's side)?
  20. I was thinking the same.Theon will head to the Wall along with Jeyne Poole (at least).If Manderly comes to Stannis's side he must tell him about Davos and his mission so Theon can stay alive for a while so as the truth about Stark children be revealed.But other Northmen hate him so he can't stay in Winterfell.And I too believe his execution will be stopped by Bran.
  21. I don't know if it is the right thread to ask but for Arianne we know: Arianne I is back in Dorne,Arianne II is in Martin's website,but I've read in another thread that she reached Griffin's Roost and learns Aegon is not there and heads to Storms End.So this means Arianne III?
  22. Excuse me if it has been asked above but the guards mention about a queen that will have Suift's head if he returns without gold. But Kevan sent him to Braavos not the queen. So it means Cersei has come back to power (as it seems impossible Queen Margaery uses such language) and won her trial?
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