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  1. You know i would be all for Jon becoming king if D$D had built him up to be worthy of the throne but it really feels like over the years they have done more to hinder Jon's development with everything they themselves introduce. They keep having people say in universe how great he is but us the viewer only see a shell of what could have been. It has really gotten on my nerves that they never actually show Jon being a competent leader of men worthy of praise and admiration who inspires those around him to lay their lives down for a just cause. They just say it. Seasons 5-7 made me lose all hope we would ever see a proper Jon Snow.
  2. Except just because Sansa says that it does not make it true. Maybe if we had truly had a "Grand Northen Conspiracy", Sansa had actually shown some agency, and none of the Satannis bs then maybe. but as they messed all that all up then what ever they have her say shall always ring hollow.
  3. My boi been gone so long i just did not want to speak his name up for fear that next week we will have a scene where he is being tortured by Cersei and Euron for ever thinking he could have
  4. So...I have had much reason to type anything because you guys usually do a spectacular job but this episode, god damnit! So first off I guess it is okay now to mention that Jon actually died and was resurrected cause I thought only the Night's Watch and the Wildings plus Sansa knew of that? hell if that gets out then people really will want him to become King. Secondly...I can understand wanting to send Ghost beyond the wall but damnit Jon why have you not interacted with your own pet/familiar in the last 3/4 seasons? Do D$D really hate Direwolves/Starks that much or love dragons/Targs so much more??? Dany and the Dragons get all the screen time they want but the Starks and their bonds with their Wolves is just thrown away. Why is anyone going by sea when they know Euron and his super fleet is out there? Traveling by land should be their only option. In fact that would be better because it gives time for them to gather forces from the other kingdoms and show off Dany and her dragons to the masses. ......how did they ever train to be able to take out a dragon with such precision??? Is Qyburn actually the Smith incarnate? will he invent a flame thrower that uses Wildfyre? gawd damnit....only two black named characters on this show and they had to kill the fine one.
  5. The Golden Wolf

    Dothraki and Unsullied

    Show winterfell sucks in comparison to book winterfell. It is way smaller and lacks the double walls.
  6. The Golden Wolf

    Why burn the supplies?

    ^this...always this. S7 was the season of bad logistics in order to make cool scenes possible.
  7. The Golden Wolf

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    I wouldn't call the books convoluted messes.
  8. The Golden Wolf

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    I do not thnk he will survive the entire series but I do think that when he does finally fall it will be defending a ruler who he finds worthy of his allegiance not gutted in some street. There is also the fact that D$D simplified both Jaime's and Barristan's stories on the show. For Jaime it is about reshaping and bringing honor to the Kingsguard despite being considered the worst of the order. For Barristan it was about rediscovering his purpose and to what lengths he should go to protect his ruler. Both are trying to make themselves and their orders mean more than just glorified bodyguards/generals. They do not wish to become Ser Cristan Cole but they want to be able to counsel the rulers, to protect them from their own vices, and to ensure that their rulers are worthy of not only their allegiance but the throne as well. A Kingsguard gives up everything in choosing to serve the throne and are seen as the highest of Knighthood but as we have seen throughout ASoIaF, a bad ruler can taint the honor and legacy of the Kingsguard through their actions. All a Kingsguard has is their honor and their legacy and both Jaime and Barristan realize how easy it is to have them both corrupted when the ruler they are sworn to is not worthy. also at the very least...I wanted to see Barristan training Dany's Queensguard, fight the pit fighters, and offer her sound advice on warfare. Barristan's presence plus the Queensguard would have actually given Dany a boost and not made the decision of whether or not to ally with her so cut and dried as it is with the show as she only has The Dothraki, a known kinslayer and kingslayer, a group of usurping bastards, the Iron Born, and an Army of Eunuchs. With Ser Barristan she would have the most honorable and reknowned night of the seven kingdoms.
  9. The Golden Wolf

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    @Katerine459 those were two great posts that further highlight the greater psychology at work in ASoIaF. The biggest beef i have with D$D is that they seem to forget that the characters have a history that informs their decision making process. They work backwards from the big moment they want and bend rules to get there instead of allowing the characters to organically get there. The Tysha Reveal is a very big reason Tyrion climbs up that secret passage to the Tower of the Hand. He is working off of pure murderous hate when he does so. Tyrion's legs are constantly cramping from walking to much and he chooses to make that climb because he is so filled with hate he must confront Tywin. D$D are happy to fuck over the Starks at every chance but they absolve Tywin and Jaime of their biggest sin and robs Tyrion of his motivation for destroying his brother and sister. The absence of the "reveal" plus Winterhell, Porne, and Ser Barriston "The Muthafuggin' Bold" Selmy dying is when i gave up on this show being anything
  10. The Golden Wolf

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    Also one cannot forget that the whole thing is used to show just how much control he has over his entire family. He gets Jaime to lie to the brother who loves him and views him as his hero, therefore destroying Tyrion's first true love and when the lie is revealed destroying their relationship as well. He gets Tyrion to add to the defilement and shame of the one woman who truly loved him (not counting his Aunt) and makes him forever doubt whether he can ever be truly loved. This is a deep held trauma for Tyrion added on to all the other abuse he has suffered throughout his life just because he wasn't a perfect Lannister Lion like Jaime and Cersie and to find out it is all a lie...well if it was me, I too would want to kill the muthafugga who put me through it even if he was my own father. Book!Tywin is not Show!Tywin who came off as a firm but kind grandfather just looking after his family. Book!Tywin is a monster who murpillapes other regions just for slighting his family's name.
  11. that is a false equivalency. Just because a massive wall of ice is held together by ancient magic does not equal the feat of of Gendry running hundreds of miles back to the wall in winter time without keeling over dead then a raven traveling thousands of miles and then Dany receiving said raven's message and then flying to the lake where Jon and the Losers were hanging out at all within 24-36 hours without Jon and his company freezing to death.
  12. The Golden Wolf

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    Oh...My bad...I am still upset they took the Tysha is not a whore reveal out of the show. Yeah in the books it was perfect.
  13. The Golden Wolf

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    Thing is though, by taking out the reveal of Tysha not being a whore as Tyrion was made to believe they missed the added weight of Tyrion finding Shae, a known whore, in Tywin's bed showcasing his father's hypocrisy and further enraging him. Plus it is the reveal of Tysha that brings about such a deep murderous rage within Tyrion that causes him to ascend the passegeway up to the Hand's Tower to confront his father. Taking the Tysha reveal out simultaneously whitewashes the Lannisters (Jaime and Tywin) involved in her brutal gangraping and also deprives Tyrion of any meaningful motivation for wanting to destroy his family. which leads to the Tyrion who basically gives the Lannisters their early victories in S7
  14. The Golden Wolf

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    Book!margaery is only seen through Cersie's eyes for a reason. It is to allow the character to stay pure and for us the reader to decide whether or not Cersie's thoughts on her are true or not. Cersie wants Margaery to be like her because it validates her actions. Show!Margaery on the other hand is everything that Book!Cersie wants Book!her to be. There is no ambiguity to whether or not she is a scheming temptress willing to sleep her way to power and who is willing to use here sexual wiles to put men under her spell. In a way though she is more fleshed out...until we get to season 5 where everything goes to shit. Hardhome was cool but it really messes up the narrtive for why Jon is assassinated. Book!Jon is assassinated because the Crows feel as if he has betrayed them completely. First with the killing of the Halfhand and going undercover with the Wildlings, Secondly when he (really Stannis) let the Wildlings through the wall and then turned around and had the Wildings man the wall, and Lastly when he made his intention to go down south to fight Ramsay known. In the eyes of the Crows he was was a traitor 3 times over and the final betrayal was the last one. during all this though Jon was constantly trying to prepare them for both Winter and the coming war with the Others. he kept telling them that his actions was to benefit all of them but the older Crows just couldn't stomach his reasoning. They had not seen the Wights so they did not believe the threat of the Others. Hardhome though literally gives Jon hundreds of eye witnesses both Wilding and Crow of the coming threat of the Others. Killing Jon after the Crows have proof that the Others are coming is literally the worse thing the Crows can do when the Wildings are loyal to him and they are vastly outnumbered. Fighting Ramsay, who is by the way threatening the Watch, is the right choice because they have way bigger things to worry about. Brienne was wasted in Season 5 and the entire northen plotline was a waste as well.
  15. The Golden Wolf

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    I liked the world building as it made the world seem more alive. the Brienne storyline had her chasing the faintest hints of the Stark girls across the war ravaged Riverlands and we got a look at how things are for the smallfolk. I watched Season one before devouring all the books right after and I was shocked to learn Robert and Cersie never had a black haired baby nor that there was a prostitute named Ros. but beyond that the first season was very faithful, it veered off course when some foreign medicine woman became Robb's love interest, it just felt so wrong compared to the books. that was the definition of a stupid decision. the kind that had me thinking "you know what Walder will be justified still a guest right breaking slug of a man but justified in his wrath". I'd say the show was okay with me up until the moment when Tyrion was being released by Jaime. I was waiting for that moment more than anything especially since they had the two brothers get all chummy earlier and just knew that the Tysha not be a whore reveal would be truly epic in its impact on Tyrion's and Jaime's bond...but they didn't do it and I called bullshit. Cut to Sansa being married off to Ramsey and I was like fuck it. then we got Jon being killed right after they had legitimate proof of what is coming thanks to eye witnesses, the whole deal with the Boltons, Porne, and to top it all off Ser Barristan "The Muthafuggin' Bold" Selmy (that's how we say his name in the hood) got killed off so there would be none of the gloriousness that was his chapters in ADWD or the Queensguard. Season 5 broke me. Season 6 finished me off. but damnit I cannot stop watching because with all the flaws of the writing the visuals are still great. Also the lack of Direwolves have really irked me to no end.