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  1. I'm glad you told us that story. Women finding ways to prevent or abort pregnancies is as old as time. Dimbulbs like Owens, does she think abortion only started with Roe, so how could enslaved women abort? I guess every enslaved female on the forced labor camps new better. Even at the risk of their health and suffering cruel punishments, they knew.
  2. The Constitution, like the Bible can be interpreted many ways, depending on who does the reading. Why should that change?
  3. Would she say no rapes either? Just kindly attention from the overseers and owners.
  4. According to the linked timeline, the dragon's hatched 1/23/299 Hand tourney 9/22-23/299 Beric and party leave KL to search for Gregor Clegane, 10/6/299 Arya rides with BwB 10/25/299 Sandor tried for murder by BwB, he has trial by combat where he kills Beric. Beric brought back to life, again, by Thoros 11/17/299 The dragon's hatch first, and Beric is first brought by Thoros months later. ASOIAF Timeline - Vandal Proof - Google Sheets
  5. We are losing election officials as well, like this one from Reno, NV. Washoe County registrar of voters resigns following leave due to threats
  6. I worked as clerk in a Calif prison for an inmate work program. Of course, they made very, very low wages, which they grumbled about. There were a few inmates who worked in this field once paroled. What would be the outcome of a court decision striking this down? I fear it would be inmate slavery. Every inmate worker I saw at the facility was paid, whether cleaning, unloading trucks and many other jobs. All the jobs paid something, and an inmate could quit at any time. I do not want to see any inmate made into a slave, ever. fuck
  7. Funny you should mention this, The link goes to Business Insider which links to the NYT and a paywall. Yeah, revenge.
  8. Take a time out with Dr. Popehat Read the thread, really funny.
  9. Polling is all well and good but it’s what actually happens that matters. R’s might be bipartisan on a law that interests districts or donors, but major legislation, forget about it. Lately bipartisanship is seen in the J6C and why? That old blood Pelosi wisely retained the right to approve the R’s nominationed to the committee. She said No to Jim Jordan and the other one, and picked two R’s who are taking their work on J6C seriously.
  10. Brave brave Ted Cruz really picks the toughest battles. This time he’s going up against…checks notes…puppets.
  11. In my experience only Dem's discuss bipartinship really. That's just a cynical talking point for Republicans and doesn't really mean anything to me anyway. I have protested, knocked on doors, made phone calls, registered voters, participated in a state caucus and always vote. I have also seen lots of shit from the Repubs: hold the vote open longer on the Senate floor than the usual time to get more R votes. Supreme Court seats stolen, vocal disrespect on the Senate floor towards Obama, and it just goes on and on. Dems have been doing plenty and I swear the "Dem's don't do enough" does not help. The R's are years ahead of us and enough of them don't seem to give a shit about ethics or obeying laws for their politicians. That's not what I really meant though, I meant the activists who want to Dems to, as we say, run for dogcatcher, so folks can learn the political ropes from the ground up. So this is actually happening because Dems are finally figuring out that just voting for the Prez every four years is a waste of time. The entire political landscape needs to become real for Dems. The prez won't attend the school board meeting, but it would help if more Dems would.
  12. Ran, I have heard these very things from Dems for years. I was told that the GOP would never kill Roe because the GOP would lose its biggest funding tactic of its base. Talking about new blood isn't talking about young junior staffers. It's about younger politicians, like Stacey Abrams and maybe Beto and a few others. There are many activists that have gone out and signed up women to run for office along the full spectrum of politics and other activists doing other things we don't talk about here. They are out there, they are doing something, but we need more.
  13. I like Biden but I agree with this. The cold war on our democracy is ongoing and really heating up. Biden is not a war president, he would be a great peacetime prez, but that is not the Prez we need right now.
  14. Eastman drops suit against J6C. Posted at Talking Points Memo today.
  15. Like many of us I've had some bad bosses, and underlings with shared negative experiences will sometimes help each other out to commiserate and express their humiliation. It's quite possible the valet was very unhappy about the incident, and she helped him out as form of empathy. That's how it looked to me.
  16. I would say not Bran, as he was still at WF and may still had been comatose at that time. Beric and others had been tasked by Ned to find and kill Gregor Clegane, so Beric's revival happened early in the story. As for Bran being told about not raising from the dead, Beric or Thoros, did tell Arya not everyone, like beheaded Ned who she was asking about, could be raised from the dead. As for Bloodraven....
  17. I agree, the problem I see is even these rants are basically reruns, they seem to work well to rile up his followers who then troll, dox and endanger the subject of these rants. Really pathetic.
  18. Can’t do that, only virgins get thrown into volcanoes. duh
  19. I read that she is 60 years old, if she serves her full time, she'll be 80. Good, she could die there. boo hoo I noticed that, but now that you mention it..... A perspective on why he so badly wanted to go to the Capitol. Scary, scary shit.
  20. This what has Brett's undies in a twist. One of many, no doubt. scroll down
  21. Yikes! What a day, her testimony was riveting. And the J6C committee sticks the landing Chaney discussing attempted witness tampering and has emails! I'm overwhelmed.
  22. Two for Tuesday, JC6 in Washington CD, and in a courtroom in Brooklyn today:
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