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  1. Thanks for your kind words @KingStoneheart. Stranger is interesting as he is a very rough customer with a nasty temper. Arya was able to groom and saddle him and he allowed her to ride double with his master. But as for other people, especially without his master around he, well let's just say, the let the Quiet Isle Brothers know he was no pushover. Shaggydog is no pushover either, and yet he is fully bonded with a young child who masters him, more or less. I enjoy these two animals, both bonded to one human, and both are mean as a snake!
  2. Lovely to see your post Wizz Kid! I looked at the link and am looking forward to reading and rereading the essays and threads. Thanks for the links.
  3. How would Cat recognize Ned's bones as she has only seen Ned from the outside, not the inside. It is no spurise she doesn't recognize them.
  4. It may already be there according to Rickon and Bran, who both insist that Ned was in the crypts. Bran dreamed it and Rickon says he saw him.
  5. LOCK HIM UP! LOCL HIM UP! You know who is not getting arrested next Tuesday? The email lady, that's who.
  6. Yeah, been thinking the same. Perhaps some smuggler with short fingers on one hand will spring Shaggydog and his boy. Would be a good time for a change in scenery.
  7. Let's not forgot the Brothers on the QI wanted to cut off Stranger's testicles and change his name to Driftwood! Stranger was right to resist such humiliating life changing treatment. Shaggydog on the other hand, is being opportunistic by chasing around the Unicorns. But why not, that's what they are there for, right?
  8. Not my cup of tea old Aeron, now if only he knew you loved him!
  9. No need to leave the beasties out of all the fun! Who is worse, Shaggy or Stranger? Both will bite you in the face, and both have the capability to drag you around. If Stranger stomps on your foot you are lamed for life. Shaggy could bite right through your wrist, then where would you be? Shaggy could protect you from danger, jump on Stranger's back and he could run away from danger. But would they? So, which will it be, Shaggydog or Stranger?
  10. Whatever one thinks of one character or the other, trolling their threads is shit behavior. I don't like Dany and have never trolled her threads. What's the point? Plenty here to talk about without that. Waiting for Winds is hard enough.
  11. I disagree, been here since 2014 and Dany has always had many fans. This pinned post found in the Re-Read Project page tells the tale. This has many re-read threads and I count five re-read threads devoted to Dany, three re-read threads that she shares with other characters. In contrast there is one re-read thread devoted to Jon and he's included in the shared re-reads with Dany. There may be now more folks who post about Jon, part of that is because of the trolling in threads and trolling threads about Jon. In my experience, the trolling used to center on Sansa, and now it's Jon. All trolling sucks. There are alot of good re-reads listed on this page, dip in!
  12. I know that of course but wanted to write this anyway.
  13. Impressive that you noticed that. Here are some details of the neat order: Lord Commander Mormont was assassinated by his own men. There only about 1000 men in an order that historically had thousands of men in the past. Mormont tells Tyrion that more of his men are abandoning their posts and leaving the Wall. He also notes the low quality of his officers, naming Ser Alliser Thorne and Lord Steward Bowen Marsh as examples. Most of the castles are deserted and falling in ruins. The king and Small Council ignore the NW's requests for men and provide them with a few criminals from the black cells from time to time. Very few of new recruits can read or write or have had any weapons training. Your right, pretty neat!.......................................not
  14. Look you two, we know you both were in on it. Now just settle down and admit it was a conspiracy and that you both are guilty, guilty and guilty!
  15. Yanno, in our world baling hay did not start until the 1800's, and the hay bales weren't the tight, storable, shippable bales of today. Not to mention, the huge calvary of the Dothraki would eat huge amounts of hay every day. The ships found in Planetos are not big enough to ship enough feed at one time, and the loss of those ships by pirates and enemy ships would really be a great blow to Dany and her armies. If a hay ship did land in Westeros, the logistics and security of transporting the hay inland would be enormous. Many armies would fight just to get the hay! Also, the cost would be so high, makes me laff to think about it. I don't see a 'reliable supply chain' from Essos at all, whether for hay or for provisions for her soldiers. So, the hay shipping mentioned is a hilarious fantasy. They would have to forage food for their horses, and they just won't have enough.
  16. Jamie has named his two horses, Honor and Glory.
  17. And now Jon Snow has an ancestral VS sword from another old Northern House gifted to him, very interesting.
  18. Tywin is so shady and cruel that he would think he owned the House now, and treat them as his lowly servants, are my thoughts on this. Better to be poor and holding on to the family heirloom, than being bought by Tywin. I wouldn't sell a donkey to Tywin, donks are cool and Tywin is cruel.
  19. If the Wall falls/fails with the mutiny, which may or may not kill Jon Snow, then the Others may not need to go to Eastwatch. Somewhere, GRRM has said the Others can ride the winds. If Wall falls and the magic wards fall, and if there are magic wards across the top of the Wall to prevent the Others from coming over on the wind, these wards may be broken. Also, the wards that secure the Black Gate may fail and the Others may slip through there. There may be many ways for the Others to cross the Wall.
  20. I like Oberon and Doran also. The Sand Snakes are awful.
  21. I thought the milk scene was weird too. GRRM doesn't write the greatest sex scenes, that's for sure.
  22. Except for Gilly, that fat pink mast wasn't attached to Craster and she enjoyed the hell out of it. Sam got lucky, in more ways than one with dear Gilly.
  23. I can agree that Tryion is a jaded, violent, little misogynist prick, but I still like reading about him.
  24. I know that GRRM was trying show Sam being shy, uncomfortable and all that about his first time having sex, but the fans! Good grief, for so many that's all they remember and it's too bad.
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