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  1. Tales of Ice and Fire anthology series would be amazing!
  2. Any thoughts about what the animated series could be about? There's three in development and one is about the golden empire of Yi Ti. In my opinion Valyria, Age of Heroes and the Andal invasion could work in animation.
  3. Where exactly is legitimized bastards in the line of sucession? If we take the Iron throne as an example, if Robert had legitimized Edric Storm would he be before Stannis in the line? Would he come before Myrcella?
  4. I have a hard time beliving that king Bran was something D&D did on their own. They had no idea what to do with Bran , they didn't care about Bran they wanted to kill off Bran but George convinced them otherwise. If D&D had chosen whoever they wanted as monarch they would have gone with something safer and more fan pleasing like Jon , Dany or Sansa. And don't forget that GRRM told them the ending. If Jon , Sansa or even (F) Aegon ended up ruling in GRRM's ending D&D would likely have done the same. Tbh I don't think they have the balls to change major parts of his ending. So major things like King Bran , burning of KL and Dany's madness is most likely from George. While minor stuff like Bronn as Lord of Highgarden and master of coin and Podrick as kingsguard is D&Ds invention. Though I think D&D did some changes to please fans. Sansa becoming QitN for example I think is D&D trying to please fans. I think it's more likely Rickon becomes the head Stark , but D&D ( and fans) didn't care about Rickon so they gave the role to Sansa instead. Maybe Sansa becomes a regent for Rickon , but D&D didn't like that so they went with queen Sansa instead. I think Sansa will be in a power situation probably as Rickon's regent or ruler in the Vale. Cersei could be another example of how D&D has changed things. Cersei was obviously a favorite of them , so they kept her in power instead of using Faegon or book Euron . I doubt Cersei holds KL by the end , Euron or Faegon seems more likely to me. I'm not ruling out that Cersei has a presence in the end , but not as Queen of the seven kingdoms. I think she might be Euron's queen though based on the Forsaken chapter . The main differences between the show and the books will be how we get to the end. This is also what D&D has said all the time that the road to the ending will be different . So how Bran becomes king , how Dany goes mad and how KL is destroyed. The biggest difference I think will be the WW and magic in general. I have a hard time seeing the WW plot going down the same way in the books. On the show they where portrayed as pure evil , and George has said several times that he dosen't want to write a black and white story. Obviously they didn't know how to handle the magical aspect .
  5. - I think Bran becomes King . But GRRM will ofc actually make sense of it and execute it better. - The Iron throne will be destroyed - Dany will go mad , burn KL and get stabbed by Jon - Tyrion will be hand , Davos master of ships and Brienne kingsguard. - Jon will retreat North and live with the wildlings - Arya leaving Westeros Stuff that will be different: - I don't think North gets independence , not if Bran is King. There's no point in a free North when the realm already has a Stark king. So I don't think Sansa will be Queen , just Lady of Winterfell. - Bronn will not get Highgarden and will not be MOC. No way the Tyrells go extinct , I'm pretty sure Willas Tyrell will rule the Reach , he might be MOC aswell. - Gendry 's role might go to Edric Storm . I find it more likely that Edric is legitimized . Gendry might join Arya on her voyage. - Jaime will kill Cersei. - Arya will not defeat the Others and there will be no NK. - Euron might be the final villain instead of Cersei . - I don't think there will be a Night's watch at the end - I also have my doubts that the Others will be defeated at Winterfell, I think they will get to the Trident at least. I think the Others arc in general will be different, George's comment about them being Sidhe made of ice and calling them beautiful and unnatural dosen't really line up with how the show handled it.
  6. In case of a Queen on the IT , will her title be Lady of the seven kingdoms?
  7. Finally a episode of seadon 8 I enjoyed. Imo this was a pretty good episode with a lot of good foreshadowing for the ending and some shocking moments. So 8/10 .
  8. Does anyone think Euron might be the final villain? Like how Sarumann had to be dealt with after Sauron , Euron has to be dealt with after the Others.
  9. Yeah . But it can't be Arya in the books because of all TPTW/AA/LB stuff , no way those refers to Arya. A lot of stuff needs to be different in the books , what happened this episode didn't make sense at all.
  10. I gave it a 4 . Imo the entire episode was a mess and I am disappointed that 7 seasons of buildup ended with Arya coming out of nowhere to kill NK . And the Melisandre shit ? I have always enjoyed this show and been a loyal fan . But now I think I'm done . Hopefully GRRM will give us something better in the last books than this mess.
  11. Intrigued by your name.  The Imp is actually my favourite character lo, not saying is yours.  I seem to be in tune with some of your comments too. lol


  12. Have I said anything else? No. What? I have seen plenty of this. What does responsibility have to do with what I said? I have never said you hates the show. When I said " those who hate the show" I was refering to the "ranters and ravers" who are never happy with anything done on this show. As far as I know you are not the typical " ranter" or? I have nothing against people who dislike the show. But I have something against those who can't accept any other opinion than theirs , when someone disagrees with them they call them stupid and so on . And it's usually "ranters" that do this.
  13. There are those who love the show and the ones who hate it. That the show is terrible is your opinion and a guy who loves the show will strongly disagree . So my point is that there will never be a general agreement on whether the show sucks or not.
  14. So the show is terrible just because you say so? is it so hard to accept that others actually like the show?
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