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  1. LordImp

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    This sounds really strange and dosen't make much sense tbh.
  2. LordImp

    Which questions need to be answered in season 8?

    I just rewatched season 3 and in one episode the Warlocks try to kill Dany. So they are still out there , hope we see them again .
  3. LordImp

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    How legit is this leaks ?
  4. LordImp

    Who will command Dany's fleet?

  5. LordImp

    Minor Characters And Their Endings

    The Night's watch will be destroyed before the end of the series , then Sam is free from his oath.
  6. LordImp

    Crackpot Theory Dragons and Azor Ahai

    Definetly a interesting idea !
  7. LordImp

    The third twist

    A popular theory lately is that Cersei's baby lives and that the baby is a dwarf . If this comes true I suppose it could be the twist. Though I'm still thinking the twist is something with white walkers.
  8. LordImp

    Who was Tywin's heir?

    Tywin would not let Tyrion inherit , which will make Cersei the rightful heir to CR I think . But I'm not sure if Tywin intended for Cersei to inherit , I think his plan was for Jaime to leave the KG and become his heir once more.
  9. LordImp

    Minor Characters And Their Endings

    Penny - Don't know Shireen - Stannis burns her when the Others attack Winterfell Gilly - Sam's wife Hizdahr - When Dany converts to R'Hllor she'll burn him Bowen Marsh- Executed
  10. LordImp

    Who is Euron working with?

    I think this is the most likely option.
  11. LordImp

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    If Cersei isn't queen when NK attacks , then I wonder if Jon is king? Maybe he uses his newly discovered parentage to rally the south.
  12. LordImp

    Glass Candles

    As far as I remember there are 4 yes.