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  1. So what to expect from Melisandre in The Winds of Winter. Will she even have a POV? A popular theory is that she'll sacrifice Shireen , possibly to bring Jon back. If she does , what will the consequenses be for her? How would Jon react when he learns that a little girl was burned alive ? If Stannis lives , how will he react to the sacrifice of his daughter ? Will she remain on the Wall , maybe she confronts the Others? Personally I hope we'll learn more about her background. GRRM has said that she has her own agenda , perhaps we can find out what this agenda is. Will she survive TWOW? What do you think Mel will be doing in TWOW?
  2. The Wall and north of that - Jon and Val North - Sansa Iron Islands - Asha Riverlands - Edmure Vale - Robert Stormlands - Edric Storm ( legitimized) Dorne - Allyria Dayne. This is more wishful thinking on my part , but I do think most of the Martells will die and House Dayne would be a good replacement. Reach - Willas Tyrell Westerlands - Probably Tyrion . But if that dosen't work out I can see Martyn Lannister becoming the new lord. I'm curious who will get Dragonstone if there's no Targaryens alive , maybe Davos or perhaps just be a naval base for the royal fleet?
  3. LordImp

    Aegon TWOW

    What can we expect from Aegon in the upcoming book. - Where will he head after Storms end? The biggest possibilty IMO is that he saves Oldtown from Euron and thus gets the support of the Hightowers and is declared King just as Aegon the conqueror was . Or will he perhaps march on Kings landing , forcing Cersei to burn down the city . - Love interest ? Most likely Aegon will marry Arianne and get the support of Dorne. But i have also seen suggestions that he will fall in love with Elia Sand. And will there be some kind of relationship between him and Sansa? - Will he survive Winds of winter?
  4. LordImp

    The third twist

    GRRM revealed 3 shocking twists to D&D . The first was Stannis burning Shireen , the second was Hodor and the third will come at the end. What do you think this third twist will be? I personally think it will something about the Night King ( I'm no fan of Bran= NK) . What's your tought on the third twist?
  5. LordImp

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Yeah , Grey Worm should have at least tried to kill Jon . He lost his love and then his Queen , dosen't make sense that he was so chill about it.
  6. LordImp

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I haven't been playing attention to the leaks this year , were the leaks correct?
  7. LordImp

    The role of the Uncast - was important after all?

    Not sure if we needed them , but I think Aegon and Connington would have been a good addition to the show.
  8. LordImp

    The cast's reaction to the script

    That's your opinion.
  9. LordImp

    Loose Ends

    This is a pretty good list. I also like to add the Warlocks of Qarth , they tried to kill Dany in season 3 so they are still out there.
  10. LordImp

    West of Westeros: The Voyages of A. Stark

    Ulthos perhaps
  11. LordImp

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    - I think Bran becomes King . But GRRM will ofc actually make sense of it and execute it better. - The Iron throne will be destroyed - Dany will go mad , burn KL and get stabbed by Jon - Tyrion will be hand , Davos master of ships and Brienne kingsguard. - Jon will retreat North and live with the wildlings - Arya leaving Westeros Stuff that will be different: - I don't think North gets independence , not if Bran is King. There's no point in a free North when the realm already has a Stark king. So I don't think Sansa will be Queen , just Lady of Winterfell. - Bronn will not get Highgarden and will not be MOC. No way the Tyrells go extinct , I'm pretty sure Willas Tyrell will rule the Reach , he might be MOC aswell. - Gendry 's role might go to Edric Storm . I find it more likely that Edric is legitimized . Gendry might join Arya on her voyage. - Jaime will kill Cersei. - Arya will not defeat the Others and there will be no NK. - Euron might be the final villain instead of Cersei . - I don't think there will be a Night's watch at the end - I also have my doubts that the Others will be defeated at Winterfell, I think they will get to the Trident at least. I think the Others arc in general will be different, George's comment about them being Sidhe made of ice and calling them beautiful and unnatural dosen't really line up with how the show handled it.
  12. LordImp

    The cast's reaction to the script

    It's a shame we didn't get book Euron. They should have followed the books and done the Ironborn plot in season 5 .
  13. The meeting was at the dragonpit in King's landing , not Dragonstone. Only Eastwatch was destroyed , Jon was at Castle Black . So pretty much the entire wall and the castles was functioning , so no need to rebuild anything.
  14. LordImp

    The third twist

    So was king Bran the third twist? I was more suprised by that than Jon killing Dany.
  15. I feal that Sansas Vale storyline is the hardest story to predict because it can go in so many directions . - Will Sansa just stay in the Vale and learning how to play the game? - Will Sansa take the KOTV North? Or will Littlefinger use them to get controll over the Riverlands? - Will the mountain clans attack ? - Will Mad mouse kidnap Sansa? - What to expect from Harry the heir? Is a evil prick who will rape Sansa? - Will Sweetrobin die? - Lyn Corbray , what will he do? - Will the vale lords turn on LF? - What will happen at the tourney? - How will the Vale react to other events in the realm such as Aegons campaign ? Taking this questions into consideration where will the Vale storyline lead?
  16. LordImp

    "Bittersweet" can't happen in the show

    Isn't bittersweet subjective though? If it ends the way I think it does ( Dany dead , Jon king) then it's bittersweet imo. But for Dany fans it will just be bitter.
  17. LordImp

    So what happens to Drogon?

    In The World of Ice and Fire there's a character called Davos the Dragonslayer . Wishful thinking but , I hope Davos kills Drogon.
  18. LordImp

    Title of the last episode

    A song of Ice and Fire
  19. Given that this includes a GOT actor I guess this sub is the right place. Not sure if this will be approved , but I'll give it a go. Someone posted this on Reddit : For those who won't bother watch it . Ian claims that GRRM has finished the books ( both twow and ados) but he has a deal with D&D to not release them until the show is over. Not sure if I belive it , but why would he lie?
  20. LordImp

    GRRM on Successors

    I'de like a Fire and Blood anthology series. Each season focusing on one king or conflict , then we can get the conquest , dance , Blackfyre within one series. Would also love something set in the far east. Like Game of thrones Yi-Ti edition . The LN will apparently include " mysteries of the east " , so I'm optimistic we will see Asshai.
  21. LordImp

    What will be the final WTF moment?

    Yes it is. It might be obvious for us discussing this here , but for the rest of the fanbase it will be one of the most shocking moments.
  22. LordImp

    Events you are most looking forward to see in TWOW

    Euron starting the apocalypse in Oldtown.
  23. LordImp

    Small Questions v. 10106

    In case of a Queen on the IT , will her title be Lady of the seven kingdoms?
  24. Finally a episode of seadon 8 I enjoyed. Imo this was a pretty good episode with a lot of good foreshadowing for the ending and some shocking moments. So 8/10 .
  25. LordImp

    What will be the final WTF moment?

    Jon will kill Dany.